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At 35 I Was Hopeless & Suicidal: How Past Life Regression Helped Me Win Back My Life

At 35 I Was Hopeless & Suicidal: How Past Life Regression Helped Me Win Back My Life

I want to share my personal experience with past life regression. I decided to tell my story because I was at a point in my life where I was willing to an overdose of sleeping pills or drown in the bathtub.

I honestly did not believe that my life could ever take a positive turn. But fortunately, it did and I contribute the biggest credit to my past life regression therapist. 


There was no difference between 10 AM and 10 PM. My room remained dark throughout the day and I refused to do anything other than sleep the whole day.


How could anyone blame me for feeling the way I did? I had lost everything that was close to me in a matter of a few years.


I experienced a brutal divorce where both of my children were snatched away from me. For a mother, I cannot imagine a loss bigger than that.


I lost my grandmother who was the only support I had in this world. She meant everything to me and seeing her breathing her last breath was the most heart-shattering moment of my life.


And as if the pain of losing was not enough, the universe decided to take away my best friend. I was only recovering from the loss of my grandmother when I received the news that my best friend had passed away.


It was all very sudden and came to me as the biggest shock. I became numb and I decided that the only one to survive all this was to shut myself out and count the number of days until my death.


Life had been oddly unfair to me. There was never a phase in my life where I honestly felt at peace and happy. Life has always been a series of unfortunate events that have only tested my strength and my patience.


I would sit for hours in contemplation, wondering what exactly am I doing wrong that I do not even deserve a single moment of peace and happiness.


I could never reach a conclusion. Instead, it only left me feeling hopeless and depressed.


I was like a punching bag. I was like a wound that could never heal because it kept getting scratched again and again and again.

One random day I convinced myself that the only way out of this misery would be to end my life. Of course, I was caught up in the conflict of whether I even had the courage to end my own life.


It is even difficult to think about that day. It was the lowest point in my life but also the one that changed it completely.


I strongly believe that it was my guardian angel who interceded on my behalf, otherwise, I would have been dead today. As I was scrolling through my Facebook an ad for a suicidal helpline popped up.


I started reading the comments and it dawned on me that there were many others just like me who wanted to end their lives but for some reason could not.


Surprisingly I did not think too much about it and immediately dialed the helpline. I told myself that if nobody picks up then I will go ahead with my decision of ending my life.


After the 5th ring, someone received the call and engaged me in a heart-to-heart conversation. For the first time in my life, I actually felt heard and understood. She did not bombard me with superficial advice and not even asked me to refrain from committing suicide.


We talked for 20 minutes and then she asked if I would be open to a suggestion. I had nothing to lose so I told her to go ahead and let me know.


She introduced me to Past life regression and talked about how it had helped her to overcome a very traumatic phase of her life. Given the time restriction that we had, she simply asked me to give this a second thought and do my own research before making any unchangeable decision.


The conversation definitely made me feel a bit lighter but the hopelessness and the suicidal thoughts lingered in my head. However, now my mind was also provoked with the curiosity of what exactly is past life regression and if it could actually pull me out of my darkness.


The day passed by and instead of overdosing on sleeping pills, I spent my night reading about past life regression. I read many personal encounters of how past life regression has helped in overcoming anxiety, depression, healing from past toxic relationships, and many other life issues


Reading others’ stories gave me a glimpse of hope, something that I thought I had lost completely. I wanted to hold on to that small ray of hope and dare to dream of a better life.

A week passed by and my mind gradually started opening up. The sadness and the loneliness were buried deep inside of me but for the first time in a long time, I could sense a growing strength and courage within me.


The strength pushed me to book an appointment with a past life regression therapist. I saw no harm in giving this a try because as I have said before I literally had nothing to lose.


I connected with my therapist on Zoom because she was currently working in Los Angeles. I had my doubts about online past life regression but after a brief conversation with him, I felt relaxed and more confident.


I was able to easily open up to him about my life experiences, pain, emotions, and feelings because he created a very safe space for me where I felt accepted and understood.


He patiently educated me about past life regression and walked me through the entire process. The transparency and honesty that he offered were reassuring and refreshing.


The second session focused on the actual process of past life regression. The guided meditation helped me feel relaxed and tune into the past events stored in my subconscious mind.


There are no words to describe the feeling of looking back into your past lives and seeing how it is crucially connected with your present.


In one of my past lives, I had abandoned my parents and created a life for myself in a foreign country while my parents died alone and hungry back at home. The bad karma, feelings of guilt and shame, and the acts of injustice that I had done to my parents were carried with me in the present life.


I realized that there were two reasons why I was living an unfortunate life. One was the karmic blockage that I had to endure because of my own sins and secondly the guilt within me pushed me to attract only those things in my life that would punish me because somewhere I felt that I deserved to be punished.


As the sessions proceeded my past life regression therapist guided me to seek forgiveness from my parents and let go of the guilt and shame. Gradually I found acceptance and peace with what I had done and sought forgiveness from my parents.


Ever since the sessions of past life regression, my heart and soul began to feel lighter and at peace as if a huge burden had been lifted off me. I took control of my life and decided to make better choices that would positively affect me and the ones around me.


Miraculously I started attracting opportunities and people that added positivity and joy to my life. I joined an NGO for old aged people and gave back to society as much as I could.


Past life regression made this possible otherwise I either would have been dead or still rotting in my misery. It helped me seek forgiveness and let go of the past burdens that were serving as blockages in my life.


Past life regression has been the most surreal and humbling experience of my life. It helped me to win back my life and transformed it completely.


I am currently in a much better and happier phase of my life. I am establishing my own old-age home, found and settled with the love of my life, and living a simple yet satisfying life. I feel genuinely grateful for the anonymous person behind the suicidal helpline and my past life regression therapist who is truly a beautiful soul.


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