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The Holistic living is the most comprehensive online resource for finding life purpose to live a happy and successful life through our experts i.e. coaches, counselor, healer, therapists and mentors in the world. 

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Our objective is to assist you in locating the most qualified coach for your unique needs.

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To reach your higher self-goals, for upliftment, and to discover yourself, get a helping hand from expert Life Coaches, Counsellors, Therapists & Healers.

Holistic Living Counsellors, Therapists, Healers & Coaches and other wellness professionals not only help in resolving mental and emotional health issues like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Loneliness but also in Weight Management, Spiritual Awakening, Career management, building healthy relationships and achieving financial freedom to improve overall lifestyle and celebrate living.

Counsellors & Therapists work with diverse people and their distinct needs in a scientific and unique manner to inspire them and maximize their personal and professional potential. If you are looking for one of those highly experienced counsellors, therapists, healers or life coaches to be inspired by , ‘The Holistic Living’ is the right place for you.

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To embark in your personal transformation journey towards a holistic lifestyle, you may need to find the right coach to help you progress towards your goal. Refer to our directory of coaches to find one that can mentor you and lead you to celebrate living.

A life coach will empower you to reach your highest potential in your personal and professional life. Many of live struggling with the hardships of daily life. Life coaching can help us create a positive vision to achieve higher future goals while living life to the fullest in every moment.

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The Smart Way To Find A Life Coach Online

The Holistic Living platform has a large number of professional life coaches online who address various elements of life to indoctrinate better ways of living to give life a purpose. All you need to do is,

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Coaching vs Counselling

Coaching and Counselling are practices that have grown out of a shared root and purpose. The underlying presumption in both cases is that human beings all undergo pain and suffering in some form during their lives. Although these negative experiences can cause a lot of emotional, psychological and sociological problems, individuals tend not to dive into the core of these issues, resulting in their wounds remaining unhealed. This tendency to avoid core issues happens unconsciously in most cases and the effect these issues have on our daily life becomes so routine that they start to seem normal. Because of this, most people do not feel the need to seek help.


Especially in a country such as India, where psychology still remains somewhat a taboo subject, it becomes important to try and educated people about ways they can seek help, and the differences between types of approaches/practices. Denial is another factor that plays a huge role in preventing people from seeking help. Another reason people may deny seeking help is due to the social stigma attached to having psychological, emotional or social issues. Going to a coach or a counsellor is still very much looked down upon in Indian society – a phenomenon that desperately needs to change.


Some of the issues people face range from minor adjustment problems to deeper, long lasting feelings of depression, hopelessness or lack of motivation. Sometimes these issues stem from unhealthy relationships, traumatic experiences or even biological tendencies. Whatever the issue and the cause maybe, human beings can benefit from the help and guidance of professionals, who are trained and equipped to tackle these kinds of problems. Seeking help is the first step towards healing. Addressing and working on resolving these problems can greatly improve the quality of you day-to-day life in many ways – right from your own moods and feelings, to the way you interact with others, and the choices/decisions you make.


Although both coaching and counselling are practiced with the same end goal in mind – to improve one’s overall wellbeing and quality of life, the key difference lies in their approaches to the matter. Life coaches lay focus on creating a new path in their clients’ lives that will help them to achieve certain goals for the future. Life coaching does involve an element of introspection but problem solving remains at the core of this approach. Counsellors, on the other hand, deal with specific problems/situations, dive into the past to uncover the causes, and work with the emotional aspect – emotional feelings, goals and resolutions. Healing the clients’ emotional wounds or creating better coping mechanisms are at the core of counselling. Both of these approaches when successful lead to the result of – a better quality of life for the client.


To put it simply – coaching helps us take direct action, while counselling helps learn how to cope.


Life Coaching – When Should You Approach a Life Coach?


You can seek the service of a Life Coach if you find yourself surrounded by or experiencing intense feelings of stress, or if you feel like your life is stagnating perhaps, and you need to make a change. Some of the common issues that Life Coaches help their clients to tackle are – frustration with their life situation, lack of motivation at work, dissatisfaction in personal relationships and low self-confidence, among others. Life coaches can help you overcome procrastination, organize your thoughts, find the motivation and develop the discipline you need to begin acting on your goals.


Counselling – When Should You Approach a Counsellor?


