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The Power of Past Life Regression to Wipe Out Past Traumas & Transform Your Life- 3 Real Life Stories

The Power of Past Life Regression to Wipe Out Past Traumas & Transform Your Life- 3 Real Life Stories

Past Life Regression is an upcoming and effective therapy that has proven to resolve several past traumas from their roots and heal the person from within so that they can create a happier and healthier present.


The therapy involves valid techniques such as guided relaxation meditation, positive suggestions, and affirmations that clear any negativity stuck in the person’s subconscious mind and finds relief from past blockages. 


Past life regression therapy quotes



Past Life Regression is rooted in the belief that the soul has experienced many different lives and has stored the memories, emotions, and feelings of all these lives which continue to impact us in conscious and subconscious ways.


Therefore, when you become ready and willing to heal and learn from the lessons of the past you also open doors and create space for something beautiful in the future.


A similar experience was lived by Harsh.


Harsh is a 45 years old engineer living in Vancouver, Canada. He is now embarking on a successful journey of opening his own company. He has been married for 25 years and claims that he is a proud father of the most beautiful daughters.


However, Harsh’s life has not always been about flowers and rainbows. He has suffered some terrible days and was trapped in fear of his own mind.


Harsh had been diagnosed with agoraphobia. It is a psychological term for someone who experiences intense and extreme fear of public places to such an extent that they lock themselves up in their homes.


Individuals with agoraphobia suffer from extreme paranoia and fear that can often be traced back to some traumatic past events.


“It all just hit me very suddenly, you know? I was in the supermarket buying groceries and all of a sudden, the lights seemed extra bright, the voices became faint and I could hear a piercing tone in my ears. My heartbeat accelerated and I felt dizzy and numb”


After that day Harsh preferred staying home and would even end up cancelling family functions and gatherings.


“As days passed by, I became even more fearful and paranoid. I started hallucinating weird stuff. I remember this one time I hallucinated myself drawing in my own blood. That was the worst and most frightening day of my life”


Worried about his deteriorating state of mind, Harsh’s best friend convinced a psychologist to come to his home and understand what exactly was happening with him.


“The psychologist had a specialization in past life regression therapy. When he first came home, I refused to interact with him because in my mind I was convinced that he was a serial killer who is going to slash my throat”


Fortunately, the psychologist was a trained professional who could manage to calm down Harsh with a few breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.


Once Harsh seemed in a better state of mind, the therapist reminded Harsh about the life he lived before he suffered from agoraphobia. Then he proceeded to explain past life regression and how it could reveal the real cause behind Harsh’s sudden fears and paranoia.


Only after receiving Harsh’s consent, does the therapist start the process of past life regression.


In the first session, Harsh was able to travel back to his previous life. In his previous life, Harsh was a veteran who was fighting a gruesome war. The pain, loss, bloodshed, and anger were something that was drilled into his soul.


“What can you see Harsh?”, prompted the therapist.


“My friend… He is on my lap. 4 bullets are pierced into his head and there is a lot of blood. We are hiding in a… Cave, I think. It is dark and suffocating”


Harsh had experienced an intense life with multiple traumas. He had witnessed many deaths but the one that broke him down was the traumatic death of his close friend in his own arms.


The incident had scared his soul and somewhere he felt helpless and even guilty for his friend’s death. The anger and hurt were buried deep within him which manifested as fear and isolation in the present life.


The past life regression therapist helped Harsh find peace and acceptance with what had happened. He guided him to seek forgiveness from his friend and let go of the past traumas and find healing light in the present.


After several sessions, Harsh’s fear and paranoia reduced tremendously. He was able to step out of his house without having any panic or anxiety attacks. 


In fact, as the past life regression therapy was completed, Harsh felt a newfound strength and courage in his heart. This strength and courage urged him to create a life that he had always dreamed of living but because of the past traumas he could not.


After the past life regression healed Harsh’s past traumas, many positive blessings entered his life including nourishing love, healthy relationships, and new business opportunities.


“I will forever be grateful to my past life regression therapist. From having days where I imagined drowning in my own blood and living every second with fear to starting my own business and traveling the world. Life is crazy but when you learn the truth, life becomes easy and beautiful” shares Harsh.


Harsh’s compelling story leaves us with many questions but also emphasizes the role of past lives and how it continues to affect us in mysterious ways.


Gauri’s story of past life regression shows us how karma is real and chases us until we have cleared the karmic lessons.


