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Personality Disorder

Personality disorders are serious mental health issues characterised by maladaptive or disruptive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. There are several personality disorders, but the most prevalent ones are: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Borderline Personality Disorder involves unstable moods, intense fear of abandonment, extreme emotions such as anger and sadness. Individuals with BPD are often impulsive, have unstable and frequent relationships, attach a lot of fear with their partners and swing between extreme moods and thoughts.

These are some important signs of personality disorder that you need to watch out for:

  • High fear of abandonment
  • Impulsive and compulsive actions to avoid abandonment at all costs.
  • Feeling empty from inside or experiencing deep loneliness
  • Experiencing intense emotions of anger, guilt, shame, fear
  • Unstable sense of self
  • Paranoia & suspicious thoughts

Dó you need Stress Management Counselling?

Personality Disorder is a common personality disorder that reflects in extreme mood swings. The emotions can swing between extreme sadness to euphoria or mania.

Benefits of Stress Management Counseling

Understand yourself better to find solutions to your problems.​

Talk to a trained counsellor who helps you solve your stress problems and find solutions. When talking to a counsellor, he or she will first use questions to understand what you are feeling, then they will ask you more questions in order to find the cause of your stress.

Build self-confidence with stress counseling

Constructive self-talk, time for you, and above all else, being good to you are their best ways to take care of your mental health.​

Counseling stress reduces stress levels.

Help you to learn to manage your stress levels through stress release therapy and self-help. It teaches you how to understand and deal with feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression.


Is Stress Good ?

How does Stress impact your life ?

Personality Disorders affect at least 10 million people every year.

  • It negatively affects your mental stability, personal relationships, and chances of a successful life.
  • In extreme cases Personality disorders can also lead to suicide or physical harm of self and others.

It is important to recognize the warning signs of stress and take immediate support to overcome stressors in your life.

What Leads to Personality Disorders?

The major cause of Personality Disorders are genetic predisposition. A family history of mental illnesses can increase the changes of Personality Disorders.

Traumatic past, toxic childhood etc are also significant causes of Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Workplace stress.
  • Stress from exams
  • Stress from relationships/marriage
  • Daily life hassles
  • Major or sudden life changes
  • Financial issues
  • Lack of purpose or direction in life
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stress release therapy

Learn better ways to cope with stress such as breathing exercises that help you to relax, take a walk, or simply sleep well.

Stress tends to increase when you rely on unhealthy coping ways such as alcohol, too much screen time, or taking sleeping pills

Take a break when your body needs one. Listen to the warning signs and take out some time to relax and rejuvenate yourself 

Reach out to a therapist to understand the causes of stress and how to cope better with triggers of stress 

Make a schedule and try to remain consistent with it. List down your tasks and also fix some time to rest, enjoy, or do some physical activity that you like. 

Let go of situations that are not in your control. Accepting things, the way they are will help you to worry less and reduce the unnecessary stress in your life.

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How Can Therapy Help To Overcome Stress ?

Psychiatric intervention and regular therapy are the only proven solutions to Personality Disorders. Talk therapy, EMDR, CBT are some of the therapies that have shown to reduce the symptoms of Personality Disorders and help the individual manage them using healthy coping strategies.
Therapy can help to establish a certain extent of stability in personality, relationships and life in general.



“I knew something was off with me. I did not feel like myself and when I read about Bipolar Disorder I knew that taking immediate help would be better for me and my relationship. Therapy has been a great support in my journey.” - Geeta, 29 years, Mumbai

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“Living with Boderline is a torture. I urge everyone facing this issue to seek treatment as soon as possible. It mainly affects your relationships and my life was a mess and I could not even understand why until Holistic Living connected me with a really good therapist. He helped me to make sense of what was happening and how I could manage my reactions better.” - Farheen, 42 years, Dubai

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“I am much better and in control of my moods. Still healing each day. Personality disorders are very misunderstood. Our relationships are messy but we feel strong emotions too. Therapy support and at times help from your loved ones can change your life.” - Piyush, 30 years, Toronto

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