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7 Practical Ways to Start your Self-growth Journey

7 Practical Ways to Start your Self-growth Journey

The most important task than any other is working on the self-growth journey as it forms the most critical part of your progress and happiness.

We often turn our back on self-growth and turn towards it only when life pushes us to the brink. So if you are someone who has already been pushed to the brink or someone who is in a happy mind space this blog is just for you! Because self-growth and self-development are for everyone! In this blog, we will give you practical tips to start your self-growth journey.


Start saying YES to the things that bring joy

The biggest hurdle in the path of self-growth comes from within you. You find yourself holding back and postponing the little things that give you joy. You tell yourself “only when I become this, or achieve this, then I will be at peace and then I will enjoy my life”! But you know you can enjoy the journey as well because the perfect moments will always remain elusive. You must allow yourself to savor the little flavors of life.

Keep it simple

Are you a person who gets overwhelmed while trying to meet heft goals? Here is a tip for you – Start taking tiny steps while picking up a new thing! Try to keep things as simple as possible. 

For example – you have set a goal that you want to read every day. Instead of thinking that you will finish an entire book in a day, you may read just two/ four pages or one chapter per day. This way you will not abandon the idea altogether because you couldn’t finish the entire book in a go. Reading two pages is easier and it will not stress you out.

Set boundaries

One of the best ways to grow and practice self-growth is by setting up boundaries. Boundaries are an invisible personal space you own that keeps you safe and happy. When you exercise boundaries you are less likely to blame other people for your unhappiness and failures. Boundaries give you the freedom to claim your space, time, and energy- a fine place to start your self-growth journey.

Boundaries can be hard to understand and at times difficult to stand by. They are often labeled as “selfish”!  This labeling is the opposite of what boundaries stand for!

Learn new art 

Learning a new art or engaging in a hobby can help immensely in your self-growth journey. When you give your time to pursue an art you are totally into it and not thinking about anything else. Learning a new art can open up a new world to you. It can help you to declutter your mind. Learning art can be fun and spiritually uplifting at the same time! 

Build a morning routine 

Benjamin Franklin has rightly said – “the early morning has gold in its mouth”.

Time and again successful people have stressed the importance of having a morning routine. Testimonies of these people show us how the morning routine acted as an anchor in their self-growth journey.  exercise as a morning routine for self growth

A Morning routine helps you to become more organized, keeps you energized throughout the day. It gives you uninterrupted time to work and exercise. The glimpse of sunrise adds serenity to your life. 

Just like you, I found waking up early and planning a morning routine very hard. So I will give you an example of what has worked for me –

if you have set a goal that you want to wake up early and you are someone who never wakes up before 11 am, then, instead of aiming for 6 am – try waking up at 9 am initially. Step by step set an alarm for 15min earlier! In this way, the chances of you relinquishing the idea of getting up early are less. Because you are not making any drastic changes here just adjusting the time threshold a bit.

Start journaling 

Journaling helps you to process and reflect upon your thoughts. You can always write about your feelings and thoughts in your journal or diary. Journaling helps you to identify your thought patterns and can help you to track your triggers. Journaling also helps in improving your overall mood. It is the best way to keep track of your self-growth journey.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Yes, I know all the hell breaks loose when to think of trying something new! You get scared and pull yourself back. Your ego tells you “don’t do it, what if we fail?” 

You also think about “what will people say if I make mistakes?” But let me tell you that you cannot move forward in life if you are always scared and fearful to try new things. Yes, you may have to experience discomfort, you may have to push your limits. You may fail. But remember, failure will always hold a lesson of self-growth for you!


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