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Relationship Anxiety Can Ruin Your Love- How Hypnotherapy Will Help

Relationship Anxiety Can Ruin Your Love- How Hypnotherapy Will Help


“This quote feels like it is right from my personal diary,” says Farheen who experienced intense relationship anxiety. Through hypnosis, she succeeded in understanding the root cause of her relationship anxiety and how to remain calm and relaxed in the face of triggering situations.

In this article, we cover in detail how hypnotherapy can help to overcome relationship anxiety and lay the foundation for a peaceful and happy love life.

Common Signs of Relationship Anxiety:

Constant Worry: Individuals with relationship anxiety may find themselves constantly worrying about the future of their relationship. They might obsess over potential problems or fear that their partner will leave them.

Overthinking and Catastrophizing: Small issues or normal relationship challenges can be blown out of proportion in the mind of someone experiencing relationship anxiety. They may imagine the worst-case scenarios, even when there’s no evidence to support those fears.

Seeking Reassurance: Anxious individuals may frequently seek reassurance from their partner, asking for affirmations of love and commitment. Despite receiving reassurance, they may continue to doubt and seek validation repeatedly.

Fear of Abandonment: One of the core fears in relationship anxiety is the fear of being abandoned or rejected by the partner. This fear can drive clingy behavior or attempts to control situations to prevent the perceived threat.

Physical Symptoms: Anxiety doesn’t only affect thoughts and emotions but can also manifest physically. Individuals with relationship anxiety may experience symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, nausea, or difficulty sleeping.

Avoidance: Some people with relationship anxiety may try to cope by avoiding certain situations or conversations that trigger their anxiety. This avoidance can lead to a lack of communication and understanding in the relationship.

Jealousy: Excessive jealousy, even in the absence of any real threat, is a common symptom of relationship anxiety. This can lead to possessiveness, monitoring of the partner’s activities, and strained trust.

Perfectionism: Anxious individuals may set unrealistically high standards for themselves and their partners. They may fear making mistakes or worry that their partner will find them inadequate.

Difficulty Trusting: Trust is a crucial component of a healthy relationship, but those with relationship anxiety may struggle to trust their partner fully. They may question their partner’s intentions or fidelity without concrete evidence.

Self-Doubt: Relationship anxiety often involves self-doubt and a negative self-image. Individuals may question their own worthiness of love and fear that their partner will discover they are not good enough.

If you could relate to these common signs of relationship anxiety then the next question will naturally be How can I overcome anxiety and build a happy relationship?

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based approach that can address the subconscious roots of relationship anxiety and change patterns contributing to anxiety.

Here is how Hypnotherapy Can Help:

Identifying and addressing root causes: Hypnotherapy allows individuals to explore deep-seated beliefs or experiences that may be influencing their relationship anxiety. By uncovering and addressing these root causes, individuals can gain insight into their fears and work towards resolving them.

Changing negative thought patterns: Hypnotherapy can help replace negative thought patterns with more positive and constructive ones. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with self-doubt, fear of abandonment, or other anxiety-inducing thoughts related to relationships.

Building confidence and self-esteem: Hypnotherapy can enhance confidence and self-esteem, which are crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. When individuals feel more secure and positive about themselves, they are better equipped to navigate challenges and communicate effectively with their partners.

Stress reduction: Hypnotherapy techniques often involve relaxation and stress reduction, helping individuals manage overall anxiety levels. Reduced stress can positively impact the way people approach and handle relationship issues.

Improving communication skills: Effective communication is vital in any relationship. Hypnotherapy can help individuals develop better communication skills, express their needs and concerns more clearly, and foster a deeper understanding with their partners.

Enhancing coping mechanisms: Individuals may learn new coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques through hypnotherapy. These tools can be invaluable in dealing with relationship stress and preventing anxiety from escalating.

Promoting a positive mindset: Hypnotherapy can instill a more positive and optimistic mindset, fostering a healthier outlook on relationships. This can contribute to a more fulfilling and harmonious connection with a partner.

Farheen’s Real Life Case:

Hi, I am Farheen. I am 29 years old. My first relationship was when I was 19 years old. After 6 months, I ended the relationship because it was getting too suffocating for me. The same happened in my second relationship and then my third.

After the end of my third relationship, I just sat and contemplated all my past relationships. One thing was common in all of them and that was my intense anxiety. I found it impossible to relax in any relationship and constantly found myself worrying about my partner.

Does he love me? Will he leave me? Is he cheating on me?

These thoughts would circulate constantly in my head, exacerbating my anxiety and driving me to crazy behaviors! This one time I threw my phone on the wall because my partner was online and he did not reply. My mind started weaving worst-case scenarios, the anxiety and anger boiled within me and I just threw my phone!

Currently, I am engaged. In the initial days of our relationship, the same dreaded feeling of anxiety haunted me. The mad jealousy, overthinking, and self-doubts.. everything was still there but this time I wanted to change the pattern and so I decided to get help.

That is when I met Mr. Mittal, an amazing hypnotherapist at Holistic Living. During the sessions of Hypnotherapy, I confronted some of the irrational beliefs that were stuck in my subconscious mind. I believed that I was not worthy of love and that my family was under some sort of curse where no woman in my family could experience happy relationships.

Once I confronted these beliefs and worked on changing them I could feel a major shift in my thoughts and behaviors. I felt calmer and more relaxed in my relationship! It is such a blissful feeling to enjoy the present moment with my partner without anxiety nagging in my head.


To sum it up, Farheen’s story shows how hypnotherapy can really help with relationship anxiety. The signs she experienced, like constant worry and self-doubt, are things many people can relate to. But hypnotherapy goes deep into your mind to figure out where these feelings come from.

Farheen’s journey proves that hypnotherapy can be a game-changer. It helps you uncover and deal with deep-seated beliefs, change negative thoughts, and boost your confidence. Her experience is like a shining example of how hypnotherapy can make a big difference in how you think, communicate, and make your love life better.

If you see yourself going through the signs of relationship anxiety, Farheen’s story suggests that trying out hypnotherapy or other alternative approaches might be worth considering. It could be the key to understanding yourself better and finding a path to a more peaceful and happy relationship.

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