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How Only 3 Powerful Sessions of Past Life Regression Helped Me Find My True Life Purpose

How Only 3 Powerful Sessions of Past Life Regression Helped Me Find My True Life Purpose

This is a true story about past life regression shared by Mrs. Rachna. Please note that no two experiences of past life regression are the same because each one of us are unique individuals with our own story to live and share.


We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars- Oscar Wilde.


Life is hard for all of us. We might feel that the grass is greener on the other side or even feel satisfied with the knowledge that some of us have it worse. Either way, we all feel downtrodden and beaten up by life sometimes.


My life from an outsider’s perspective seemed very normal and even happy. I had a thriving career, I was married to my childhood sweetheart and lived in a comfortable home.


Yet nobody would know all the lights. I would lie awake and feel incredibly alone. I had a strong wave of emotion that something was missing in my life but I could never understand what it was.


My life lacked that excitement and rush that I longed to feel. I had many happy moments, I regularly tended to my duties, went to work, cooked food, and played the role but nothing seemed to add value to my existence.


A deep sense of exhaustion resided in my soul. I wanted to get rid of this tiredness and welcome back the rush of living within me but I needed guidance and support on how exactly to do that.


One of my friends had extensive knowledge about energy healing, past life regression therapy, and chakra balancing. She had been regular with these healing practices and I had actually seen her manifesting many positive changes in her life.


I decided that it would be helpful to talk to her and share with her my persistent feeling of emptiness.


It was a highly enlightening conversation with her. But the best thing I got from her was the opportunity to do past life regression to understand what I was feeling on a soul level.


I took on her suggestion and booked an appointment with a past life regression therapist. I was genuinely nervous about the whole process and prepared my mind well in advance before doing the session.


I watched several videos on YouTube, and read a few real-life stories about past life regression but let me tell you that nothing compares to the personal experience that you have when you are doing the therapy.


The first session that I received from my past life regression therapist was a surreal trance-like experience. I was guided to my past life using relaxation techniques and meditation.


In the first session of past life regression, I saw myself as a nurse serving the veterans in a war-like situation. I could get glimpses of bandaging the wounds of soldiers, feeding them with my own hands, and running to get the injured soldiers.


“How are you feeling about it?” my therapist prompted me.


“I feel sad because I want to save as many lives as I can”


“Do you feel empty?”


“No, I don’t feel empty. I feel purposeful”


I saw how my entire life served a purpose. I was doing something that had a strong meaning to it and contributed to my life in many replenishing ways.


After the first session of past life regression itself, a sense of understanding set within me. I was on the path to figuring out why I felt so empty in my present life but little did I know that I was actually on an incredible journey of finding my life purpose. 


In the second session, I was transcended to another one of my past lives. In that life, I was a lawyer who fought cases for women who were victim of domestic and sexual abuse.


These women came from poor families and practically had no support. They lived miserable lives at the hands of brutal men and would probably be dumped dead in isolated places if it was not for timely help and support.


In this life, however, I remained unmarried and alone. I had embraced my career with all my heart and in my pursuit to make a change in society I had abandoned my personal hopes and desires.


The past life regression guided me to different stages in that life and then I saw my death. It was the most painful scenario to imagine. I was in a dimly lit hospital, lying alone in a damp hospital bed. I was breathing my last breaths and there was not a single soul to hold my hand and give me comfort.


“How do you feel, Rachna?”


“Miserable, lonely, and angry. I gave everything I had to others but it left me alone and empty”


That session was the most painful yet enlightening experience of my life. In my past lives, I had dedicated my whole soul to a purpose that meant something to me. And the fear, anger, and emptiness of dying alone and miserable were embedded in my soul so intensely that I avoided repeating the same patterns in my present life.


“You feel empty because you are someone who needs a purpose in life. We all do. However, the fear you felt when you were dying is stuck with you. You feel that the reason for your misery was the fact that you dedicated all your life to others and very little to yourself. You neglected your parents and jeopardized many fulfilling relationships. It was a heavy price to pay and you subconsciously do everything in your power to avoid that fate”


My therapist continued…


“What do you feel you need to learn from your past lives?”


“What I honestly feel right now is that my life is lacking a purpose. I need to resolve this fear within me and find my life purpose but at the same time maintain a balance”


As these words came out of my mouth a sense of deep self-awareness crept within me. I began to feel lighter and that emptiness felt a little lesser.


In the final session of past life regression, my therapist guided me to forgive myself and resolve the blockages that prevented me from living an authentic life and finding my life purpose.


It was unbelievable how it took only 3 sessions of past life regression to realize the real cause of my emptiness and get the courage to find my true-life purpose.


At present, I work as a teacher in a school for special children. It is a highly fulfilling profession for me and I am learning so much every day. The joy and contentment that I feel now is something that I had always craved.

I cannot be more thankful to my past life regression therapist. Her genuine kindness and the manner in which she carried the entire process of past life regression healed my wounds and led me to a path of true-life purpose.


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