When facing issues that have a deeper emotional/psychological element, a counsellor is a right choice. Counsellors help clients deal with issues like addiction, eating disorders, anger management, phobias, traumatic experiences, grief and even depression. Counselling involves talking about these issues in-depth and learning ways to cope with their emotional/psychological fallout. There is an element of goal setting in Counselling as well, where the counsellor works cooperatively with the client to find solutions to their problems in addition to learning how to cope with them.


Feeling and Thinking


Life Coaching help their clients with thinking and introspection to optimize potential.

Counsellors help their clients to uncover deep feelings and learn to understand themselves better.


Goals and Clarity


Life Coaches lay focus on goal setting and achievement.

Counsellors lay focus on gaining clarity about one’s situation and feelings.


Coaching and Counselling have different certifications – in most cases, counsellors tend to have some background in psychology or social work. Coaching is an entirely different certification and does not require a psychology background. Issues that counsellors deal with are largely related to mental and emotional psychology. Coaches deal with wide range of topics, for example, a Style coach or image consultant, a Wealth coach, a fitness coach, etc.


It becomes important here to also clarify the differences between a Counsellor and a Psychotherapist.


Psychotherapists – What do they do and When Should you see one?


A psychotherapist is a professional that uses different methods and schools of talk therapy to treat people suffering from emotional problems and mental illnesses. 


Generally, counselling is effective in dealing with specific issues and situations, such as addiction or grief, and takes place over weeks to several months (short term).

Psychotherapy tends to dive into past issues that might be the causes of present-day problems. It usually takes place continually over a period of years. Psychotherapists are trained in using different types of psychological interventions (under talk therapy) like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, for example, whereas a Counsellor uses only the client-centred personal counselling method.

To summarise, all psychotherapists are counsellors, but not all counsellors are psychotherapists.

A Psychotherapist need not have a degree education in psychology but can be someone who has completed a diploma in psychotherapy.


Psychologists – who are they and when should you see one?


A psychologist is someone who has an academic qualification (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree) in psychology and deals with the study of the human mind. There are several different subfields under psychology, like clinical or cognitive psychology, for example. Most psychologists are qualified to assess and/or diagnose mental illness. They usually have deeper knowledge and insight into human psychology and mental/emotional issues. Psychologists also work in the field of research and development.


Psychologists are usually also psychotherapists, especially when they work with clients and treat them.


Types of Coaches


NLP – Neurolinguistics Programming

Different people have different ways of communicating their thoughts and feelings. Majority of our feelings are communicated unconsciously, through our tone, volume, pace, facial expressions, body language and words.

NLP coaches are trained to identify these subtle, unconscious clues and understand how their client is feeling. Neuro-linguistic programming is a way of changing someone’s thoughts and behaviours to help achieve desired outcomes for them by identifying the maladaptive thoughts or behaviours that are presently holding them back.



Mindfulness Coach will help you practice mindfulness meditation. Their sessions will include Education about the benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness exercises to practice on your own or with guidance. Strategies to help overcome challenges to mindfulness practice.


Relationship Coaches

A relationship coach supports and guides individuals and couples in learning essential skills of relating, especially in marriages and romantic partnerships. Relationship coaches help you develop conflict resolution skills and other tools to increase intimacy and pleasure in your romantic relationships.


Parenting Coach

A parenting coach is a trained professional who helps the clients face their parenting challenges by providing guidance, tools and strategies. It is important to note that, unlike psychotherapists who treat diagnosed mental health conditions, coaches are more like consultants. They provide tools, ideas, and support without treating underlying issues, like ADHD or depression.


Leadership Coach

Leadership coaches specifically cater to businessmen or executives who are usually leaders in their companies/organisations. These high-ranking professionals can decide to take leadership coaching to improve their performance and productivity in their role at the organisation. The techniques and methods used in Leadership coaching are different compared to the other types of coaches.  It is specifically for the needs of the leader in achieving the company’s goals. 


Types of Counsellors


Counsellors, and in more severe cases, Psychotherapists, can be consulted for a range of issues like-

  • Grief Counselling – when we lose someone close to us, we might find it hard to cope with our grief and carry on with daily life, this is when we should seek out a grief counsellor.
  • Marriage and Family Counselling – when facing issues in our marriage or within our family, which we are unable to resolve or perhaps that are caused by past events or mental illness, we can seek out the help of a marriage and family counsellor.
  • Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Counselling – When struggling with issues of addiction, one can approach a substance abuse counsellor. This type of counsellor can also help clients dealing with other addictions like gambling or sex addiction.
  • Educational and Career Counselling – These are professionals with vast knowledge about educational streams and career trajectories. They can help young students understand their goals and aspirations and plan their future educational plans keeping in mind their long-term career goals.
  • Guidance Counselling – They usually work with younger students, helping them during their school/high school years to navigate social, emotional or academic problems.

