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Family Counselor

Who Is A Family Counsellor?

A family counsellor is a skilled and qualified professional who works with a family group to resolve any emotional issues & conflicts that are causing tension and stress within the family. A family counsellor aims at improving the communication between family members and helping them restore the peace & connection with each other.

Issues Resolved by a Family Counsellor

A family counsellor is trained in resolving many family issues such as:

  • Marital distress and conflict
  • Child or parenting issues
  • Conflicts with the in-laws
  • Struggling with depression, anxiety or stress
  • Old age issues

Wide range of issues that affect the quality of family relations or causing stress and tension within the family can be resolved with the help of a family counsellor.

When do you need to talk to a Family Counsellor

A family counsellor can be the best solution if..

  • Marital disharmony is affecting you or your children
  • Your family relations feel strained
  • There are constant fights and tension within the family
  • Your family is going through major changes
  • There are differences in parenting styles and interests

These are serious situations that can cause immense turmoil in the family relations. Talk to a family counsellor to overcome these challenges and come out as a stronger & happier family.

How can a Family Counsellor help you?

  • A family counsellor gives a safe space and utilises different therapeutic practices that can help you and your family in many ways such as:

    • Freely discuss about your feelings, concerns and problems
    • Communicate effectively and positively resolve family issues
    • Provides support in your tough times and personal struggles
    • Adapt to new changes or recover from the past ones
    • Conducts therapeutic interventions to resolve issues related to child or parent

    Such a level of professional support could be all you need to understand how you can overcome issues affecting your family and create a balanced and happy family life.

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Family Counsellor FAQs

What is the level of qualifications and skills of the Family Counsellor?

Family Counsellors generally require a Masters or a doctorate degree in counselling Psychology or a certified degree in family & relationship counselling.

Moreover, skills such as active listening, effective rapport building, maintaining an unbiased and non-judgemental attitude are helpful qualities of the family counsellor that helps the family members to recognize and resolve their issues.

How many years of experience?

A Good number of years of practical experience in psychological practice and the number of successful family counselling cases she/he has done is recommended. Experience ensures that the Therapist has the abilities and skills to help resolve issues and promote healthy relations.

What is the expertise of the family counsellor?

It is important to understand the expertise of the family counsellor. Some professionals have greater expertise in dealing with issues related to marital disputes and conflicts, some have accredited training in the area of child and parenting issues. Generally a licensed family & marriage therapist is equipped with resolving a wide array of family concerns.

What is the cost of each session?

Family Counselling is a minuscule investment with the highest return that lasts for a lifetime. The nominal amount of money that you invest is completely worthwhile and its returns can be seen in a happy family life.

The cost per session varies as per the issue you might have and the expertise of the Family Counsellor. Generally, the cost per session ranges from 25$-100$ (₹1000 – ₹5000/-) only

How many sessions will it take to solve my problems?

The answer to this question depends on the number and complexity type and intensity of issues you are facing. It is necessary to be regular, consistent and active in the process of counselling as a family as it accelerates the process of resolving the concerns and solidifying the family bond.

What would be the preferred mode of communication?

Consultation with Family Counsellor can be conducted via offline online or offline mode with the same accuracy and effectiveness. It all depends on the expertise and experience of the Family Counsellor. An additional advantage of online consultation is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and save up your travelling time and money as well since you can connect with your Family Counsellor from any part of the world.

What are the demographic details of the family counsellor? (age, gender, religion)

It is natural to have several preferences when it comes to going to a family counsellor. However, factors such as the age, gender, religious and social background of the family counsellor are of no importance. A qualified professional maintains an unbiased and non-judgemental attitude throughout the process.

What kind of values do you have towards counselling?

The process is simple and smooth. All you need to do is click on the booking assistance WhatsApp link

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“Ever since counselling Roshni feels more opened up and connected to us. I guess she was going through her usual teen phase but as parents, we felt confused and lost on what to do. There are so many cases of addiction and depression that we were scared. Our family counsellor was amazing. She was so patient and friendly” ~ Nitin, 45 years old, Vancouver

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“Our family counsellor was superb. The fact that she was able to form a good rapport with not only me but also my children was simply amazing. She was just so easy to talk to and very understanding of our problems as well” Deepak Malhotra, 49 years, Jaipur

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“Family is a unit so when one suffers we all suffer. The tension between our marriage was affecting our child. He started to become more aggressive and defiant. His school counsellor suggested family counselling and it has really helped in solving our marriage issues and supporting our son together. We are stronger than ever and I feel very grateful to the family counsellor” Sanjeev, 55 years, Mumbai

“I feel doing family counselling was the best decision. It has helped my family communicate positively with each other and solve the problems in a constructive manner. It was a much-needed change” Bhakti Jain, 37 years, Gujarat

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“My in-laws and I had many misunderstandings. That created a lot of tension at home as well as in my marriage. Fortunately I was able to convince them for family counselling because I really did not want to stay in an unhealthy household. I am so glad we did because today we share such a happy bond with each other. We have learned how to communicate effectively” Nakiya, 32 years, Australia

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“Family counselling genuinely created a stronger connection with my in-laws. It has completely changed the dynamics of our relationship and made us more empathetic and understanding towards each other” Latika, 29 years, Kerela


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Family is a bond that will stay with you forever. When such deep bonds suffer, life can start feeling depressing and stressful. Don’t let this forever bond suffer the brunt of struggles or conflicts.
That is why we are here for you to make sure that you connect with the right family counsellor and get a headstart to your incredible journey of creating a beautiful family. Your happy family life is just a call away.


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