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How Energy Healing Helped Me Heal From A Major Heart Illness In 2022

How Energy Healing Helped Me Heal From A Major Heart Illness In 2022

Energy healing is an alternative holistic treatment that relieves a person from negative and blocked energies and infuses their soul, mind, and body with renewed, positive and nourishing energies.


Research has yet been able to fully understand the healing capabilities of energy healing but there has been growing evidence on how energy healing has treated a number of mental as well as physical issues.


Mariah, a 20 years old girl who is pursuing Psychology shares a humbling and astonishing story of her mother who suffered from multiple heart attacks. At the age of 52, recovery seemed a bit difficult for her mother but miraculously when she combined her medical treatment with energy healing, she started seeing major shifts in her physical health.


It is never easy to see your mother suffer from any physical illness especially when she is getting older. Naturally, it was deeply painful to see her go through multiple heart attacks and be in a highly vulnerable position.


We come from an average financial background and my mother is the superwoman who has been shouldering all the responsibilities including the finances as well as taking care of our home.


I have always seen her as a mountain who remains unshakable and strong. She had started working from a very early age and continued to thrive despite all the miseries and obstacles that life showed her. To me, my mother has always been a role model and my constant source of inspiration.


I often look at her and feel a tinge of sadness and helplessness too. Her hair is turning grey, her back is bending and the wrinkles give away the struggles she had to endure her whole life.


My mother has been my rock and when I received the news that she had suffered from a minor heart attack, my whole world seemed to crash down.


How could I not notice my mother’s declining health?


I remember those awful days vividly. She was diagnosed with a minor heart attack and the doctor had warned us that her arteries are blocked and there is high chance that she would suffer from another heart attack as well.


Unfortunately, we lacked the financial resources to make a quick decision and in a span of just 48 hours, she suffered from a major heart attack.


I still remember her deteriorating condition. She had lost so much weight that she looked very small and timid. All the color from her face had been wiped out and she always seemed tired and weak. 


We were able to arrange the money for her treatment and immediately admitted her to the ICU. It was the most terrible night of my life. I could not stop overthinking about what would happen to my mother and spent the entire night pacing back and forth in the hospital’s lobby.


By god’s grace, the surgery was successful and my mother survived the heart attack. However, the doctor clearly warned us about not exerting herself physically and taking care of her mental health as well. 


In the race of earning money, supporting the household, and fluffing the duties of a mother and wife, she had forgotten herself. She kept dragging her body even when it started showing signs of a breakdown, and had undertaken a crazy amount of stress at her workplace as well.


It is honestly dangerous to ignore the signs and let your health take a backseat. After my mother’s heart illness, we realized the importance of prioritizing our health and taking a break once in a while. 


My mother was on complete bed rest for 1 month and the doctor had strictly advised having very minimal physical movements for a total of 3 months. Even after that, she was asked to not take up any stressful or heavy work.


Her heart was recovering with the medical treatment but her physical and mental health were not picking up well. She looked very low and weak. She was not able to eat or sleep properly. I did not like seeing my mother like this and I wanted to do something to help her.


I called up one of my aunts and told her about my mother’s condition.


“Aunty mamma is recovering but she does not seem like herself. Her breathlessness is still there and she always looks pretty sad” I told my aunt.


She asked me to encourage my mother to seek energy healing as it has shown to benefit the physical as well as mental health in incredible ways. She had personally known someone who had recovered from chronic body pain after regular sessions of energy healing.


Before proposing the idea to my mother, I decided to do thorough research about energy healing. I read many positive real-life stories on how energy healing had healed them. 


My belief in energy healing grew stronger and I finally proposed the suggestion to my mother. She was obviously skeptical at first but then I convinced her to take at least a few sessions and see if it is helpful.


I had saved up some money and used that to pay for her energy healing sessions. Trust me, every penny was worth it when I started seeing my mother in a much better physical shape and state of mind.


She began eating well and even gained a considerable amount of weight. The lost color from her face was coming back and so was her million-dollar smile!


Energy healing picture


Energy healing helped her to overcome a lot of stress that was buried in her. Once she found relief from that stress, she automatically started feeling better and looking better. It was amazing to see how happy and bubbly she came after each session of energy healing.


The truth about energy healing is that it is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. In fact, it is a form of healing that aids and accelerates your journey of recovery and growth. 


I truly believe that energy healing brought many positive changes in my mother’s body and mind otherwise she would have continued living a weak and broken life. My mother was not only healing physically but I could see her become more relaxed and happier as well.


Energy healing is a supremely effective treatment for many physical and mental health problems such as anxiety, stress, depression, chronic body pains, and illnesses. I would not have believed it if I did not see my mother’s journey of healing from her heart illness.


Deep healing & cleansing is just a call away. Accelerate your journey of recovery and growth by booking a session of energy healing today!


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