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10 Ways to Reduce Screen Time During the Pandemic.

10 Ways to Reduce Screen Time During the Pandemic.

screen timeExcessive screen time at the time of this pandemic is a new modern world problem. Work, school, college, reading, doctor’s appointments, basically everything has shifted to the virtual mode. This has led to a sharp increase in the screen time as well, giving rise to sleep problems and eyesight complications.

From children to adults, the increased level of blue light exposure will ultimately result in psychological disorders, lifestyle problems and digital eye strain.

Here are a few tips to reduce your screen time. These are just some mindful ways to do your daily tasks and a few relaxation techniques which can help reduce the level of mental and physical strain.

  1. Reduce or limit your time on social media. Mindless scrolling not only wastes time, but also makes us spend a lot of mental energy and causing stress and eye strain.
  2. Keep your phone away an hour before you are about to sleep. Blue light exposure before sleep, in the dark especially causes damage to the eye.
  3. Uninstall unnecessary apps and turn of notifications. There is no need to respond to all notifications right away. Turn them off and designate a time for them when you can quickly skim through them and respond only to the important ones.
  4. Take up a hobby. Start doing something creative which does not involve the use of any devices. Painting, sketching, yoga, or dance are good alternatives, with an added advantage of keeping you fit.
  5. Stop reading E-books. Prefer the conventional ones instead. There is no point of taking up reading if you are going to do it from a screen. Take this time off from the screen and read from a paperback, with a cup of tea for a more relaxing experience!
  6. If reading is not your thing, develop a habit of listening to audiobooks or podcasts. You will learn something without really trying.
  7. Apply a blue light filter on all devices to reduce blue light radiation. Shift to grayscale or dark mode if that is what you prefer.
  8. Buy a pair of glasses with blue light filter for added protection from the strain caused by your phone or laptop screen.
  9. Do not use your phone with meals. Keep it away while eating with family and initiate a conversation.
  10. Use a cooling patch for relaxing your eyes. There are gel ones available easily. If you do not wish to buy, just cut two cold cucumber slices and keep them on your eyes for relaxation and to reduce the effect of stress caused.

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