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Have you ever felt emotionally weighed down? If yes, it’s time to experience the teachings of a spiritual healer. Soul coaching helps you to clear away the unseen blocks you have built over time. It helps you develop your intuition. It helps you to connect with spirituality to lead a rewarding life. Connect with your inner self, connect with your soul and unravel the mystical meanings of life.

We have thought of everything. Our life coaches work with the Mental & Emotional Wellness, Astrology & Spiritual, Health & Nutrition, Relationship & Family, Self Help & Career, Image & Lifestyle and Wealth & Prosperity and help propel you in the right direction towards holistic living.

Spiritual Healer helps to develop inner wisdom to manage thinking and emotions.

Have you ever felt emotionally weighed down? If yes, it’s time to seek the teachings of a soul coach. Soul coaching helps you clear away the unseen mental/emotional blocks you have built up over time. It helps you develop a sense of intuition. It helps you to connect with spirituality, leading to a more rewarding life. Connect with your inner self, connect with your soul and unravel the mystical meanings of life. Spiritual Healer helps to develop inner wisdom to manage thinking and emotions. Do you think about a purpose in life? Have you ever had a gut feeling?


Soul Coaching helps you understand these aspects and who you really are. Spiritual growth and soul search help to tap into your energy for higher levels of awareness, to attract synchronicities and manifestations, to raise one’s vibration and level of the aura. While most identify and focus on the physical body, there is an equal need to look after our energetic field (aura) to interact better with our soul. They lead the way with old established techniques like Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening. Brahmakumaris or Sadguru, BK Shivani, or Osho their teachings can lead the way to a peaceful you. A happy being is a happy soul. Visit a soul coach today and discover the inner you!

By visiting a soul coach, you can learn to cope with or overcome a range of common issues like feelings of sadness/emptiness, grief, loss, fear/phobias, blocked energy/negative energy, etc.

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Astrology and spiritual

Although astrology is a complex science, most people regard it as a type of superstitious guide to material advancement. If you solely utilise astrology for practical advice, you’ll be doing it a disservice to its teachings. Astrology is just too complex, both mathematically and philosophically, to be fully appreciated by anyone save those with a deep understanding. Astrology was largely used as a spiritual growth tool in ancient times. Using astrology for practical purposes was thought to be a lesser form of what is essentially a divine science.

The study of man’s reaction to planetary influences is known as astrology. All aspects of creation are intertwined and exchange impacts. The earth’s and universe’s surrounding rays will have an affect on you regardless of your surroundings. Astrology was created to support you on your inner journey by assisting you in becoming more aware of the interrelationships between the objective universe and your inner self.

The relationship between the stars and the human body and mind is complex. There is a link between the six centres (chakras) in the spine, which are polarised to form twelve, and the twelve zodiac signs. Electrical currents of millions of volts are stuck in these spinal regions. You will be impenetrable to the terrible vibrations from the stars when they begin to pour their beams upon you if your body and mind are exceedingly powerful. However, if your body and mind are weak as a result of bad food, bad thinking, terrible character, and bad company, the stellar rays will have an impact on you.

Astrology is a sort of divination that involves observing and interpreting the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in order to predict earthly and human events. Several ancient societies created astrology, with the first originating in Mesopotamia during the Old Babylonian period (about 2000 BC) (an area that covers much of modern Iraq and Kuwait, as well as parts of Syria and Turkey). Some schools of astrology believe that the stars reflect the divine will of a god or gods, while others believe that the universe is entirely mechanical.

Genethlialogy (“the study of births”), often known as “natal astrology,” is the use of astrology to determine information about a person’s personality and course of life based on their date of birth. Because the universe is interconnected, astronomical bodies are thought to have an impact on newborn children. After genethlialogy, there are three main subdivisions: general, catarchic, and interrogatory. The link of key celestial moments to social groups, nations, or all of humanity is studied in general or mundane astrology. Catarchic or electional astrology assesses if a specific time is astrologically favourable for a course of action to succeed.

Astrologers believe that each of the zodiac signs corresponds to a psychological type. They also believe that a person’s personality can be predicted by the ascendant zodiac sign at the time of their birth. Astrology supporters say that a person can take on the attributes of a similar zodiac sign (e.g., “born on the Gemini Cancer cusp”) to explain for variances in personality among people born at around the same time. Those who believe in astrology, like those who believe in other psychological typing methods that rely on self-assessment (such as the Enneagram), often pick and choose whatever zodiac features they believe fit their actual personality and dismiss those that do not.

 Horoscopic astrologers use a horoscope (“view of the hour”), a chart of astronomical bodies that depicts the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and ascendant and midheaven signs of the zodiac at a certain period in time, to inform about a person’s character or prospective destiny. A circle divided into 12 intersections, known as houses, is used to symbolise most horoscopes. The Solar House or Sun–Sign system is used in the majority of horoscopes, including those printed in newspapers. Horoscopes were popular in the 1930s after they were first published in newspapers.

