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Akashic Record Reader…

Akashic record reader is a spiritual healer who has the intuitive abilities to access the akashic records. The records contain information about one’s past events, present life and future possibilities that can completely transform your life. Accessing these records can give you different perspectives, attract love,open doors to success and heal you from your karma.

akashic records consultation

Issues Resolved by Akashic Records Consultation

Accessing the akashic records can resolve many of your life issues such as:

  • Past traumas
  • Emotional pain or blockages
  • Physical pain or chronic body pains
  • Karmic connections or blockages
  • Lack of purpose or need for a deeper self-discovery

Akashic record readers generally combine divine readings with healing practices to help you make profound changes and the right choices in your life.

We offer a safe space to discuss and work through all the challenges that come with being a teen in today’s society.

Our therapists can teach your child how to navigate any situation.

When do you need to talk to an Akashic Record Reader?

Talking to an Akashic record reader can be highly useful when…

  • You want to find your karmic connections or soulmate
  • You want to discover your life purpose
  • You are suffering from emotional blockages
  • You have been through past traumas
  • You are suffering from unexplainable body pains

If you are someone who wants to live life fully and with no regrets then an Akashic record reader can be the best person to show you how you can design the life of your dreams.

How can Akashic Record Reader help you?

An akashic record reader can access divine information about your past, present and future which can bring many profound changes in your life such as:

  • Find your soulmate or karmic connections
  • Heal & release the past traumas or past karma
  • Make the best choices to create a life you actually want and dream about
  • Understand the real purpose of your life
  • Heal any physical pain that you may have
  • Clear any confusion in your mind

Akashic record readers can be your spiritual guide at every step of your healing journey. They are there to help you understand your past, present and future so that you have all the resources and knowledge to make the best choices in life.

Our Counselors understands the difficulties that come with being a teen and are ready to be there for you.

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What is the level of qualifications and skills of the Akashic Record Reader?

There is no particular level of qualification required to become an akashic record reader. Most akashic record readers have extensive spiritual knowledge, a natural intuitive power and have received extensive training by spiritual mentors or others who have mastered the skill of opening the records.
It is not possible for everyone to connect with sources and access the akashic records. One needs to come from a place of honesty and tune into their spiritual abilities to be able to access and accurately intercept the information presented in the records.

How many years of experience?

Experience plays a vital role when it comes to opening the akashic records. Regular practice and extensive experience sharpens the instinctive abilities of the akashic record reader and makes it easier and quicker to open the records. Hence, it is recommended to consult someone who has a minimum of one year of experience.

What is the expertise of the Akashic record reader?

Akashic reading can be understood in two parts. One is accessing the records and second is understanding the remedies needed to heal your life. Most Akashic record readers are qualified to access and interpret the records as well as provide healing remedies. However, it is beneficial to be clear about your concerns and expectations so that you can get connected with the right professional.

What is the cost of each session?

The cost per session varies depending on the issue you might have and the expertise, qualifications, experience and location of the akashic record reader. Be clear about the costs before committing to the akashic record reader so you can plan your finances accordingly

How many sessions will it take to solve my problems?

The answer to this question is highly dependable on the type and intensity of issues you are facing. It is necessary to be regular, consistent and active in the process of therapy as it accelerates your journey and creates visible positive changes in your life.

What would be the preferred mode of communication?

Akashic records reading can be conducted via online platforms as well as offline. Both modes of communication are effective and bring the same level of effectiveness to the process of accessing your life records. An additional advantage of online consultation is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and save up your travelling time and money as well since you can connect with your akashic reader from any part of the world.

What are the demographic details of the Akashic record reader? (age, gender, religion)

It is natural to have several preferences when it comes to going to an akashic record reader. However, factors such as the age, gender, and religious and social background of the akashic record reader are of very no importance. An experienced professional maintains an unbiased and non-judgemental attitude throughout the process.

What kind of values do you have towards Akashic record reading?

This is one of the most important questions as it helps you to understand your akashic record reader on a more personal level. Values such as non-judgement, privacy, confidentiality, safety, honesty, strong moral ethics and spiritual knowledge are helpful qualities of the akashic record reader.



“I was really fascinated with the fact that there is a universal library kinda thing where you can access information about your soul journey. And I was even more fascinated with my experience of accessing the records. It held so much truth about my life! It just took my breath away. One of a kind experience!” - Tanya Vaswani, 36 years, Mumbai

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“Breathtaking! The whole process is just fascinating. I could not believe the accuracy of the information told by my akashic reader. Everything she said about myself held a lot of truth. It helped me to develop trust in the universe and reduce the anxiety I had about my future” Shalini, 42 years, Gujarat

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“The moment the akashic record reader opened my records I just started feeling lighter. It was almost unreal. I am someone with high anxiety so to feel so much calm and relaxed was simply amazing. My akashic record reader was very grounded and polite. I felt really blessed in her presence” - Dhruv, 47 years, Vancouver

“Every piece of information was true! The akashic reader was very genuine and talking to her just made me feel at ease and relaxed” Jay, 32 years, Mumbai

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“The akashic reader at Holistic Living was very professional and made me feel comfortable quickly. He helped me to understand my past karmic relationships and the remedies given by him has helped me to heal from my past and attract loving relationships on my life” Candice, 30 years, UK

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“Akashic records helped me find my soulmate and for that I will forever be in debt of my truly amazing akashic reader. She simply changed my life” Ketki, 47 years, Uttar Pradesh

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  • Akashic Records Cosnultation in Mumbai
  • Akashic Record Readers in Delhi
  • Akashic Record Healing in Noida
  • Akashic Records Cosnultation in Mumbai
  • Akashic Record Readers in Delhi
  • Akashic Record Healing in Noida
  • Akashic Records Cosnultation in Mumbai
  • Akashic Record Readers in Delhi
  • Akashic Record Healing in Noida

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Accessing the akashic records reading can give you a deeper clarity about your past, present and future life. It can help you discover your life purpose and how you can create a life that is authentic, meaningful and full of happiness, love & success.

That is why we are here for you to make sure that you connect with the right akashic record reader and get a headstart to your incredible journey of self-discovery & healing. Your best life is just a call away.


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