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All Your Questions About Tarot Card Reading Answered by Expert Tarot Reader

All Your Questions About Tarot Card Reading Answered by Expert Tarot Reader

Tarot Card Reading is a form of fortune-telling wherein the Tarot Card Reader takes guidance from the tarot cards to answer the questions about one’s past, present, and future.


My first tarot card reading experience was crazy. 

“Your sisters are your soulmates” 

“You have a young male energy protecting you” 

Tarot Card Reader


Her first prediction touched right in my heart. My sisters are my soul mates. Whereas, the second prediction did not make any sense to me at that time, and I decided it was best to leave my confusion unanswered. 


Life, however, has a beautiful way of giving answers to your looming questions. In 2020, I married a man who is 8 years younger to me. The tarot card reader’s prediction occurred to my mind and I couldn’t help but wonder was she talking about my husband? 


To satisfy my curious thirst, I approached Ms. Anu Oberoi. She is a highly experienced Tarot Card Reader who boasts of many accurate predictions that have actually transformed peoples’ lives. I narrated the brief incident I shared with the Tarot card reader back in 2015, and my current love marriage with a man who is 8 years younger to me.

Tarot Card Reader Anu Oberoi
<em>Ms Anu Oberoi<em>


She spread her majestic deck of cards and closed her eyes. She invited the energies of the universe to guide and help her with this task. She picked one card and after giving a deep thought to it she finally said, “There is a beautiful connection between you and your husband. The tarot card reader had spoken the truth. It was your husband who is the young male energy giving you protection all this while” 


My heart was filled with indescribable warmth and joy. I did not have to ask her for evidence to prove that her tarot card reading is accurate. My soul knows that it is true. 

Tarot Card Reading


What are the benefits of Tarot Card Reading?


I believe that tarot card reading helps in developing faith. Moreover, there is a common myth that tarot card predictions are concrete. That is not true. Every individual has a choice, and tarot cards only show them the choices that are available to them. Tarot Card Reading is more like an educational process. We educate our clients about the different opportunities that are available to them, the future possibilities and even the past obstacles that are preventing them from making the most out of life. With free will and determination anything becomes possible. 


The most amazing benefit of Tarot Card Reading that I have personally witnessed in my clients’ lives is that it gives them the extra push and hope they need to keep going on. So many times we give up just when we are about to reach our goals. Tarot card predictions give you the much-needed nudge to keep pursuing your dreams. Or even gives awareness about losing battles. It can tell you whether to put in more effort or let it go so you can welcome other blessings in your life.


How Does Tarot Card Reading Work?


Tarot Card Reading gives you guidance about where you can put your efforts, your attention and your intentions. Tarot Card help us tap into your energies and emotions which is quite effective in increasing awareness and clarity about different aspects of your life. 


Tarot card reading helps you strike a balance between choices and destiny. It is true that some things in your life are out of your control and in those circumstances it is best to surrender to the divine plan. On the other hand, life is built on the choices you make. Tarot Card Reading helps you to strike a balance between the two. 


Is it possible to read your own cards?


Yes it is. However, there could be biases and emotions attached to the readings. I’d say that it is relatively easier and better to read others’ cards than your own. Plus I would advise against using Tarot Cards for every minor inconvenience in your life. That showcases fear and attaches negative energy with the cards. 


Are Tarot Card Readings always accurate?


Yes, readings are always accurate. I have had more than 23 years of experience in Tarot Card Reading and I can say that the readings have always been on point. Tarot cards always give something valuable to my clients. 

Connect with Expert Tarot Card Reader

Ms. Anu’s expertise is not merely limited to Tarot Card Reading. Her hat is decorated with many different credentials including Past Life Regression Therapist, Astrologer, Numerologist, Graphologist, Art Therapist and Akashic Reader. 

Her spiritual gifts clearly radiate in her smile and her incredibly welcoming aura. It gives me absolutely zero surprise to know that she has transformed many people’s lives with her vast expertise and natural healing power. 

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