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Best Past Life Regression Therapy For Healing Karmic Bonds

Best Past Life Regression Therapy For Healing Karmic Bonds

Past Life Regression Therapy at Holistic Living Center in Mumbai is an alternative healing modality that helps an individual understand the origin of the karmic bonds, the reason for their reappearance in your current life, and how to heal the karmic relationship.

A karmic bond is an intense and turbulent soul connection between two individuals sharing unresolved past issues and wounds. They encounter each other in every lifetime until somebody dissolves the karmic debt and moves toward healing and forgiveness.

One of the most effective methods to heal the karmic bonds is Past Life Regression Therapy. But first, let’s understand the signs of karmic relationships and how they are formed.

Signs of Karmic Bonds

1. Karmic relationships are intense and trigger strong emotions. They are often in extremities and feel highly turbulent. You may feel ecstatic in one moment and the next feel completely lost and anxious.

2. Karmic bonds often connect instantly. Perhaps, it is because they have known each other for many lifetimes. There is an undeniable magnetic pull and for some reason, you cannot stay away from each other.

3. There may be unresolved issues or conflicts that keep resurfacing between you and the other person, despite efforts to move past them. This push and pull may even become toxic and force you to make changes within yourself.

4. You notice recurring themes or patterns in your interactions or relationships with that person. You may experience deja vu moments and feel stuck in some sort of addictive cycle.

5. You and the other person seem to be teaching each other important life lessons or helping each other grow, even if it’s challenging.

These signs can vary in intensity and may not apply to every karmic bond, but they can help you recognize when you have a special connection with someone who transcends the ordinary.

Why and How Are Karmic Bonds Formed?

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, one of the best past life regression and holistic therapists in Mumbai gives a simplified explanation of why and how karmic bonds are formed:

Law of Cause and Effect: Karma is often understood as the law of cause and effect, where our actions—both positive and negative—have consequences that shape our present and future experiences. This means that the actions we take in one lifetime can affect our experiences and relationships in future lifetimes.

Unresolved Issues: When we have unresolved issues or conflicts with someone in a past life, it’s believed that these unresolved karmic debts or lessons can carry over into future lifetimes, creating karmic bonds between individuals. These bonds serve as opportunities for us to learn and grow from past experiences.

Shared Lessons: Sometimes, we enter into karmic relationships with others because there are important lessons or experiences that we need to learn or share together. These relationships can be catalysts for personal growth and spiritual development.

Soul Contracts: In some spiritual beliefs, it’s believed that before we incarnate into a new life, we make agreements or soul contracts with other souls to meet and interact with them in certain ways to fulfill specific purposes or learn particular lessons.

Evolution of the Soul: Karmic bonds are seen as part of the soul’s evolutionary journey, where we have the opportunity to resolve past karma, heal relationships, and ultimately progress toward spiritual enlightenment or liberation (depending on the belief system).

Choice and Free Will: While karmic bonds may be influenced by past actions and experiences, it’s also believed that we can make choices and exercise free will in how we respond to these relationships and lessons. Our actions in the present can influence the nature and outcome of our karmic bonds.

It is important to recognize and heal a karmic bond as it tends to become toxic, creating conflicts, blockages, and problems in every lifetime.

Furthermore, healing a karmic relationship can lead to spiritual awakening and self-transformation. It will move you closer toward an authentic and purposeful life provided you are willing to learn the lessons and stay committed to growth.

Past Life Regression Therapy For Healing Karmic Relationships…

Since karmic bonds are formed as a result of unresolved past issues and soul contracts, it is essential to understand the origin and purpose of these connections.

Past Life Regression Therapy guides an individual to their previous lives where they can explore the hidden truth of their karmic bonds. The spiritual guidance allows them to release the negative energy, dissolve the karmic debt, and break free from the emotional baggage.

Real-Life Experience of Nikita

Nikita had always felt a deep, inexplicable connection with Jay. From the moment they met, there was an undeniable magnetism between them.

However, as their relationship progressed, it became clear that their bond was tumultuous, fraught with conflict, and marked by red flags that they couldn’t seem to ignore.

Despite the toxicity of their relationship, Nikita and Jay found themselves unable to stay away from each other.

They were trapped in a cycle of trauma bonding, where the highs and lows of their relationship kept them emotionally entangled, even though they knew it was unhealthy.

Feeling desperate to break free from this pattern, Nikita decided to seek help through past life regression therapy.

She hoped that by exploring their past lives together, she could gain insight into the origins of their karmic bond and find a way to release the negative energy that bound them together.

Under the guidance of a skilled past life regression therapist, Nikita embarked on a journey through her subconscious mind to uncover the hidden truths of her soul’s history.

Through deep relaxation and guided visualization techniques, she accessed memories of past lives where she and Jay had been connected in various ways.

In one session of Past Life Regression Therapy, Nikita found herself transported to a distant time and place where she and Jay had been deeply intertwined in a different lifetime. She witnessed scenes of love, betrayal, and unresolved conflicts that echoed the dynamics of their current relationship.

Through Past Life Regression Therapy, Nikita was able to confront the pain and trauma that lingered from their past lives.

She recognized how their karmic bond had been shaped by unresolved issues and unhealed wounds that had carried over into their present existence.

As Nikita explored deeper into her past life memories, she began to understand the lessons that she and Jay were meant to learn from their turbulent relationship.

She saw how their souls had been drawn together to work through specific challenges and grow spiritually.

With this newfound understanding, Nikita was able to release the karmic debt that bound her to Jay. Through forgiveness and acceptance, she freed herself from the toxic patterns that had kept them trapped in a cycle of dysfunction.

Armed with clarity and insight, Nikita made the courageous decision to break free from the toxicity of her relationship with Jay. She embraced the lessons learned from their past lives and vowed to create healthier, more fulfilling connections in the future.

Past life regression therapy provided Nikita with the tools she needed to dissolve the karmic bond with Jay, heal old wounds, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

With the guidance of an expert therapist, she found the strength to break free from the past and embrace a brighter, more empowered future

Past Life Regression Therapy at Holistic Living Center, Mumbai

Book your session with one of the best past-life regression therapists in Mumbai and heal your karmic bond with that special someone.

Delve deeper into what you mean to them and the purpose of this intense soul connection. Call/WhatsApp 91-9321073548 to consult with Top PLR Experts in Mumbai.

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