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Where To Find Best Therapists in Mumbai For Resolving Narcissistic Abuse?

If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse then connect with one of the best therapists in Mumbai, Mr Sanjeev Mittal. He has over 15 years of experience and specialized expertise in dealing with cases of narcissistic abuse.

He is the founder of Holistic Living Center in Mumbai which offers varied services including Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Child Counseling, Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Healing.

The Holistic Living Center has partnered with the most experienced and qualified therapists & healers in Mumbai. They are compassionate, professional, and dedicated to their client’s growth and well-being.

In the context of Narcissistic Abuse, the Holistic Living Center provides a safe space where the victims can overcome the trauma and experience deep healing.

In this article, we have briefly mentioned three cases of narcissistic abuse and how they benefited from therapy at the Holistic Living Center in Mumbai.

Healing From A Narcissistic Father

Binita is a 27-year-old woman residing in Bandra. She shared a troubled relationship with her father. As a child, she witnessed how he would emotionally and verbally abuse her mother. He had a huge ego, never accepted his mistakes, and was quick to turn the blame on them.

He blamed them for everything. Whether it was loss in his business, health issues, or compounding debts, he would never leave a chance to accuse Binita and her mother.

He would often threaten to abandon them or end his life. It was highly traumatic for Binita to continually witness and experience his abusive tactics.

However, in front of the world, he portrayed himself as a perfect father and husband. He would joke around with his friends, help out his family members, and always appear kind and gentle.

As a kid, Binita was unaware of narcissism or any of its traits so she assumed that her father hated them and blamed herself for his lack of love and affection.

As she grew up, Binita began to experience intense anxiety and attachment issues. She found it incredibly difficult to trust people and somehow always ended up attracting emotionally unavailable men. In relationships, she became too clingy, dependent, and fearful.

After several heartbreaks, utter confusion, and some knowledge about psychology, she decided to seek therapy for her anxiety issues.

As she explored her feelings, experiences, and memories in therapy, Binita understood how her relationship anxiety was strongly linked to the rapport she shared with her father. It had messed up her self-esteem, and somewhere she believed that she was undeserving of love.

It was not easy for Binita at all! But she is grateful for the unwavering support and confidence of Mr. Sanjeev Mittal. There were times when she would not show up for the sessions, but he always followed up and ensured that she stuck to her healing journey.

His therapeutic techniques and healing work helped Binita release the pain, anger, and disappointment she felt toward her father. She gradually detached her identity from his opinions and built a stronger sense of self.

He also helped Binita to calmly manage her triggers in relationships, and not project the past onto her present connections.

It was truly a life-changing experience for Binita. It humbled her and taught her some valuable lessons about life and love. More than anything, she understood that she was not a product of her past and it was up to her to break the cycle of abuse and toxicity.

Healing From A Narcissistic Spouse

Ajay is a 35-year-old man who was married to his wife for 9 years. Over the course of their marriage, Ajay experienced emotional abuse and manipulation. His wife would often use tactics like silent treatment, accusations, and weaponizing intimacy to control him.

Ajay’s wife would frequently give him the silent treatment for days at a time whenever he did something she didn’t like. This left Ajay feeling confused and anxious, as he was never sure what he had done wrong.

His wife would use intimacy as a tool for control. She would withhold affection or intimacy as a form of punishment when she was upset with him. This made Ajay feel emotionally distant and isolated.

Over time, Ajay began to feel exhausted and weary of his wife’s emotional abuse. He realized he needed help and sought the assistance of one of the best therapists in Mumbai at the Holistic Living Center.

In therapy, Ajay found a safe space to talk about his experiences. His therapist helped him gain clarity about his situation and understand that he was a victim of narcissistic abuse. Ajay learned that the manipulation and control he experienced were not his fault.

Together, Ajay and his therapist worked on setting boundaries in his relationship. Ajay learned how to stand up for himself and communicate his needs clearly. He began to rebuild his confidence and self-worth.

Therapy at Holistic Living Center also helped Ajay realize that ending the relationship might be the best option for his well-being. With the support of his therapist, Ajay found the courage to have difficult conversations with his wife about the problems in their marriage.

Eventually, Ajay decided to end the relationship. With therapy, he was able to navigate this challenging decision and find peace in knowing he was making the best choice for his mental and emotional well-being.

After leaving the marriage, Ajay continued therapy to heal from the trauma of the abuse. Over time, he regained his sense of self and began rebuilding his life. Therapy played a crucial role in Ajay’s journey to recovery and empowerment.

Healing From A Narcissistic Boss

Narcissistic abuse is not limited to parental or romantic relationships but can also be found in friendships and workplace connections. Niharika, a 29-year-old woman, experienced such abuse in her professional life from her narcissistic manager.

Niharika’s manager would often exploit her self-esteem and create self-doubts by consistently belittling her work, suggesting she wasn’t capable of handling certain tasks. This made Niharika doubt her professional abilities and question whether she was in the right career.

Her manager would often take credit for her ideas and efforts. Every time Nihariki confronted his behavior, we would dismiss her or accuse her of overreacting.

Feeling increasingly demoralized and unsure of herself, Niharika sought help at the Holistic Living Center. There, she began therapy to address the impact of her manager’s behavior on her mental well-being and professional confidence.

In therapy, Niharika found a safe space to discuss her experiences. Her therapist helped her understand that the manipulation and abuse she faced were not her fault. Through therapy at Holistic Living Center, Niharika started to recognize her own worth and the value of her work.

With the therapist’s guidance, Niharika learned how to set boundaries with her manager and stand up for herself. She practiced assertiveness and clear communication to express her needs and expectations.

Therapy also helped Niharika demand what she deserved at work. She learned to advocate for fair recognition and compensation for her contributions. This newfound confidence empowered Niharika to address her manager’s behavior directly and seek support from her company’s HR department.

Ultimately, Niharika’s therapy journey enabled her to regain control of her professional life.


Whether it is a romantic partner, family member, friend, or someone at the workplace, dealing with narcissistic relationships can be detrimental to your well-being.

It can deplete your sense of self, erode your ability to think rationally, and leave you feeling exhausted and confused.

If you are someone you know is experiencing narcissistic abuse then please consult the best therapists in Mumbai at Holistic Living Center. Talking to a therapist can give you the clarity you need on how to navigate the situation and overcome the consequences of narcissistic abuse.

Call/WhatsApp 91-9321073548 or Click This Link to connect with one of the best therapists in Mumbai.

Visit The Holistic Living Center based in Chembur, Mumbai.

Stay safe and alert!

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