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Career Counselor

Career counsellor..

Career counsellors are qualified professionals who have expertise in giving guidance support & effective counselling in making the right career & educational decisions. They assess and analyse your strengths, abilities and interests so that you choose a profession that brings happiness, success and purpose in your life.

Issues resolved by career counsellor?

A career counsellor can resolve many issues such as:

  • Confusion & indecisiveness about which career path to choose
  • Lack of clarity about your interests, strengths and abilities
  • Dissatisfaction with your current profession
  • Lack of purpose or meaning in life
  • Lack of knowledge about available resources & options

We offer a safe space to discuss and work through all the challenges in your professional life

Our counsellors can help you navigate through important career decisions

When do you need to talk to a career counsellor?

Talking to a career counsellor can really help you when…

  • You want to choose a career path that brings success
  • You feel stuck in your career and want to move forward
  • You are ambitious but feeling confused what to do
  • You are planning to study or work abroad
  • You want to follow your passion and achieve your career goals


A career counsellor is the best person to talk to when you have a deep desire to create a successful and passionate career. They can give you effective guidance and help you need to complete your career goals.

How can a career counsellor help you?

  • A career counsellor will help you in many ways by conducting aptitude assessments, counselling you about your interests and expectations, creating a step-by-step plan to…

    • Match your aptitude and skills with the right profession
    • Establish a thriving educational and career life in a foriegn country
    • Make the right choices in your career life quickly
    • Help you realise your passion and life purpose
    • Talk about any career related feelings and concerns


    Career counselling has proven to be highly beneficial in making the right career choices and developing a career that makes you feel satisfied, happy and purposeful.


What is the level of qualifications and skills of the Career Counsellor?

An individual should receive thorough training and meet the educational requirements to practise career counselling. They generally require BA/ MA / MSc in Psychology with a specialisation in career counselling. Additional courses in career counselling or career coaching can be a valid qualification as well.
Moreover, skills such as active listening, effective rapport building, and updated knowledge about educational laws and guidelines are helpful qualities of the career counsellor in building the career of your dreams.

How many years of experience?

A minimum of one year of experience can be beneficial to give effective and accurate career and educational guidance. Experience can enable the career counsellor to enhance their skills and bring better professionalism to the process of counselling.

What is the expertise of the career counsellor?

It is important to understand the expertise of the career counsellor. Generally, a professional with a Master’s degree in Career counselling is in the right position to provide effective guidance. However, some career counsellors may have more experience in abroad studies while some may be more equipped in dealing with a career crisis. It is best to understand your goals and expectations and then connect with the right career counsellor.

What is the cost of each session?

Career Counselling is a minuscule investment with the highest return that lasts for a lifetime. The nominal amount of money that you invest is completely worthwhile and its returns can be seen in a bright and successful career.

The cost per session varies as per the issue you might have and the expertise of the Career Counsellor. Generally, the cost per session ranges from 25$-100$ (₹1000 – ₹5000/-) only

How many sessions do I need to take?

The answer to this question is highly dependable on the goals and expectations you have in mind. Generally 3 sessions are recommended with additional follow-up sessions.  It is necessary to be regular, consistent and active in the process of counselling as it is vital in making quick decisions and setting you on the path of a successful career.

What would be the preferred mode of communication?

Consultation with Career Counsellor can be conducted via offline online or offline mode with the same accuracy and effectiveness. It all depends on the expertise and experience of the Career Counsellor. An additional advantage of online consultation is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and save up your travelling time and money as well since you can connect with your career counsellor from any part of the world.

What are the demographic details of the career counsellor? (age, gender, religion)

It is natural to have several preferences when it comes to going to a counsellor. However, factors such as the age, gender, religious and social background of the family counsellor is of no importance. A qualified professional maintains an unbiased and non-judgemental attitude throughout the process.

How do I book the session?

The process is simple and smooth. All you need to do is click on the booking assistance WhatsApp link

 to have a FREE 10 minutes Online chat/call with our associate counsellor and get your appointment. Once you register and make the payment, you will receive a confirmation message/email with all the required appointment details - online /offline -google meet/address for your meeting.



“I recently completed my graduation and I felt pretty lost because there are just so many options available. I am happy that I went for career counselling. My career counsellor was really smart and prompt. She helped me recognize my interests and narrowed down the best career line for me” Ibrahim, 23 years, Mumbai

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“My career counsellor made the entire process of studying in Canada super easy and smooth for me. I hate the paperwork so I am really glad that I had his help in completing all my deadlines on time. I am having a blast doing my MBA from Canada” Delnaz, 27 years, Vancouver

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“I was really confused between studying in the US or UK. My career counsellor gave me all the facts but also considered my personal wants and emotions which I feel is a rare but much needed approach in career counselling. I am really happy that I found the best counsellor at holistic living” Hasan, 25 years, Mumbai

“My career counsellor just really took off all the burden I had from my head. His support and guidance really made the entire process of going to my dream university smooth and easy” Vanika, 21 years, Chennai

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“At 53 it is difficult to switch your career but what is worse is feeling stuck and frustrated in one. The career counsellor I found at the Holistic Living was very polite and helpful. She thoroughly understood my goals and expectations and helped me at every step to make the important career switch” Mihir, 53 years, Bangalore

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“ I don’t know what I would have done without my career counsellor. Her expertise has been very useful in choosing the right career path” Joshua, 18 years, UK


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The right career counsellor can help you make accurate and quick decisions about your educational and career life so you can fearlessly follow your purpose and create a career that drives you with passion, self-satisfaction and happiness.

That is why we are here for you to make sure that you connect with the right career counsellor and get a headstart to your incredible journey of creating a successful career. Your dreams are just a call away!


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