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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, uneasiness, and restlessness combined with worried thoughts and physical changes in your body. It is often an underlying sign of serious mental health concerns such as OCD, PTSD, Separation anxiety and other issues. Taking professional support on time can help you to live a peaceful & carefree life.

Anxiety is an increasingly common problem that affects 10 million people around the globe. Some of the most common signs of anxiety include:

  •  Nervousness & Restlessness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Intense fear or a feeling of impending doom
  • Burning sensation in your chest and stomach
  • You feel nauseous or pukish
  • Frequent headaches and muscle pains

Do You Really Need Therapy For Anxiety?

Many people have this question looming over their head whether they actually need counselling for anxiety or not.

Therapy could actually be a much-needed decision that can deeply transform your life!

Benefits of Therapy For Overcoming Anxiety

Counselling has shown to have many benefits in resolving anxiety.

Helps to Identify Triggers

When you know what makes you anxious, it can become a little easier to control your anxiety. Therapy will help you to recognize and positively handle situations that make you anxious.

Understand Yourself Better

Anxiety is seen as a negative experience but it is often a sign that you are in pain. Therapy gives you a safe space to explore and accept your past and create a more authentic and healed version of yourself.

Shows You What to Do

Therapy will help you to enhance your positive emotions and how you can remain calm in anxious situations. You will build a stronger resistance to anxiety so you can live a peaceful and happy life.


Do you suffer from anxiety?

Impact of Anxiety on Your Life

As per WHO, 264 million adults worldwide have anxiety.

  • Higher risk for heart diseases
  • Physical illnesses & chronic body pains
  • Higher risk for depression, personality disorders, and even substance abuse.
  • Poor relationships and work life
  • Difficulty in completing daily tasks

What are the Causes of Anxiety Disorder ?

Anxiety can be caused due to any one of these reasons

  • A family history of mental health problems
  • Experiencing Past traumas,
  • Having toxic family relations & unhealthy attachments
  • Struggling with a professional or personal loss
  • A lack of purpose or meaning in life
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quick tips by expert psychologist to manage anxiety disorder

stress release therapy

Acknowledge and accept that you have anxiety.

Practice breathing exercises that work for you.

Ground yourself when you face something that triggers anxiety.

Reach out to your loved ones and let them be there for you.

Anxiety Disorder Counseling FAQ's

How do I select the right therapist?

To find the right therapist you need to look at the level of qualifications, expertise, experience, and skills of the therapist. Most Therapists generally have a master’s Degree in Psychology. Many therapists would also have additional certifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, DBT, Art Therapy, and REBT etc. The right therapist will be the one with whom you could build a good connect.

How many sessions & how long will it take to resolve the issues?

The answer to this question depends on the type and intensity of issues you are facing. It is necessary to be consistent and active in the process of therapy as it accelerates your journey and creates visible positive changes in your life. The duration of one session is generally 45mins.

Can I take the session online & will it be affective?

Therapy can be conducted via online platforms as well as offline. Both modes of communication are effective and bring the same level of effectiveness to the process of therapy. An additional advantage of online therapy is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and save up your traveling time and money as well since you can connect with your therapist from any part of the world

What will be the cost?

The cost per session ranges from 2000₹ - 7500₹/- (50$-100$) depending on the expertise, qualifications, experience, duration, and location of the therapist.

Therapy is a fruitful investment that lasts for a lifetime. The nominal amount of money that you invest in yourself is completely worthwhile and its returns will be seen in a happy and healthy YOU!

How do I book the session?

The process is simple and smooth. All you need to do is click on the booking assistance link
to have a free 10 minutes chat with our associate counselor and get your appointment. Once you register and make the payment, you will receive a confirmation message/email with all the required appointment details - online /offline -google meet / address for your meeting.



“I had so much anxiety and fears about my relationship. Therapy helped me to understand them and set me free from that doomed anxiety. I feel much more in control of my emotions and I can see my relationship improving. It is amazing!” - Zainab, 25 years, Toronto

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“I feel so much better. I feel more open toward life. I don’t feel that cloud of anxiety looming over my head anymore. I am more open to new experiences ever since I learned how to manage my anxiety.” - Joshua, 37 years, Manchester

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“My anxiety hasn’t come back in so long. I can’t even describe how relieved I feel. I lived with anxiety all my life and it took away so many precious years of my life. I am grateful to my daughter because she is the one who encouraged me for therapy. I hope all parents can normalize therapy.” - Mahek, 40 years, Mumbai

“I used to have anxiety attacks every single day. At some time I even contemplated suicide but then fortunately I reached out to a therapist at holistic living. It was so easy to talk to him about my feelings. My anxiety attacks have reduced to zero now!” Batul, 26 years, Delhi

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“I am free from anxiety!! All thanks to my therapist who supported and guided me at every step. It has been the most life-changing experience of my life” Arijit, 35 years, Mumbai

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“So so so grateful to my therapist. She changed my life completely. My anxiety was killing me but she helped me to make peace with my past. I feel happier and lighter now” Priya, 38 years, Tamil Nadu

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