Dieticians and Nutritionists


Dieticians and Nutritionists are professionals who help people plan and develop healthier eating habits.

Dieticians are certified and licensed to provide information and guidance to clients with underlying medical conditions. For example, a dietician can prescribe a specialized diet/meal plan for a client who suffers from diabetes, bowel disorders, etc.


A Nutritionist is someone who is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the area of food and nutrition and can provide personalized diets and meal plans but they cannot help the client with diets specific to underlying health problems as mentioned above.


People looking to meet specific fitness/weight loss goals or trying to adopt an alternative eating lifestyle can visit a nutritionist.


People who have underlying health conditions like diabetes or allergies, should opt for a dietician, who can also help them with their fitness/weight loss goals, while working alongside the medical aspect of their conditions.




An Astrologist is skilled in predicting future events based on their interpretation of the positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets. They can also tell a lot about a person’s personality and personal fortune based on these planetary positions.



The definition of a healer according to the NFSH Healing Trust is ‘A treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body’s own immune system. Healing is natural and non-invasive with the intention of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and wellbeing on all levels’

Healers use healing energy to change the energy fields around and within you to help you make a change in your life.

Image and Lifestyle Consultant


Image Consultants are experts and specialists who help their client improve or change their personal or professional image. This involves evaluation of the client’s appearance, behavior and communication skills and suggest changes in these so as to align them with the client’s personal or professional goals.


Lifestyle Consultants not only incorporate image consulting into their service but also provide clients with guidance and advice on other aspects of lifestyle like travel, interior design, shopping, etc.


Financial Advisors and Planners

Financial advisors are experts in the area of wealth and finance who provide guidance and advice to their clients in the areas of wealth management, investments, stocks and loans.

A financial planner is a professional who consults with and gives advice to clients specifically with regard to their financial situation. They can help clients plan and achieve their financial goals by implementing expert strategies to create more wealth, reduce costs and overcome debts.


Yoga and Meditation instructors, fitness instructors


Meditation instructors guide clients who seek mental or emotional clarity through the process of meditation. This involves a combination of breathing techniques and focused concentration to deepen a client’s understanding and progress towards a state of relaxation.


Yoga and Fitness instructors can help you start or resume your fitness journey, whether it is to achieve your dream body, work on a specific health goal, or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The 7 key elements of holistic wellbeing are entwined and interconnected. They can be defined as –


  1. Mental and Emotional Wellness

Positive energy and happiness are the results of one’s own mindset. A mindset is vital to develop a skill set. Today a conscious mind requires constant upgrading and learning to become the best version of itself.


A mental and emotional wellness Coach shows you how to steadily develop your conscious and subconscious mind to be responsible for solution-focused outcomes. Coaches design powerful singular approaches to facilitate thinking to reach full potential. From addressing topics like Stress Management, Relaxation & Concentration Techniques, Developing A Positive Mindset, How to handle Anger, Anxiety, Pain and Depression, to many more, mind coaches share techniques for increasing positivity which invariably has an effect on the other dimensions of our life. Mind coaching is recommended for adolescents, adults and senior citizens.


Your brain or mind is the core that is connected to every cell in the body. It triggers either positive or negative responses. Mindfulness teaches a person how to connect with the self while developing a positive attitude towards others. It hones the ability to make informed decisions and manage behaviour to increase self-confidence and self-awareness. When the mind is stable, the thought process is positive. Our mind coaches are stress busters! Find the industry’s best-certified coaches here or look for a life coach near you. Our coaches offer both personal coaching and group coaching across diverse areas of interest.


By visiting a Mind coach, psychotherapist or counsellor, you can learn to cope with or overcome a range of issues that we face in our lives, both psychological and physical. Stress, anxiety, anger, depression and sadness are some common emotional difficulties we face, which can also translate into physical ailments like migraines, body aches and even irritable bowel syndrome.


  1. Health and Nutrition

Modern medicine is adding more years to your life, but are you adding more life to your years? As life expectancy goes up, you may find it necessary to inculcate holistic practices in your daily routine to savor a better life. Holistic Living brings in experts who support healthy body goals by sharing their in-depth knowledge in areas like Strength and Flexibility, Weight Management, Immunity enhancement, Improving the gut, Naturopathic Health, Skincare, and many more. To begin your journey towards optimal health, book an appointment now with one of our certified dieticians and nutritionists or a certified holistic wellness coach/health coach.

