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What Depression Causes – Tips To Help You Cope

What Depression Causes – Tips To Help You Cope

What are Depression Causes | What are its Impacts on us?

What Depression Causes is a question I have asked myself many times. With a diagnosis of clinical depression, I was probably already aware that my moods were unpredictable. So I would only go to certain places or think certain thoughts and my emotions would change from what they normally are. For example, I would be extremely sad one moment and extremely happy the next. I was not aware of what was going on in my mind but I sensed something was not right.

Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder(RAD)

what causes depression

If you have ever suffered from rapid cycling bipolar disorder (RAD) you will know what I am talking about. If you are suffering from depression, you will know what I am talking about as well. As the illness progresses, your moods will change and if left unchecked it can become manic. Rapid-cycling bipolar disorder (RAD) is where your moods alternate between extremely low highs and extremely low lows within a matter of weeks.

You will see signs of hypomania if you suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder or if you have suffered from depression and have been prescribed medication for a long time. You will also experience mixed episodes between mania and depression. If you suffer from hypomania you will experience mood swings between normal day-to-day functioning and periods of extreme highs and lows. If you are someone who suffers from hyper mania you may also have unusual sexual side effects such as decreased sex drive, hypersexuality, and or erectile dysfunction.

If you have rapid cycling depression, hypomania, or mixed episodes you will find it difficult to get on with everyday life. You will find that you are unhappy with yourself and this negativity will impact negatively on all aspects of your life. You will avoid social situations, activities, and will often resort to self-injury. If you have self-injury, injury you may find that you injure yourself physically as a way of releasing negative emotions.

What Depression Causes Too Many People

What depression causes many people to do is wear tinted glasses to try to conceal their symptoms. This can be particularly common with bipolar disorder, where you will need to wear tinted glasses if you are prescribed such medication. People with depression can also resort to this as a way of trying to disguise their symptoms. However, this is a double-edged sword as they can in fact make their symptoms worse.

If you are someone who wears tinted glasses as a means of trying to cover up what depression is doing to your brain, you may also find that when things go bad you will need to find other ways to hide your depression. This may include turning to the internet for help. Many people who suffer from depression opt to look at the internet as a way of coping with what depression has done to them. There are many websites that offer advice and solutions to depression. You will find that there are some great websites offering solutions to what depression causes.

A good example of what depression causes that you may find on the website that offers answers to what depression causes is one called “Your Breakthrough”. What you will find on The Holistic Living are advice and tips to help you cope with what depression has done to your life. On The Holistic Living, you will find expert coaches and counselors tips on how to deal with your feelings of hopelessness. You will also find useful information on what to say to loved ones to help them understand what is happening to you.

The Holistic Living site is run by a professional clinical psychologist who knows what depression can do to those who suffer from it. The Holistic Living blog (Wellness Academy) offers many interesting articles that show how to deal with what depression causes. As you can see, there are many different types of expert coaches out there that can help you find what depression has caused in your life.

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