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Master Meditation – 5 Effective Tips to Practice Meditation

Master Meditation – 5 Effective Tips to Practice Meditation


Do you get over-stressed very frequently? Are you struggling in keeping up with your emotions? The solution to your issues might be MEDITATION. All human beings strive for peace and satisfaction in their lives. We all have heard ‘Nobody’s life is perfect’ but, that does not mean a person cannot be content with what he has. You just need to connect to your inner-self and attain the peace you desire. If you understand what your soul wants and believes, you have already reached a long way in the path of achieving serenity.

Connecting with your soul is important because it helps you to understand your motive in life. It is necessary to listen to what your higher power wants to tell you as it would give you mental peace. Your inner-self can connect to you through your intuitions or what we call ‘gut feelings’. A stressful life can turn into a joyful one after you have achieved satisfaction in life. Meditation is a great way to attain mental satisfaction and get in contact with your inner soul. I would like to share my experience and tell you all how meditation helped me to accomplish a completely different perspective on life.

  1. Calms you down:

As we all know, meditation helps us to relax our minds. Earlier, I had anger management issues. I used to get triggered by any small disagreement or argument and started to act out. But, after practising meditation regularly, I have developed myself a lot.

  1. Helps reduce anxiety:


In today’s world, every person is running a rat race. I personally experienced this relief through meditation. Every day I used to return home from work, with a load of work stress and anxiety. My health conditions were deteriorating immensely. Mediation helped me through this issue by connecting myself to my higher power.

  1. Control your emotions:

Meditation helps you to gain control over emotions. When you connect to your inner being, you will be able to manage your emotions and gain control over what you say and how you express your sentiments.

  1. Self-awareness:

Meditation also assists you to know yourself. What does that mean? Knowing yourself means being aware of what do you want from life and what are your goals in life. Many people spend their whole lives figuring out the answers to these questions but it might be easier for you.

These are some ways in which Meditation helps you to develop a connection with your inner-self.

Are you facing difficulties in beginning with meditation? Here are 5 tips on how you can start your journey of discovering your inner-self.

5 Best Ways To Practice Meditation

  1. Pick a suitable time for yourself:

Yes, this is the most essential step. For me, the most favourable time to practice meditation is in the morning. It helps you to start with a fresh mind and you will be calm and happy the whole day. Though it is not necessary to meditate in the morning, but, extremely important to decide a time to meditate EVERY DAY.

  1. Find a calm environment:


Meditating in a noisy and disturbing space does not let you focus. Make sure you pick an undisturbed place where you will be alone. You can then sit calmly in a particular position, close your eyes, and feel your surroundings. Listen to the voice of the winds blowing and the birds chirping and your mind and body will feel relaxed.

  1. Follow your breath:

Your mind never rests. A lot of thoughts must be running inside your mind, which may be disturbing and making you anxious. While meditating, try to focus when you inhale and exhale. Follow the pattern of your breathing, and this will free you from all the thoughts and negativity running inside your mind and you will be able to feel the presence of your higher power inside you.

  1. Try feeling your senses:

Be present in the moment. While you are meditating, try to feel every single action happening around you and you should also apply it to your daily life. Be it the sun rays falling on your eyes in the morning, or you hear the sweet voice of the birds while meditation, process these and try to feel the calmness present in these actions. It will help you to know what your inner-self feels and will also improve your thinking process.

  1. Observe your thoughts:

The last tip I would like to give you is to observe your thoughts and your reaction to them. You may be thinking of some problem in your life and reacting in a way that might not be appropriate. Try to assess that issue with a calm mind and you will definitely find the correct solution. But, assessing and solving the problem is the second step. First, try to learn how to correctly observe every thought and let it pass. This will help you to lead a happy and content life.

From the above-mentioned tips learned how meditation helps us in various ways to develop ourselves and get mental peace. Achieving these steps can very simply lead you to your higher power. While meditating, always remember to call out for your soul and try to talk to it. Feel the presence of another being inside you and try to make the most out of the time you are with it. You will get to know that you are connected with your inner-being once you have started remaining calm and you feel that you know what to do in life.

Have you encountered any hindrance while practising meditation? Book yourself an exclusive session with a life and meditation coach at The Holistic Living’s community wellness platform. You can also get guidance from their wellness store which includes a lot of books on how to practice meditation. I have discovered my inner-self and I am a completely different person now. NOTHING CAN STOP YOU FROM LEADING A HAPPY LIFE. START MEDITATING FROM TODAY.



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