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From Hate to Forgiveness: How Online Past Life Regression Therapy Helped Me To Heal The Broken Relationship With My Father

From Hate to Forgiveness: How Online Past Life Regression Therapy Helped Me To Heal The Broken Relationship With My Father

Online Past Life Regression Therapy- Discover

Your Karmic Connections.



Believe it or not, your soul has lived many lifetimes, and in each lifetime it has collected a treasure of emotions, experiences, and relationships. These memories of the past life are carved in your spirit and continue to influence your present life.


One of the major areas of influence is the relationships you encounter. Unresolved issues from your past life can create hurdles and issues in your current relationships in several ways such as:


Karmic Patterns: Past life experiences can create karmic patterns, which are repetitive cycles of behavior or themes that we encounter throughout different lifetimes. For example, if someone had a history of betrayal or abandonment in a past life, they might subconsciously attract similar experiences or struggle with trust in their present relationships.


Emotional Baggage: Unresolved emotions from past life traumas can carry over into the present. For instance, a deep fear of intimacy or a tendency to withdraw emotionally may stem from a past life experience of heartbreak or loss. These unresolved emotions can manifest as challenges in establishing or maintaining healthy relationships.


Soul Contracts: Souls may enter into agreements or contracts with each other across lifetimes to learn specific lessons or support each other’s growth. However, if these contracts are left unresolved or unfulfilled, they can create tension or challenges in current relationships. For example, two souls might agree to work on forgiveness and reconciliation, but if this is not achieved in a past life, they may continue to encounter relationship issues in subsequent lives until the lesson is learned.


Soul Connections: Sometimes, we encounter people in our present lives with whom we have shared significant connections in past lives. These connections can be positive or challenging, and they often evoke strong emotions and a sense of familiarity. Unresolved issues from past interactions with these individuals can resurface and impact our current relationships, either positively by facilitating growth or negatively by creating conflicts


Hence, if you are experiencing strained relationships with someone or observing repetitive patterns in your relationships then there are high chances of unresolved karmic issues.


Through online past life regression therapy you can recognize patterns, release trapped emotions, and gain clarity about your current relationship dynamics. By addressing these unresolved issues, you can work towards healing, forgiveness, and ultimately establishing healthier and more fulfilling relationships in your present lives.


At Holistic Living, we have witnessed heart-moving cases of online past life regression therapy. One of them was Ethan. He lives in New York City and had connected with one of our expert PLR therapists through a common friend.


At 32 years old, he carried a heavy burden that had plagued him since childhood. When he was just 11, his father abruptly disappeared from his life, leaving him with a void that seemed impossible to fill. This sudden abandonment shattered young Ethan’s world, leaving him with profound scars that extended far beyond his childhood.


As he grew older, Ethan’s unresolved emotions manifested in the form of anxiety attacks and sleep issues that haunted his nights. He longed to establish trusting relationships with others, but the fear of being abandoned once more held him back. There was an unexplainable sadness that clung to him, a weight he carried with each passing day.


Ethan sought solace in various therapies, searching for answers that seemed far beyond his reach. Traditional counseling, medication, and even alternative practices provided temporary relief, but the underlying pain persisted. He felt trapped within the confines of his past, unable to break free and move forward.


In a desperate attempt to find answers, Ethan stumbled upon an intriguing concept: online Past Life Regression therapy. Intrigued and somewhat skeptical, he delved into researching this unconventional approach.


After many days of contemplation, Ethan decided to give it a try, contacting a certified PLR therapist at Holistic Living who specialized in guiding individuals through their past lives. He began his journey into the depths of his subconscious.


Under the guidance of the therapist, Ethan relaxed into a deep meditative state. In this altered state of consciousness, he gradually uncovered memories from a different time and place. During online past life regression therapy he witnessed scenes and felt emotions that seemed entirely detached from his current reality.


Through these vivid experiences, Ethan gradually realized that his father had been a pivotal figure in his past life as well. He witnessed the strained dynamics between them, similar to what he had experienced in his current life. It became clear to Ethan that the unresolved issues between him and his father transcended their present existence.


As Ethan explored further, he discovered a pattern of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and missed opportunities for reconciliation that stretched across multiple lifetimes. It became evident that their souls had been entwined in a complex dance, each life carrying the weight of unresolved emotions from the past.


With each session of online past life regression therapy, Ethan’s understanding grew, and he began to feel a sense of compassion for both himself and his father. He realized that forgiveness was not only essential for healing the wounds of his present life but also for breaking the cycle of pain that had haunted them through countless lifetimes.


Armed with newfound understanding and compassion, Ethan took a courageous step. He decided to reach out to his estranged father, a man he had not spoken to in over two decades.


As time passed, Ethan and his father rebuilt their relationship brick by brick. It was not without challenges, but their shared commitment to healing and growth carried them forward. Through therapy and open conversations, they addressed the wounds of the past, allowing for genuine healing and understanding.


The unexplainable sadness that had followed Ethan for years slowly began to disappear. His anxiety attacks lessened, and he was able to sleep better at night. The heavyweight he had carried for so long lightened with each passing day.


Ethan’s journey through online Past Life Regression therapy provided him with a profound understanding of the dynamics between him and his father. It helped him find forgiveness, reconcile with his estranged father, and ultimately resolve the deep-rooted issues that had haunted him for most of his life.


Ethan’s story serves as a testament to the power of online past life regression therapy in identifying and healing past issues. It shows us the importance of keeping our karma clean, and continually thriving for spiritual growth.


If you have been experiencing unhappiness and emotional turmoil in your relationships then take online past life regression therapy to uncover the secrets of these karmic connections and find the answers you need.


Note: We provide 10-minute Free consultation with expert PLR therapists. You can connect with us on Call or WhatsApp. Click on the link and take a brave step toward happier relationships now.


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