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Stress at Workplace

Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is the constant exhaustion and tension you feel about your work because of the high pressure and demands of your job. The tension and stress can be seen in declining physical as well as mental well-being and can lead to career downfall. Talking to a professional can help you to get rid of workplace stress and take better care of your mental well-being.

Workplace stress can look a lot like…

  • Feeling stressed out most of the times
  • Frequent irritation and frustration towards your work
  • Experiencing insomnia or sleep difficulties
  • Physical conditions such as high blood pressure
  • Developing a negative attitude towards your work

These signs are often a strong indication of job burnout hence should not be ignored.

Do You Really Need Counselling for Workplace Stress?

Many people have this question looming over their head whether they actually need counselling for workplace stress or not.

That is why counselling could be a much-needed step to save yourself from workplace stress and boost your chances of success.

Benefits of counselling for workplace stress

Counselling has shown to bring many positive changes such as:

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Insane amounts of workplace stress can be reduced if you simply learn how to recognize, manage and channelize yours and others’ emotions. Counselling or even life coaching can help you become more emotionally intelligent and be the leader you were meant to be.

Maintain a work-life balance

A work-life balance is the most underrated but at the same time most crucial habit if you want to continue upgrading in your professional as well as personal life. But sometimes it can get difficult to maintain a work-life balance due to several reasons. Counselling will help you to work on setting boundaries at work, learning how to say no and prioritising your health.

Learn Healthier Ways of Coping

Workplace stress can lead to an increase in consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and even marijuana. Although these substances will reduce your stress temporarily it is harmful in the long-run. On the other hand counselling can guide you on how you can manage stress using healthy coping techniques and strategies.


Don’t let workplace stress ruin your career

What is the Impact of Workplace Stress?

Workplace stress can quickly turn dangerous when left untreated.

  • Increased risk of anxiety, depression and burnout
  • Developing unhealthy ways of coping such as substance use
  • Poor diet and sleep patterns
  • Rise in anger and behavioural issues
  • Low self-esteem and inferiority complex

Workplace stress actually takes a major toll on your mental, physical and social well-being. You can avoid these extreme consequences by taking therapy on time.

What are the causes of workplace stress ?

Workplace stress can rise because of…

  • High job pressure and demands
  • Workplace bullying or injustice
  • Dissatisfaction with current work profile or salary
  • Conflicting relationships with employees or the employer
  • Work-life imbalance

Actively work on resolving the causes of stress as it can lead to a more serious problem of job burnout.

stress management in organisational behaviour

quick tips to avoid stress at workplace

stress release therapy

Don’t succumb to the hustle culture. Grow at your time and pace

Enjoy your leisure time without feeling the guilt of being unproductive

Learn how to firmly say ‘No’

Consciously work on keeping a work-life balance

It is okay to take a step back and just relax once in a while

Workplace Stress Management Counseling FAQ's

How do I select the right therapist?

To find the right therapist you need to look at the level of qualifications, expertise, experience, and skills of the therapist. Most Therapists generally have a master’s Degree in Psychology. Many therapists would also have additional certifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, DBT, Art Therapy, and REBT etc. The right therapist will be the one with whom you could build a good connect.

How many sessions & how long will it take to resolve the issues?

The answer to this question depends on the type and intensity of issues you are facing. It is necessary to be consistent and active in the process of therapy as it accelerates your journey and creates visible positive changes in your life. The duration of one session is generally 45mins.

Can I take the session online & will it be affective?

Therapy can be conducted via online platforms as well as offline. Both modes of communication are effective and bring the same level of effectiveness to the process of therapy. An additional advantage of online therapy is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and save up your traveling time and money as well since you can connect with your therapist from any part of the world

What will be the cost?

The cost per session ranges from 2000₹ - 7500₹/- (50$-100$) depending on the expertise, qualifications, experience, duration, and location of the therapist.

Therapy is a fruitful investment that lasts for a lifetime. The nominal amount of money that you invest in yourself is completely worthwhile and its returns will be seen in a happy and healthy YOU!

How do I book the session?

The process is simple and smooth. All you need to do is click on the booking assistance link
to have a free 10 minutes chat with our associate counselor and get your appointment. Once you register and make the payment, you will receive a confirmation message/email with all the required appointment details - online /offline -google meet / address for your meeting.



“Work means everything to me. But I was suffering a lot too. I could not sleep for nights and my physical health was taking a toll because of all that stress. Fortunately, my company has hired a psychologist. She really helped me to manage my stress in better ways and prioritise a healthy work-life balance. I have never felt so satisfied with my career as well as personal life” - Aakash, 38 years, Liverpool

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“I felt so exhausted mentally and physically. I started taking a lot of leaves which affected my finances too. I decided it would be better to take therapy because my personal problems were affecting my work life. My therapist was amazing! She helped me in resolving my personal issues and gaining more confidence in my work life” Himanshi. 40 years, Delhi

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“I used to have suicidal thoughts. They were very random though, not so serious. Then workplace stress kept piling up and my suicial thoughts became more frequent. Once I was almost ready to jump from the train! That is when I knew I had to take help. I went to a therapist and he supported me at very step as I figured out how to find happiness and courage in my life” Faizan, 28 years, Kerela

“The constant politics at my work was really affecting my mental health. I had such a hard time setting boundaries. I am thankful to my therapist because with his help I learned how to make strong boundaries and take care of my mental health. It has even increased my productivity levels” Emran, 35 years, Qatar

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“I was going through a bad break up. It started showing up in my work.. I decided to take therapy support and honestly it has been the best decision of my life. My therapist at holistic living gave me a space where I could freely talk about my feelings. It was so relieving!” Liya, 37 years, Mumbai

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“I am stress free now!! I also recently received a promotion and praise from my boss for my changed attitude and calmness. A lot of the credit for that also goes to my amazing therapist who helped me to change my negative mindset” Jumana, 46 years, Bangalore

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