By visiting a health and nutrition expert, you can learn to deal with or overcome a range of issues like weight management, low immunity, chronic pain, vitamin deficiency, low stamina and even high blood sugar.


  1. Astrology and Spiritual

Do you think about a purpose in life? Have you ever had a gut feeling? Soul Coaching helps you understand these aspects and how they affect who you really are. Spiritual growth and soul searching help to tap into your energy for higher levels of awareness, to attract synchronicities and manifestations, to raise one’s vibration and the level of your aura. While most people identify with and lay focus on the physical body, there is an equal need to look after our energetic fields (aura) to interact better with our souls.


Soul coaches help develop inner wisdom to manage thinking and emotions. They lead the way with old established techniques like Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Awakening. Brahmakumaris or Sadguru, BK Shivani or Osho and their teachings can lead the way to a peaceful you. A happy being is a happy soul. Visit a soul coach today and discover the true inner you!


By visiting a soul coach, you can learn to cope with or overcome a range of common issues like feelings of sadness/emptiness, grief, loss, fear/phobias, blocked energy/negative energy, etc.


  1. Self Help and Career

A work/career coach can help you pick the right career path from a pool of various different streams. The coaches assess your natural flair for a certain career discipline through standardized tests and enable you to choose the right career path. In May 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognized ‘Burnout’ as a disease. In today’s work environment, stress management is key to wellness. Career coaches impart staff training and personality development, mentor entrepreneurs, reskill mid-level managers, counsel students and teach stress management. We have a wide choice of career coaches to help you redefine and achieve professional objectives and career-related goals.

By visiting a Self-help or career coach you can learn to navigate many different issues like stunted professional growth, low confidence, lack of motivation, decreased productivity and procrastination, to name a few.


  1. Relationships and Family

For any and every healthy relationship, one has to possess the ability to connect, to bond and to communicate. Let’s lose the fear of being judged and instead share what’s really in your heart.

Healthy relationships translate into well-being. An area of specialization in life coaching termed as relationship coaching is all about helping people find greater fulfilment in their personal relationships and shared existence. Relationship coaches work with individuals who want to get into a relationship, and with individuals who may want to get out of abusive relationships. Parent and child relations, teenager and friend relations, love and couple relations marital relations, senior citizen relations, and 3-generation relations are tackled by a relationship coach.

Don’t just search for a relationship coach near you but select a relationship coach who you can relate with, who you enjoy talking to, and who is the perfect fit to address your concerns. Some of the common concerns that coaches encounter are parenting difficulties, relationship conflict/ lack of communication, marriage troubles, family discord, old age issues, etc.


  1. Wealth and Prosperity

While money does not guarantee happiness, it surely brings financial freedom and peace of mind. Financial security or financial wellness relates to managing one’s spending and borrowings. It supports our happiness, medical needs, unexpected challenges, old age financial independence and also enables us to aid someone in a crisis. A financial coach or a wealth coach educates and shares advice on markets and its challenges and how to manage and grow your investments in the most effective way. While we have listed Wealth coaches and Financial planners who can help you achieve long term financial stability, we highly recommend a good read from our books section titled ‘Millionaire Underdog’, by JT Foxx, author and World’s #1 Wealth Coach. Get a Wealth Coach to help you stop worrying, take charge and start living a life of financial abundance.

Some of the common concerns that financial advisors encounter are high debt, pending loan payments, over budgeting/ under budgeting, retirement or trust fund panning, investments and stocks, etc.


  1. Image and Lifestyle

Our Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel coaches and brand consultants deliver complete insight on topics ranging from social etiquette, how to dress for a certain occasion, social networking and cultural norms in different societies, etc. If you are looking to relocate or just revamp your style to boost confidence, we can help you connect with a lifestyle and fashion guru or to the best image consultants the industry has to offer. Looking good and feeling great are integral to one’s holistic lifestyle journey. Through this community platform, you can interact with a fashion designer, catwalk coach, personal image and brand coach, style and fashion coach and even lifestyle and well-being coach. Our best Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel coaches are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you gain or recover your self-confidence.

An image or lifestyle consultant can help you deal with or overcome issues like styling, shopping, public speaking, wedding planning, vacation and tour planning, etc.