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Best Hypnotherapists in Chembur For Relationship Anxiety

Best Hypnotherapists in Chembur For Relationship Anxiety

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal is one of the best hypnotherapists in Chembur, Mumbai. He strongly advocates a holistic approach toward life. That is the reason why he continually increases his expertise in counseling, healing, hypnotherapy, and past life regression.

His treatment plan usually involves a combination of therapeutic techniques and alternative modalities. His ultimate objective is to help his client become the best version of himself and realize his true power.

Take the example of Tanya. She is 27 years old and resides in Bandra. A blooming entrepreneur and the only child of her parents.

Tanya is a smart young woman. She is witty, funny, and ambitious. However, she suffers intensely from relationship anxiety.

“I have been in 3 relationships and every one of them I have felt unexplainable anxiety and fears” confesses Tanya.

When she visited Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, one of the best hypnotherapists in Chembur, she was distressed and exhausted by her constant anxiety.

Just like any other woman, she wanted to feel the happiness and peace of a healthy relationship. But her repetitive patterns of relationship anxiety had become the biggest obstacle between her and her true love.

The initial consultation with Mr. Sanjeev Mittal helped Tanya to untangle her thoughts and emotions.

“Talking to him was like writing in my diary. It was safe and easy” says Tanya.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal besides being one of the best hypnotherapists in Chembur, Mumbai, is also a spiritual master and expert counselor. His extensive life experiences have helped him develop a calm and soothing aura.

He also understands that to live a fulfilling life one needs to look within their soul, heal their hearts, and train their minds.

After thoroughly analyzing Tanya’s struggle with relationship anxiety he suggested Hypnotherapy and Inner child healing.

Tanya’s relationship anxiety stemmed from her childhood experiences. She shared a hot and cold relationship with her father. In her life, she lacked the emotional validation and assurance from a male figure.

The strong emotions triggered by these negative experiences were embedded deeply in her mind. She developed defense mechanisms wherein she closed herself to the idea of love and instead viewed it with a cynical lens.

She had developed hyper-independency and a sense of mistrust for the opposite gender. All this combined manifested as anxiety and suspiciousness in her relationships.

Hypnotherapy helped Tanya uncover the trauma, face the truth, and free her mind from negative past experiences. It taught her how to focus on the present reality instead of being controlled by her suppressed fears.

A newfound confidence started growing in her mind, and she felt a great shift in her perspective toward love and relationships.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, one of the best hypnotherapists in Chembur also helped Tanya release the emotional blocks in her auric field.

Inner child healing encouraged Tanya to embrace her past and rekindle the childlike joy within her.

T Hypnotherapy and inner child healing transformed her into a secure and confident woman. Today, Tanya has much better control over her relationship anxiety. She can finally feel at peace in her current relationship and enjoy the pure bliss of love.

Relationship anxiety is often an underlying symptom of something deeper and more serious. At Holistic Living Counseling Centre, Chembur, we have had cases of relationship anxiety that stemmed from trauma in past lives.

Generational patterns of broken relationships can also cause fears, anxieties, and negative beliefs about relationships.

Therefore, it is advisable to have an open mind and seek professional guidance to resolve such issues.

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