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How I Healed My Generational Trauma- Past Life Regression Story #1

Zara completed her Past Life Regression Therapy at Holistic Living Center in December 2023. This is a brief account of how Past Life Regression helped Zara break the patterns of generational trauma and write a new narrative for herself and her future generations.

Please note that Past Life Regression Therapy is not a substitute for any ongoing medical or psychological treatment. It is an alternative healing modality that helps individuals make profound changes at spiritual, emotional, and mental levels.


Zara was born amongst the bustling streets of Mohammadali Road, a popular area in the heart of Mumbai city. Being the third and the youngest daughter of her parents, she was rather odd and unusual than the rest of her siblings. A rebel with no cause, from a very young age Zara knew that something greater was destined for her. 

She had a keen sense of observation. From a very young age, Zara figured out the sadness behind her mother’s smile and the sheer hypocrisy of her father behind his altruistic facade. He was a saint in the outside world, but the moment he stepped into the house, he was an entitled man who held no respect for his wife, his daughters, or anybody else for that matter. 

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You see, Zara grew up with a father who remained oblivious to their pain and a mother who had no spine at all. Later, Zara convinced herself that her mother was simply a product of her upbringing. She began to notice how all women in her family followed the same patterns. None of them were happy and none of them had the strength to ask ‘Why’

But Zara was the exception. She was meant to be the exception, the one who would finally see reality as it was and find the power to change the stagnant and hopeless narrative. 

Of course, weighing generations on her slender shoulder was a monstrous task. As years passed by, she found herself being swept off by the same tide that swallowed her foremothers. 

She married a man very similar to her father. She became a woman very similar to her mother. She was silently obedient while her husband decided that silence was the best response to all her expectations, needs, and desires. Zara started feeling hollow and the realization did not hit her until she saw her seven-year-old daughter with the same desperate plea she had in her eyes when she was young.

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Zara and her husband were fighting again. It was not an unusual occurrence but this time something was different. Zara felt a strong force guiding her and giving her the courage to take a stand for herself. She began talking and her voice was clear and strong. Seeing his wife’s sudden display of courage, he was taken aback. At that moment he realized that if does not exert his male dominance now then he will never be able to again. 

So he forgot. He forgot that Zara was a woman and his wife. He forgot that a seven-year-old child was witnessing the ugliest fight. He raised his hand and slapped Zara. There was a deafening ring in the air, a silence that could have easily been the loudest noise in the room.

That was the wake-up call she needed. In the middle of the night, Zara stole all the money and left with her daughter. 

“That was it. The face of my scared daughter was enough. I could not let her go through all the pain I experienced simply because I lacked the strength. I remembered who I was and I regained my power. When I was a child I had decided that I would not live the life like my mother did and it was time to commit to that decision and turn it into reality” says Zara

Undoubtedly Zara was scared but she had 100% faith that God would take care of her and her little one. Zara booked a hotel with the money she had taken and spent the entire night jotting down a plan. She called up her school friend.  A loyal companion who had paved a successful life for herself, not only personally but also professionally. 

She found her through Facebook and left a message- “please meet me tomorrow at 11 AM. I need your help”

The next day Zara bought a new SIM card and discarded the old one. She knew that her family would try to get in touch with her and convince her to come back.

“All marriages have troubles. So what? Don’t act like a kid”

“I will explain to him. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine”

“Just one slap? I have endured 100 slaps like these. That is how you save a marriage”

She had no interest or energy to listen to anything. She was clear in her head and she knew that it was now or never. 

Her school friend was a lawyer. She forged an entire plan for Zara. She explained that it would be sensible to file a report with the police and take the help of a woman’s NGO. She also helped Zara get a receptionist job with decent pay.

Things were working out for her but there was still a deep sense of pain and helplessness that she just could not shake off. It was a relentless battle and she was getting weary of it.

Just when she was about to give up, a beacon of hope emerged in her life. She met a past life regression therapist through her school friend. 

For the first time in her life, Zara felt heard and understood. The presence of the PLR therapist engulfed her with deep comfort and familiarity. 

The PLR therapist guided Zara through the labyrinth of her past lives, helping her make sense of the patterns that had woven a tapestry of despair for her foremothers. Together, they unraveled the threads of victimhood, allowing Zara to witness the stories of resilience and strength that had been overshadowed by the curse.

In the quiet moments of introspection, Zara found the courage to defy the set roles that had confined her family for so long. With each revelation from her past lives, she forged a new narrative for herself—one of empowerment, freedom, and self-determination.

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Armed with the insights gained from past life regression therapy, Zara faced the present with newfound strength. She confronted the expectations that society and her family had placed upon her, dismantling the chains of conformity that had bound her ancestors. Dr. Hayes became a guiding light, nurturing Zara’s journey of transformation with wisdom and compassion.

Zara’s life began to take on a different hue. She went through with the divorce and liberated herself from an unhappy marriage. The first step toward breaking the generational curse. She forgave her father and her mother. She detached herself from their choices and found a heart big enough to accept and love them for who they were. 

She replaced indifference with love and fear with courage. As she took powerful steps to break the generational curse, she could also notice a shift in her mother’s personality. Her mother began to glow with newfound happiness, the happiness to see her daughter break free from the generational curse and pave a life of her own. 

Zara’s courageous journey to break the generational curse sent ripples of transformation through the tapestry of her family’s history. As she defied the predetermined roles and embraced a life of empowerment, her mother, once a silent sufferer, witnessed a profound healing.

 Zara’s narrative of resilience and self-determination became a guiding light for her sisters, inspiring them to question the roles that had confined them for generations.

The healing touch of Zara’s choices extended to her daughter, who would grow up in a world where love, equality, and freedom were not mere dreams but tangible realities. Through Zara’s courage, the generational trauma was shattered, paving the way for a new legacy—one marked by strength, individuality, and the audacity to script one’s own destiny. 

The ripple effect of Zara’s defiance echoed through time, breaking the generational curse that had bound her foremothers and offering new hope for the generations yet to come.

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