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Kajal Talks About How Past Life Regression Pulled Out The Demonic Anger From Her: Uncensored Story

Kajal Talks About How Past Life Regression Pulled Out The Demonic Anger From Her: Uncensored Story

“I want to murder him”


I cannot believe I actually said that in one of my sessions of past life regression. It really got intense and dark at some point.


Kajal claims that she was born angry.


“I was actually an angry child. I always had a conflicting relationship with everyone. I had this in-built knack to always rebel against anyone in authority”


She believes that she was the least favourite child of her parents and was labelled as the black sheep of the family.


“I agree that I was a difficult child. I was defiant and at times destructive too. But at that time there was nothing like child counselling or whatever that we have today. I spent a difficult childhood because of my anger issues


However, Kajal’s anger issues continued growing as the years passed by. She would also experience constant pain in her throat and no matter how many remedies she tried that pain would always come back.


“Honestly, my anger was almost demonic. My eyes would turn red and my personality would completely flip. I felt possessed and consumed by rage. I felt drained by my own extreme emotions and what was worse is that I was helpless in controlling it”


Kajal’s anger reached its peak when she got involved in an argument with her grandfather. Something within her started to boil up and the more she listened to his grandfather’s words, the more she fumed with anger.


“I remember how he was complaining about my grandmother who had practically spent her entire life in his service. It triggered something within me and I ended up punching him in his face.”


The incident shocked everyone at home. There was dead silence and nobody spoke for the entire day. It shook Kajal to the core as well. She felt like a demon who was out of control.


“After a few days, my mother told me that she had booked an appointment with a past life regression therapist. Apparently, he also had a degree in counselling and he was a qualified spiritual guru”


Kajal had her doubts about consulting a spiritual guru. She had seen enough on the internet and if the TV shows and movies held any truth then these gurus were nothing but a big scam.


However, her mother was insistent on the decision to consult him and assured Kajal that she had done a thorough background check and found him from a highly reliable and trusted source. 


“I was not comfortable with my anger. It has cost me a lot of things in life. I never had any long-term friendships because I would always end up creating fights or lashing out at them. My family kept their distance because of my anger issues. I was not able to find stable relationships and my anger was pushing me to isolation and craziness”


Living with such deeply rooted struggles can deplete you from the goodness of life. Kajal was struggling with anger while there are many people out there who continue to fight their battles with anxiety, depression, emotional blockages, toxic relationships and other life issues.


These constant battles can naturally drain you out and make your life feel hopeless and meaningless. Unfortunately, many people hesitate in asking for help and succumb to these struggles.


Taking support or asking for help has proven to overcome many life issues and give you a fair chance to create a happier and healthier life. After all, we all deserve to feel the true happiness that life has to offer.


Kajal’s anger was not entirely her fault. She felt lonely in her battles because there was nobody to help her understand what exactly was happening to her. She wanted to overcome her anger but something seemed to hold her back.


Fortunately, her mother’s decision to do past life regression turned out to be a life-changing decision for Kajal and even her family. The past life regression revealed something deeply intense and unresolved from her past that had been carried with her in the present life as well.


“I remember my first session of past life regression. I was lying down in a highly relaxed state of mind. I felt that I was in a trance. I knew what I was saying but it was very natural and automatic. I could literally see my past life. It was a very surreal experience”


Kajal saw that she was in the year 1950, just a few years after India had got its independence. Although India was now free from British rule there was still a lot of tension and conflict within the country.


Kajal and her family were forced to move out of Pakistan and go to India. In this life, she was born as a man named Mohandas Dattaram and at the time of independence, she was almost 30 years old with her entire family dependent on her for protection and safety.


“I remember feeling angry during the past life regression as I was visualising my past life. I had given sweat and blood to building my home and it was all taken away from me in moments. I was devastated and worried for my family.”


That was not the end of Kajal’s heart-breaking struggle in the past life. As Kajal a.k.a Mohandas Dattaram was moving out of Pakistan with his family, he suffered from a loss that was enough to break anyone’s soul and even make the stones bleed.


They were stopped at a checkpoint where there were many British and Indian soldiers. Apparently, they were there to check if the migrating people were carrying any weapons or suspicious objects with them.


Mohandas was relieved because he was assured that they would pass safely since none of them was carrying anything that would put them into trouble.


Suddenly a fight broke out between one of the British soldiers and a common Indian man. The man held strong resentment against the British and threatened to cut him into pieces. The threat was enough to set off the soldier and he began to batter the Indian man.


Seeing the Indian man being brutally beaten the others joined too and a fight between two people turned into a mass killing.


Mohandas was only concerned about his family. But in the commotion, he lost his 9 years old son.


Mohandas was desperately trying to find his son when he spotted him. A soldier was holding him by his collar and beating him up. The little boy was helpless in the rough hands of the bully as he gave punches after punches to his already bruised face.


He ran towards them and tried to rescue his son. But the soldier threw him away and started kicking his son in front of him.


“You deserve this. You all should die. You scumbags should never reproduce. It just increases the filth in this world” the soldier was shouting as he continued to hit Mohandas, son.


He got up and used all his strength to push away the soldier. He took his son in his arms and ran as fast as he could from there. He stopped at an isolated corner and placed his son down.


Tears swelled up in his eyes as he saw his son taking his last breaths. His chest was severely injured and he had already lost a lot of blood.


“Help, somebody, help my son” Mohandas shouted but his cries were lost and ignored.


Mohandas lost his son. He had already lost his home and now he was left with nothing. The events ignited extreme hatred, anger, guilt and helplessness within him. He spent his entire life mourning his son and turned into a total rebel against all soldiers whether they were Indian or British.


Mohandas lived for only 10 more years after the tragic incident. He passed away when he was 40 years old.


“When I woke up from the first session of past life regression, I felt very heavy. I had seen myself going through something that was horribly traumatic. I understood why I had so much rage within me.”


In the next sessions of past life regression, Kajal focused on how to heal herself from these past memories and free her soul from the deeply rooted anger.


“The next sessions of past life regression were a lot better emotionally. The past life regression therapist guided me to let go of what had happened in the past and embrace my present with all my heart”


Kajal began to feel lighter with every session of past life regression. She was able to let go of the past and resolve the blocked energies. It was a matter of the past and she could not let it affect my present. She wanted to become free from anger and live a peaceful life.


It was the guidance from the past life regression and Kajal’s willingness to heal her past and release the emotional blockages. 


“Healing requires responsibility. Past life regression can definitely help you to become more aware and seek forgiveness or whatever it is you need to let go of your past but the healing work truly depends on the person” says the past life regression therapist


Today Kajal has developed healthier relationships with herself and her family. She experiences true peace and calmness in her mind. Her anger has dissolved to a great extent and that has transformed her life completely.

Past life regression has the power to transform your life. It can relieve you from the past burdens and clear the emotional blockages that are stopping you from living your best life. At the same time past life regression is extremely safe and proceeded at your comfort and consent.


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