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The Holistic Living platform has a large number of professional life coaches online who address various elements of life to indoctrinate better ways of living to give life a purpose. All you need to do is,

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There are a vast number of events and  workshops being held across India, covering a range of topics relating to holistic living. If you are looking for ‘the best retreats near me’, or ‘events in my city’, or ‘rejuvenate mind and body’, then look no further.  courses and spa getaways

Our Wellness Events

Upcoming retreats

Whether you are a fitness freak, an thinker, a seeker or a believer, we have something lined up for you and the like-minded. Check out our events calendar and find a reason to attend. Try our yoga getaway, weight loss boot camp, spiritual retreats, spa vacations and more.


Featured retreats

Exclusively designed retreats for your specific interests are organized and hosted by some of our best coaches. These retreats give you a life-changing experience in holistic living.


Location wise

Currently, our events are based in India. Book an event near you now to begin your wellness journey. We have brought together some of the best coaches in the country and across the globe.


Tips and articles

Read more to know about the wellness events for holistic living across the 7 wellness elements – Mental & Emotional Wellness, Astrology & Spiritual, Health & Nutrition, Relationship & Family, Self Help & Career, Image & Lifestyle and Wealth & Prosperity.


  1. Mental and Emotional Wellness

Have you ever wondered what an Emotional Quotient or a Spiritual Quotient is? To what extent does the power of our subconscious mind impact our conscious state? Is alternative healing a science or a mind game? Can thoughts really hurt relationships? Why do I have the need to be perceived as successful by society? Where can I get a digital detox? If you have any of these questions in mind and are looking for answers, we may just have an event for you. From hollow happiness, to hello happiness – we provide you  resources, training, counseling and consulting by some of the best speakers in the wellness industry. Enroll in one of our mind programs that is sure to blow you away.

By visiting a mental and emotional wellness retreat, you can learn to cope with or overcome a range of issues that we face in our lives, both psychological and physical. Stress, anxiety, anger, depression and sadness are some common emotional difficulties we face, which can also translate into physical ailments like migraines, body aches and even irritable bowel syndrome.



  1. Health and Nutrition

Are you stressed at work? Do you want to work on transforming yourself to get a lean body or beach body? Do you want to get away from the hustle of daily life? Are you looking to get in touch with yourself? Do you just want to feel utterly relaxed amongst others who share the same feeling? Do you need to learn behavioral

If you think there is something more to life and are looking to find it or if you simply want to de-stress, we may have the perfect retreat for you where you can learn to adopt life-changing practices for good health. From different styles of meditation to yoga and sattvic meals to ayurvedic treatments at the most idyllic locations, Holistic Living can point you towards courses/boot camps/breakthrough workshops/weekend escapes that offer a leap forward in your health and fitness goals. We have a range of Obesity Management and Weight loss trainers, Dieticians, Yoga teachers, Detoxification experts and so many more as the first step to guide you towards healthy living.

By attending a health and nutrition retreat, you can learn to deal with or overcome a range of issues like weight management, low immunity, chronic pain, vitamin deficiency , low stamina and even high blood sugar.


If you are searching for a good health and fitness program, for whole body care or for mind wellness, start by signing up for our most popular Body & Health Program now! 


  1. Astrology and Spiritual

You often stop to hear the sounds outside of your body but have you ever stopped to listen to what’s going on inside? Once you realize that you and only you are responsible for the joy and harmony in your life, you will begin to connect with your inner self – your soul. Connecting with one’s soul does not mean renouncing the world but enjoying life’s experiences to the fullest in a conscious manner.

By attending a spiritual retreat, you can learn to cope with or overcome a range of common issues like feelings of sadness/emptiness, grief, loss, fear/phobias, blocked energy/negative energy, etc.


Programs and events on soul searching ranging from topics like guided meditation, power of meditation, healing meditation, loving kindness meditation, emotional health, vipassana, kundalini yoga, chakra healing, and Art of Living are conducted by some of the best soul coaches. Often, away in the hills and in lush open surroundings, these 1-3 days workshops will take you away from the humdrum of the daily city life to a journey of intense soul searching. Events that teach breathwork (connected breathing), meditation and yoga will transcend you on a beautiful soul voyage of discovery. Try a Soul Program, Complete yourself!


  1. Self Help and Career

Everyone wants to be a super performer at work or in their professional career. Human beings have hidden talents in them. Some are recognized at work; some are not. Achieving goals at work is all about habit formations, since success strategies are connected to one’s attitude and mindset.

Questions about how to stay productive even under stress, how to contribute the maximum at work without sacrificing your family time, how to engage remarkably even when you fail, how to form a pathway to success are common among professionals. If you are seeking answers to these, attend a Career Event today. Join an entrepreneurship workshop, be a part of a career counseling program or search for a custom-made program to prepare your company staff for a new opportunity. Whatever your need may be, we are sure you will find a program to suit your requirements. You can find an event hosted by a career coach, a millennial career coach, a job coach, a career change coach, a career transition coach or an expert career launcher. Many of our events happen more than once, so if you miss one, do lookout for the next!

By attending one of these retreats you can learn to navigate many different issues like stunted professional growth, low confidence, lack of motivation, decreased productivity and procrastination, to name a few.



  1. Relationships and Family

The core of every relationship is to take responsibility for your own life situation without engaging in the blame game. Emotions are the root of every relationship. They are the bonds humans form directly or indirectly that impact our daily lives. Romantic relationships, family relationships, business relationships, professional relationships and friendships are all built on trust. Sometimes these become lasting relationships and other times become they can become unhealthy. Our community brings together coaches who conduct events associated with life makeover, marriage enrichment, marriage building, and family relationships.


To bring back the balance and harmony in any relationship, we may need to relearn the art of maintaining positive relationships. Get up close and personal with our Relationship Experts through their ongoing webinars on ‘How to improve Relationships.’

Some of the common concerns that we encounter are parenting difficulties, relationship conflict/ lack of communication, marriage troubles, family discord, old age issues, etc.



  1. Wealth and Prosperity

Financial Management is indispensable in today’s world when uncertainty looms over financial markets. Get away from your daily chores to hear from expert angel investors, financial brokers, share brokers, financial advisors and, bankers at some of the top financial events in India. The Holistic Living platform is a meeting place for financial wizards to participate in the most awaited events, forums, trade fairs, and shows to interpret fast-changing real-world financial situations. There are different events for Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Entrepreneurship Coaching, all of which demonstrate money abundance.


How to allocate resources, how to cut costs, how to prepare budgets; all become overwhelming and sometimes even intimidating for those who are trying to manage financial portfolios.


Our monthly event-planner is filled with Economic and Finance workshops. Get set, get wealthy!


  1. Image and Lifestyle

The entire purpose behind our lifestyle retreats is happiness coaching. Most of our events focus on how to express yourself and how to build self-confidence. Human Beings are social addicts who want to experience the luxury and pleasure of a good quality lifestyle. A good lifestyle results in a good future. Isn’t that what you want? If yes, our lifestyle retreats are a must try for you!

An image or lifestyle consultant can help you deal with or overcome issues like styling, shopping, public speaking, wedding planning, vacation and tour planning, etc.