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Old Age Parenting

Old Age Parenting

Older adults are prone to many emotional & behavioural concerns such as loneliness, depression, dementia, alzheimers & even psychosis. Living with these concerns can get difficult & painful for older adults especially when there is lack of familial support or social life. In such cases, counselling can give genuine support and care so that they can resolve these concerns and spend their days in bliss & good health.

Mental health concerns are quite common among older adults. These may include:

  • Loneliness & Isolation
  • Dementia / Alzheimer’s / Memory Issues
  • Anxiety / Depression / Stress
  • Attachment Issues
  • Psychosis / Delusions

These are some serious mental health concerns that can pose a major threat to the older person’s well-being & quality of life.

Do you really need geriatric counselling?

Everyone deserves a fair chance to a happy & peaceful life irrespective of their age, gender & background. Getting older doesn’t mean that you need to be okay with living an unsatisfying life. That is why….

Geriatric counselling can be a rewarding decision and fill your life with renewed sense of hope and zest towards life.

We have experienced staff that can help with decision-making and life skills, as well as emotional and behavioural concerns.

Consult with our Trusted Geriatric Counselor and Renew your life now

Benefits of Geriatric Counselling

Maintain Your Independent

Geriatric care equips you with the resources & strength you need to manage your overall health & well-being so that you can maintain your independence for as long as possible.

Preventative Measure

Counselling is actually not the last resort to health and well-being. In fact, taking counselling on time can act as a preventative measure against major mental health disorders and ensure prolonged health & wellness.

Make you feel young again

Old age does not mean that you need to throw away your desires & live an unsatisfactory life. Counselling gives you the space to explore your wants and remember the enthusiasm and joy you need to live a beautiful life.


There are many reasons why older adults become unhappy and unmotivated

How does old age issues impact your life?

Old age is a critical period in everyone’s lives that brings many mental health concerns. Lack of emotional support to overcome these issues can…

  • Increase the risk of major depression
  • Intense anxiety / stress / panic
  • Physical harm or injuries
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Decreased quality of life

Old age does not put a full stop on true joy, happiness and fun. Take support now to create a life where you feel independent, energetic and young again!

What are the causes of old age issues ?

There are several risk factors that can give rise to old age issues. These include:

  • Loss of relationships / neglect
  • Medical health conditions
  • Financial insecurity
  • Lack of support / isolation
  • Side effects from medications

Understanding these risk factors is helpful in resolving the issues from their roots.

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quick tips to feel young again

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Try a new hobby or activity

Listen to music / dance a little

Spend more time outdoors

Connect with an old friend

Teen & Adolescent Issues​ Counseling FAQ's

How do I select the right therapist?

To find the right therapist you need to look at the level of qualifications, expertise, experience, and skills of the therapist. Most Therapists generally have a master’s Degree in Psychology. Many therapists would also have additional certifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, DBT, Art Therapy, and REBT etc. The right therapist will be the one with whom you could build a good connect.

How many sessions and time will it take to resolve my issues?

The answer to this question depends on the type and intensity of issues you are facing. It is necessary to be consistent and active in the process of therapy as it accelerates your journey and creates visible positive changes in your life. The duration of one session is generally 45mins

Can I take the session online & will it be effective?

Therapy can be conducted via online platforms as well as offline. Both modes of communication are effective and bring the same level of effectiveness to the process of therapy. An additional advantage of online therapy is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and save up your traveling time and money as well since you can connect with your therapist from any part of the world

What will be the cost?

The cost per session ranges from 2000₹ - 7500₹/- (50$-100$) depending on the expertise, qualifications, experience, duration, and location of the therapist.

Therapy is a fruitful investment that lasts for a lifetime. The nominal amount of money that you invest in yourself is completely worthwhile and its returns will be seen in a happy and healthy YOU!

How do I book the session?

The process is simple and smooth. All you need to do is click on the booking assistance link
to have a free 10 minutes chat with our associate counselor and get your appointment. Once you register and make the payment, you will receive a confirmation message/email with all the required appointment details - online /offline -google meet / address for your meeting.



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“I am grateful to my therapist. Her support and care was so genuine that it helped me to feel less lonely and open myself to new & nourishing experiences” Sameena, 60 years, Mumbai

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“I used to feel bad for taking therapy but after a few sessions I actually started enjoying it. Therapy has been life-changing for me.. it helped me to live life on my terms and become emotionally independent” Lata, 58 years, Tamil Nadu

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“My father has dementia. Life has been a roller coaster ride ever since his diagnosis but I am thankful that he goes for gereatric care because it makes him happy and seeing him happy makes us happy!” Kaira, 47 years, USA

“I feel I have stopped living. My whole world was my grandchildren but as they got busier with their lives I got lonelier. Then when I joined therapy I understood how to prioritise my emotional needs as well and therapy has actually improved my family relations” Yogesh, 61 years, Mumbai

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“My therapist is very understanding and polite. Even though we have a huge age gap she understands what I am trying to tell her.. for the first time in a very long time I am feeling heard and understood” Mitesh, 66 years, Bengaluru

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“I feel young again!!” Preeti, 70 years, UK

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