Myth No. 1 It’s All In Your Sun Sign

Only the aware, above-the-surface, basic ego aspect of you is represented by your sun sign. You, on the other hand, are so much more!. An astrologer should calculate your individual birth (natal) chart for astrology to be personal and deep. Your natal chart reveals your soul’s mission – who you are and why you came to Earth at this specific time and location.

Your ascendant, or rising sign, and your moon sign are both represented in this chart. Your ascendant represents how others perceive you and how you process new events and people, but your moon sign represents your unconscious side, which includes any forgotten memories from previous lifetimes.

Myth #2: Zodiacal Personalities Are All in Your Head

Each sign has its own energy and personality, whether it’s your sun sign, ascendant, or moon sign. These twelve people aren’t only the product of astrologers’ imaginations. “The starry vault of heaven is in actuality the open book of cosmic projection, in which are reflected the mythologemes, i.e., the archetypes,” Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, said.

Myth #3: Astrological Love Compatibility Is a Swindle

It’s fun to read about your sun sign love compatibility, but it’s not the actual truth. Your lover is a complete individual with a sun, ascendant, and moon sign. His horoscope contains some unusual transits and planetary effects.


An astrologer should calculate, contrast, and compare the natal charts for similarities and differences to discover the love compatibility between two people.


Is he the love of your life who pushes you to be better? Is he just another lousy match who’s driving you insane, or is he something more? Only an astrologer can assist you in connecting the dots in your horoscope.

Astrology was a “functionary of the psychology of the collective unconscious,” according to Jung. We are all part of one giant spirit, and we’re all evolving together, he said. Our life plots, such as our love problems, professional conflicts, and family issues, are more common than we realise.

Tarot Cards vs. Astrology

Astrology necessitates longer visions, which necessitates a large number of computations to be completed. Tarot cards, on the other hand, are more intuitive and are based on our thoughts and practical expertise. Tarot readers’ interpretations may differ because everyone has a different intuitive power and may lead us based on their reading of the cards. Furthermore, if a tarot reader says something positive, the seeker must believe in it. If someone attempts to cross-verify it with another Astrologer, however, it may have a detrimental impact on your life.

Law of attraction coach

Coaches that specialise in the Law of Attraction assist clients in managing their vibrational energy. They assist clients in harnessing their subconscious mind’s full capacity in order to achieve what they desire. Coaches who specialise in the Law of Attraction work with clients to assist them adopt habits that will help them increase their manifesting abilities.

Vastu consultant

While the building is being built, the Vastu consultants in India provide precise Vastu regulations. The Vastu specialists will offer a basic and clear plan that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations in your house or office throughout the session.

Angel therapist

Working with your guardian angels and archangels is a non-denominational spiritual healing approach known as angel therapy. Practitioners believe that everyone has a guardian angel, and that communicating with them can help bring greater tranquilly into one’s life.

Reiki grandmaster

Reiki is a type of natural healing that involves the use of the universal life force energy. The term “reiki” is derived from the Japanese terms “rei” (universal) and “ki” (vital life force energy that passes through all living things). Reiki is a universal spiritual force that is not bound by religion or nationality.


Even though they do not practise traditional numerology, persons who believe in numerical patterns and make pseudoscientific interpretations from them are referred to as numerologists.

Being able to go to an astrologer in a setting where they feel most at ease.

This is a great alternative for clients who are housebound, don’t drive, or can’t get to our office for a variety of reasons.

Reduces driving time for clients, resulting in more convenience for them, as well as time and gas savings.

Because of this, you’ll have more opportunities to see your therapist. An alternative to driving to the office for an hour-long appointment if they can’t get there.

Clients who live out of the area can still attend sessions with you, even if they have to travel.

Clients being able to be monitored in real time can be an invaluable therapeutic tool

THL considers your needs and requirements and offers consultants that match your criteria and budget. We provide the best and experienced astrologers that will help you provide answers that you are looking for. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get to your desidered consultant profile.

In essence, it’s difficult not to. Tarot has a predictive element to it; in fact, we could say that prediction is in its DNA.

How the stars influence our lives

The stars only have an influence on your life if you have established patterns in the past. When the heavenly rays are in mathematical harmony with his specific karma, a child is born on that day and at that hour (past actions). The astrological configurations are merely symbols for karmic effects that you have already set in action. The stars and planets have no control over how they effect you, any more than you have control over your own karmic fate.

The message blazoned over the sky at the moment of birth was designed to arouse your desire to break free from this universal bondage, not to stress fate, the product of previous good and bad. You can undo anything you’ve done. Because you generated the effects in the first place via your own activities, and because you have inner spiritual powers that are not affected by planetary pressure, you can overcome whatever consequences are currently affecting your life.

As a result, the greatest method to improve your situation is to purposefully act in a way that counteracts the negative consequences of previous actions. This kind of conduct, especially if it arises from inner attunement with God or is followed under the wise leadership of someone who knows God, will serve as an antidote to all previous heinous acts

Finally, a distinction must be made between divination and fortune telling. Divination is the process of communicating with a supernatural being, such as gods, goddesses, spirit guides, spirit animals, angels, and so on. That dialogue may or may not result in a clear and distinct solution to a problem. It’s most likely to contain details about your circumstances, emphasising what you can’t see or won’t accept.

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