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Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are factors and problems that affect the sanctity and bond of a relationship. When left unresolved these issues can seriously shatter the precious connection you share with your partner.

Signs that your relationship needs extra care and effort…:

  • Frequent fights and arguments
  • Growing indifference towards your partner
  • Built up frustration and disappointments
  • Feeling stuck and helpless in the relationship
  • A lack of intimacy and effective communication

These signs indicate that your relationship may be growing through a rough phase and taking active steps to resolve them could save your relationship from falling apart.

Do You Really Need Relationship Counselling?

Many people have this question looming over their head whether they actually need counselling from counselor for stress or not.

Relationship Counselling could actually be a much-needed step in reconnecting with your partner and building your relationship on love, trust and friendship that lasts forever.

Benefits of Stress Management Counseling

Relationship Counselling has shown to bring many positive changes such as:

Learning Positive Communication

Lack of communication is actually one of the biggest reasons why couples fall apart. Relationship counselling works on helping partners develop effective communication with each other and shows positive methods of resolving conflicts so that both the partners can create a loving relationship together.

Focusing on Self-Growth

Many people gradually begin to lose their independent identity and their unique sense of self in relationships. This can negatively impact the quality of relationship shared between the two partners. Relationship Counselling gives a safe space where both the partners can explore and understand what it is that they really want and need from a relationship.

Moving Forward

Bringing up the past again and again is probably a guaranteed recipe for ruining a relationship. Relationship counselling has proven to be effective in helping couples let go of conflicts and fights that happened in the past and move forward with a positive attitude.


Is Stress Good ?

How do relationship issues impact you?

Relationships are the most important aspect of our lives. Naturally when our relationships suffer, we suffer too.

  • Makes you vulnerable to depression, anxiety and chronic stress
  • Weakens your physical health and attracts serious illnesses
  • Creates a dent in your self-esteem and attitude towards life
  • Negatively affects your professional life
  • Worsens your peace of mind

What are the causes of a failing relationship?

  • Lack of efforts and interest in resolving the issues
  • Refusal to take relationship counselling
  • Not giving enough time to your partner
  • Unhealthy ways of communicating your feelings
  • Lack of empathy, kindness and actively listening to your partner

These causes can be efficiently resolved when both the partners are willing to do the work and even go for relationship counselling to give a fair chance to saving your relationship.

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quick tips How To Make Your Partner Fall In Love With You All Over Again?

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Never stop flirting with your partner or doing the small gestures of affection that you once used to do before your lives became all about work and children.

Make an effort to ‘Date’ your partner all over again. Take each other out for dinner, watch movies together, and recreate an old experience you loved before.

Support each other’s interests. Get involved more in your partner’s likes and be genuinely interested in them.

Appreciate and respect each other more. Be vocal about what you love about them and appreciate them at every chance you get.

Try to explore new things you both enjoy. Little things matter the most. Try talking and listening more than before and make sure your partner feels heard.



“It was the worst phase of my life. Seeing a relationship of 6 years crumbling before me was too much to take. But I am so happy and grateful that we did not give up on each other. There is nothing wrong in taking relationship counselling. I feel it only shows how much serious you are about making your relationship work” Navya, 27 years, Jaipur

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“Relationship counselling really improved our relationship. Sometimes empathy and understanding are all we need but with our own egos and issues we fail to do that for our partner. Relationship counselling gave us that safe space to be vulnerable and honest with each other” Kavita, 39 years, Los Angeles

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“We had neglected our own selves in the relationship and that is one of the biggest reasons why relationships fail. We both learned the importance of having our own identity and at the same time valuing our relationship together. It is life-changing!” Farhan, 50 years, Canada


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