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How Past Life Regression Healed My Karmic Relations With My In-Laws: No. 1 Shocking Story of PLR

How Past Life Regression Healed My Karmic Relations With My In-Laws: No. 1 Shocking Story of PLR

I honestly don’t know how many people will even believe in my experience of past life regression. It is definitely real and it actually happened. Although it may sound absurd and even funny it changed my life and healed the karmic blockages I had with my in-laws.


It was torturous. I could not bear being around my mother-in-law. It had gotten to an extent that even when she said something sensible it annoyed the hell out of me.


I could not understand the reason for my extreme irritation and frustration toward my mother-in-law. And it was not a one-sided annoyance but I could make out that behind her pretentious behavior she even despised my presence and wished her son had never met me.


The only reason why both of us even tolerated each other was for Nikhil (my husband and her son). The only thing common between us was the love we held for Nikhil.


However, the tension between us was always apparent and there was not a single day that would go without an argument or a conflict.


A few months down the line I could see how the toxicity of the relationship with my mother-in-law was taking a toll on my health. The stress had shot up my blood pressure levels and I kept falling sick now and then.


Nobody likes to live in a household that has constant energy of tension and resentment. It also started affecting my relationship with Nikhil and a deep sense of fear and sadness started filling my days.


I attempted to mend my bond with her and I could see that even though she tried a few times but for some reason, we just could not see eye to eye. We even sat and had an open conversation yet nothing seemed to work for us.


It was almost as if the hatred was set in our souls and some unknown force stood between the two of us.


That thought played out in my mind for days. I had heard about karmic relationships, black energies and karma carried from the past life. A voice inside me told me that the quality of relationship I shared with my mother-in-law was not on a normal scale and there was definitely something that went deeper than just having a toxic relationship with her.


On a Sunday afternoon, I was discussing this with Shobha. She is a very close friend of mind and has a good amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to the spiritual field.


“I feel you should really do a past life regression therapy. In fact, even your MIL should. It could help you to understand what is this extreme tension between the both of you and heal any blockages that are there between you both.”


What the hell is past life regression?


“It is a process where you go back to your previous lives on a subconscious level and see certain memories, feelings, people that still have an effect on your present life. Usually, there is some unresolved conflict or a lesson that needs to be learned. Once you get to know what it is that you need to do to heal your karma then trust me everything starts changing for the better.”


I could not fathom the entirety of what Shobha explained to me about past life regression but I entertained the idea of doing at least one session and seeing what happens.


I booked an appointment with one of the past life regression therapists that Shobha had recommended. The therapist was friendly and polite over the phone and quickie put me at ease. I looked forward to having the session with her because I could genuinely feel those positive vibes from her even through the phone call.


Fast forward to the first session of online past life regression it was completely unexpected and shocking.


My therapist began with a guided relaxation meditation and gradually took me to one of my past lives. What I saw was unbelievable!


I saw that my current mother-in-law is actually my mother in the previous life. We lived in a small town and had a simple lifestyle. I was a man working as a collector in a government office.


The therapist guided me through my childhood days. I vividly saw moments when my mother used to curse me and regret giving birth to me. Ever since my birth my father had become verbally abusive and stressed out because of the increased finances. He would work the whole day and come home drunk.


It was obviously not a pleasant childhood and as I grew up, I could no longer tolerate my mother’s constant nagging and taunts. She only wanted to complain about how miserable her life was but never wanted to do anything about it.


I actually grew up hating my mother secretly. I eventually moved out of the house and only provided monthly expenses for my parents. I was not there even when my mother passed away because I did not feel any kind of attachment to her.


However, before she passed away, she had written a small note addressed to my name.


A few months after I went back home my father handed me that note.


“Beta (son) Sameer, mujhe maaf kar dena.” (please forgive me)


That is all. That is all she had written and I had to spend my entire life trying to understand what she meant and why she would leave me with only this.


The first half of my life was spent hating my mother and the second half was spent in the constant conflict of whether or not I could truly forgive her.


A mother is supposed to be the one who protects you from the bad side of the world and nurtures you. My mother only pushed me away and made me feel guilty about being born in this world. I carried the resentment and hurt for my entire life.


“What can you see Jaya? Did you end up forgiving your mother in this life?” my past life regression therapist asked me.


“No. I could not” I said


“Do you want to forgive her?”


“No. I cannot”


She did not force me. She gently guided me to my present life and let me process everything for a bit.


After I felt a little relaxed, she asked me about my thoughts and feelings.


I told her how painful it was to see the dynamics of the relationship I shared with my mother. I could see how it translated to my current life. The unresolved conflict between me and my mother in the past had to be healed in the current life.


“It is really your choice Jaya. I know it can be difficult to let go and forgive someone who has deeply hurt you. You can continue to resent her but that will only worsen the life you are living at present. Nothing will change. The tension with your in-laws will keep increasing and you will keep suffering. Do you agree with that?”


I pondered over this discussion. The past life regression exposed a bitter past but I could no longer carry that burden and repeat the same misery in my present life. I genuinely loved my husband and I could see how the conflict with my MIL was affecting him too.


Forgiving and letting go can feel heavy. However, I knew that once I learned how to do that, I would be set free from the karmic blockages and open a possibility of having a good relationship with my mother-in-law.


In the second session of past life regression, my therapist guided me to the soul of my mother. I held my mother’s hand and forgave her for what she did and how she made me feel. I hugged her and let go of the toxic past we shared.




I felt like a huge huge burden had been lifted off me. I could actually sense like my heart and mind had opened up towards my mother-in-law. Past life regression was almost a miraculous experience.


Seeing the positive changes that happened in my life because of past life regression I decided to share it with my mother-in-law as well. Surprisingly she listened to me with an open mind and agreed to do her past life regression as well.


It was a shocking and humbling experience altogether. In her past life regression, she visualized the exact same things as me except that she was seeing things from her point of view.


The past life regression therapist guided her to seek and accept forgiveness and clear the karmic blockages that her soul had carried to the present life.


I mean I have no words to describe the way my life changed after that. It was really heart-warming to rejuvenate the relationship with my mother-in-law and have her become one of the most important parts of my life.


My married life became much happier and more peaceful. The way past life regression guided me and my mother-in-law to heal the karmic relations between us has been the most grateful experience of my life.


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