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Best Hypnotherapy Treatment Services in Chembur For Emotional Trauma

Best Hypnotherapy Treatment Services in Chembur For Emotional Trauma

Lisa was a victim of narcissistic abuse for 17 years. These long years of abuse led to intense emotional trauma. The fear was deep-rooted in her to such an extent that any sudden noise would make her jump and panic.

Any time Lisa would enter the bedroom, she would feel abnormally anxious and worried. This was because most of the abuse happened in the bedroom. Even though she had escaped the relationship, the memories continued to haunt her.

At a conscious level, she had let go of the past, but somehow the triggers never allowed her to truly experience peace and happiness again. 

Lisa was going through emotional trauma. It generally results from past traumatic experiences and leaves a deep scar on the mind and body. The brain remembers the painful emotions long after the trauma occurred. These emotional blockages may trap the person into negative patterns and stop them from healing completely.

Lisa was stuck in her past. She had divorced her abusive husband five years ago, but on an emotional level, she was still in that toxic relationship with him. She looked at life from a fearful perspective and had developed irrational anxiety and worry about almost everything. 

The unresolved negative energies attracted even more tragic outcomes in Lisa’s life. Her refusal to let go of the past forced her to keep repeating the same patterns. This is how Lisa was stuck in her own mind and found it impossible to recover from emotional trauma. 

This is what emotional trauma can do to a person. It ties them up in the shackles of the past and never lets them see the hope of a better tomorrow.

The worst thing about emotional trauma is that it is not visible. Unlike physical abuse, emotional trauma leaves no bruises or marks on the body. Physical wounds can still be healed, but the impact of emotional trauma can last a lifetime.



Breathe, again. 

The past has passed. In front of you is the present moment, and your future. You have spent days sitting with the unexplainable hurt and pain. Now is the time to get up, take control of your life, and recover from emotional trauma.

Remember that you are not a victim. You are not a damsel in distress. You are the main character of your life and it is time to start acting like one.

One of the most effective treatments that have helped many people resolve their past trauma is Hypnotherapy. 

It is a form of psychotherapy that harnesses the power of your subconscious mind. It helps to find acceptance and peace with your past and rewire your thought patterns and belief systems.

For instance, an individual with emotional trauma may start believing that they are cursed. Hopelessness and helplessness can creep deep inside their minds and never allow them to recover from the emotional trauma.

Hypnotherapy helps the person to A) Acknowledge this thought B) Understand that it stems from the past and has no context in their current life, and C) Gradually learn a positive set of beliefs (eg. I have the power to change my life despite of my past)

It so often happens that someone with past traumatic experiences gives up on themselves. Somewhere their willingness to recover from emotional trauma dies and they become passive about life.

Even in such circumstances, Hypnotherapy can be a reliable tool. Let me tell you how!

During the process of hypnotherapy, the person is in a deep sleep state. This state of mind allows the person to be highly focused and access the subconscious mind. Here the brain is easily respective to new information, something that does not happen at the conscious level.

So, anything suggested by the expert hypnotherapist is quickly accepted and absorbed by the mind.

For instance, suggestions such as “I want to recover from emotional trauma and I am capable of changing my life”

Or, “I am not a product of my past. I can and I will  take control of my life and recover from emotional trauma”

Can increase the person’s willingness to recover from emotional trauma and help them to unlock their hidden potential.

Finally, one of the major reasons why some people may find it challenging to recover from emotional trauma is that they may not remember it at all.

When someone goes through a painful event, the brain tries to block it in an attempt to save the person from falling apart. At times, the negative emotions can be too much to deal with so we black it out and push it in our subconscious mind.

However, they still have a major chunk of influence on our daily actions, thoughts, and behaviors. For instance, a person with emotional trauma may have repetitive nightmares or unreasonable panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy helps the person to safely go back to past events and understand the root causes of present problems. Once the cause is identified, the expert hypnotherapist works with the individual to resolve and recover from emotional trauma.

For instance, Aakash felt unreasonably anxious in elevators and enclosed spaces. He would prefer climbing 15 floors of his work company than using the elevators. During Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living, Chembur, he could retrieve a traumatic memory of his childhood wherein his father would shut him in the bathroom without any lights for hours.

Although he could not recall the incident at a conscious level, it triggered deep fears within him. Once he became aware of the real issue, the expert hypnotherapist helped him to release his fears and recover from emotional trauma.

Individuals who have been a victim of emotional trauma can find the healing they need through hypnotherapy. It creates long-lasting changes within a person and helps them to tackle life challenges with confidence.

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