Gauri shared a troubled relationship with her husband. She was a victim of continual verbal abuse and toxic possessiveness from her husband. He always seemed angry and irritated at her no matter what and restricted her from doing anything other than the housework.


She felt suffocated and trapped in the marriage. She also suffered from chronic back pain which just would not go away no matter what she did.


When Gauri met her past life regression therapist, she was troubled, lacked self-confidence, and felt miserable about her life.


However, the first session proved to be an eye-opening experience for her. As the therapist guided her to the past events, she saw herself in a boarding school in Dehradun, India. Soon her vision shifted from being a school girl to a nurse in some clinic in Mussoorie.


There she shared a close bond with one of the doctors and went on to live with him and handle the clinic as well.


“Are you married to him?” the therapist asked Gauri.


I cannot really say. But the doctor is the same friend with whom I am talking right now. He used to be my school friend”


The brief snippet into what Gauri saw during her past life regression session gives us slight knowledge about soul connections and karmic relationships. It is possible that the souls with whom you share a negative or positive bond goes all the way back to your past lives.


Interestingly for Gauri, her husband was part of her past life too but not in the way she would have expected. Gauri’s husband whom she refers to as ‘Sharmaji’ used to be her neighbor in the past life.


He was fond of Gauri and wanted to establish a relationship with her. Unfortunately, her father disapproved of him and refused to agree to any kind of relationship with him. In fact, to avoid any mishappenings, Gauri’s father sent her to a boarding school far away from the roadside Romeo who ended up becoming Gauri’s husband in the present life.


It was interesting to see how the frustration shared between Gauri’s father and her present husband translated into their marriage.


The therapist guided Gauri to resolve the suppressed frustration and fully embrace the relationship she shares with her husband.


“It is nothing short of a miracle for me. Within 15 days my husband became much calmer and does not abuse anymore.”


That was not the only positive change that Gauri experienced after her sessions.


“The biggest improvement I saw was in my self-confidence. It all changed after a remarkable session with my therapist. In one of the sessions, I was in my school and it was 26th January. There were Republic Day celebrations happening at my school and it was my turn to go on the stage and sing”


But Gauri could not find the confidence to go on the stage. Her teachers only mocked her and her schoolmates bullied her for being so scared.


This was the right time to remove her fear and regain that confidence and trust in her abilities.


“Go up on the stage and sing Gauri” her therapist suggested.


“I can’t. I am scared”


“Go up. You can do it. You can sing” urged her therapist.


Gauri envisioned herself going up on the stage and singing. She started actually singing in the session as well. Her voice was full of confidence and passion.


When she was guided back to conscious reality, she felt much lighter and more confident about herself.


She resolved her past fears in her mind and regained her self-esteem. This new sense of confidence encouraged her to apply for the public service examination.


“I have applied for the exams. I want to give it my best shot and then, whatever happens, will happen” Gauri had texted her therapist.


Prior to the past life therapy, she would not have even dared to dream about doing anything other than her usual household chore. Yet here she was now, applying for one of the toughest exams and feeling confident about cracking it.


Gauri found acceptance in the dynamics she shared with her school friend who happened to be her lover too in the past life. More than that she also found relief from her chronic back pain.


“It just vanished. Really! I no longer have that tiring back pain. I feel healed and renewed.” beams Gauri.


Gauri’s life has taken a beautiful turn ever since she healed from the suppressed hurt, disappointment, and frustration of her past life. She shares a better relationship with her husband and has taken more active control over what she wants and desires in her life.


The effectiveness of past life regression therapy can only be experienced personally. Life can get highly unpredictable and throw so many curveballs at us that we may lose ourselves in the confusion and misery of it.


Yet, life also offers us opportunities and chances to learn from our past experiences and create something that is beautiful and remarkable.


Harsh was trapped in his fears while Gauri could not find the confidence to stand up for herself. They both had suffered negative events that impacted them on a soul level and were transferred to their present lives.


Past life regression helped them to recognize the suppressed emotions, karmic blockages, and connections and guided them to heal from them. It cleared the negative blocked energies from their lives and invited fresh, positive, and successful opportunities in their lives.


If these real-life stories teach us anything it is that each one of us has the chance to take charge of our lives and create a life of our dreams.


This Is Your Chance To Break-Free From The Past Traumas & Embark On A Healing Journey! Book An Online PLR Session Today.

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