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Ms. Rupali Shahs | Weight Loss Workshop

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    9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Ms. Rupali Shahs | Weight Loss Workshop

A big Hello to all the amazing people out there!!

Did you know that researchers have found that deprived taste and/or flavor in food results in more cravings for tasty foods which means more calories, which leads to weight gain in the long run?

Get ready to transform your diet and lose weight in a sustainable way!

Join us LIVE for a FREE PREVIEW SESSION on Lose Weight, NOT Taste! – Learn sustainable weight and health management!

  • Who should attend this session?

All people who want to be aware of the importance of good health and who want to know more about how to be healthy long term without punishing oneself. You will learn about healthy, effective, and permanent weight and health management.

Register Right AWAY to know more about losing weight without compromising on tasty food and embracing well-being in your life.

  • What are the benefits of the session?

You will learn how –

  1. Restrictive diets always lead to weight gain.
  2. Fitness is not a punishment.
  3. It is possible to create a balance between food and health.
  4. Sustainable weight management can be achieved by altering habits.
  5. Eat without going on harmful crash diets.
  6. Improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER!  Register for this LIFE-CHANGING Session today!

Your Course Facilitator, Dr. Rupali Shah is a nutritionist who is passionate about health and fitness and focuses on eradicating the fear of eating food and educating the public on the importance of nutrition and exercise.


REGISTER TODAY for this LIFE-CHANGING Session and transform your life!

Looking forward to meeting you on Zoom and be your year-long partner in happiness.

Although both dietitians and nutritionists assist clients in determining the ideal diets and foods to satisfy their health needs, their qualifications are distinct. Dietitians can help people with specific health problems like eating disorders by making meal suggestions.

In general, a dietitian’s function is more controlled than that of a nutritionist, and the distinction is due to the type of education and professional training received. A dietician must have various licences and qualifications in order to practise. The term “nutritionist” is less regulated than “dietitian” and has a broader definition. Nutritionists and dietitians may specialise in different areas. 

Both dieticians and nutritionists are qualified to help individuals with issues such as weight loss / weight gain, fatigue reduction, improving hair/skin quality and digestive diseases. Dieticians would be able to provide advice related to specific health conditions like eating disorders, PCOS, diabetes, etc. Nutritionists can also have specialisations like sports nutrition,Dull skin, High Cholestrol,High Sugar,Lack Of Stamina,Lower Immunity,Weight gain  for example. Book an Appointment

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