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4 Ways to Balance Work and Home: A Guide for Working Women.

4 Ways to Balance Work and Home: A Guide for Working Women.

Women face more challenges when it comes to pursuing their careers as compared to their male counterparts. Managing home, family and giving time to relationships, along with working full time has become a major cause of lack of work-life balance and added stress for women.

Women also tend to stress themselves out too much due to the social obligations of being a perfect wife, mother, or daughter-in-law. Being committed to both personal and professional life can sometimes get too overwhelming.

So, what can be done to manage the two together?

1.Practice healthy eating practices.

Depending too much on caffeine or having only one huge meal in a day contributes to hormonal imbalance. The side effects of this lifestyle in the long run will be being low on energy, irritability, and susceptibility to weight gain. To have energy and focus throughout the day, a healthy approach must be followed which requires you to put your health first.


Communicating effectively about your needs and expectations from others helps them get a better understanding about what you can and cannot do, thereby reducing the load of unrealistic expectations. Make a proper set of duties for all family members so that they are less dependent on you. This is important for the overall harmony in the family.

3.Get proper sleep.

Like following a healthy diet, sleep also contributes to managing your hormones. From losing the ability to focus and irritability, to weight gain and lifestyle disorders, lack of sleep is a common culprit. Getting enough sleep will reduce your susceptibility to developing lifestyle disorders like thyroid and PCOS. It also prevents anxiety and mood disorders. Hormonal balance in the body prevents the occurence of various sleep disorders.

4.Make time to de-stress.

Develop a hobby, or make time to at least take a walk, away from your work and household responsibilities. This will help reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, and manage your mood throughout the day. Taking some time off work helps in reducing exhaustion and increases overall productivity. This time should not be regarded as procrastination or laziness. Taking some time to replenish energy shoule be guilt free.

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