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Past Life Regression, Karmic Souls, Death & Finding Peace: A True Story of Past Life

Past Life Regression, Karmic Souls, Death & Finding Peace: A True Story of Past Life

When connections are real, they simply never die”

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, an Expert Past Life Regression Therapist at The Holistic Living says, “Death does not mark the end of a person. It is simply the beginning of a new soul journey. When we lose our loved ones to death it is very human to cry but one needs to know that our loved ones meet us in every lifetime so we never actually lose them”

When we share a karmic bond or strong connection with someone, we keep reuniting with them in different lives and in different forms. 

For instance, in one of the cases of past life regression, a woman saw that her present life husband was her son in the past life. In both their lives they shared a highly intense and strong connection with each other. 

Therefore, at times we may meet someone and feel instantly connected with them. Or in other cases, we may see someone and not like them at all without any logic or reason. This is usually a sign that you have been connected with that person in some way in your past life and now you are reuniting with them to fulfill some purpose. 

Karmic relationships past life regression

Such connections can be explored and understood by doing past life regression.

A similar connection was shared between Kushal and his father. Mr. Joshi had 3 sons and one daughter but among all of them, Kushal was his favorite. 

“I know parents say that we love all your children equally and my father did but he always shared a soft corner for me. We would laugh together at the silliest jokes and bond on almost everything. 

It really was a special relationship. My father was my comfort, my backbone, and my best friend. He made my life happier and easier”

Kushal’s connection with his father was soulful and powerful. They could understand each other simply by facial expressions and the communication between them was almost telepathic.

“I remember I had gone to Canada once on a business trip. I started having this strange anxiety, like something wrong was going to happen. 2 hours later my mum called me up and told me that my dad has had a mild heart attack. This was not just one instance, but many times I could feel my father’s pain and even he could do the same”

Souls that share a karmic connection can often communicate with each other in a spiritual realm. This means that even when they are not physically communicating with each other, they can still know and feel what is happening to each other. 

“Imagine my pain when my father passed away suddenly one night. He told me goodbye in his usual fashion and then the next morning he never woke up. It was earth-shattering for me. I wanted to dig a hole and stay there and never come out of it”

Losing a loved one is a loss that has absolutely no consolation or compensation. Death is often viewed as a permanent state and hence the realization that you will no longer feel, see and touch that person anymore can be heart-breaking and deeply painful.

However, spiritual healers, especially those who specialize in past life regression believe that death does not mark the end of a person. It simply means that a person’s current journey has come to a closure and now the soul is required to embark on a new one. 

Every life is connected with the other. Memories of relationships, places, specific events, etc. are stored in the soul and are there with us in every life. These memories can be accessed in your subconscious level by doing past life regression.

If you feel a strong pull towards a particular person or place, or feel passionate about a cause or there are unexplained fears and phobias then there are high chances that its explanation resides in one of your past lives. 

“It is not that I did not believe in karma and past life regression at all. But I never entertained that thought too much. However, when my father passed away, I turned to faith and religion to cope with the deep emptiness and sadness I felt. I knew that I had to move forward. I had my wife and children too. But I needed that extra support and push”

For Kushal that extra support and push came in the form of his past life regression therapist. 

“My past life regression therapist is a gem of a person. His humble nature and friendliness really eased the whole process. Just talking to him made me feel lighter and calmer”

That is the magic of a trusted past life regression therapist. They are not only concerned with your past life but also take extra steps to ensure that you heal your present life too. 

“So first my therapist began the past life regression with a relaxing meditation. He said that meditation will help me calm down so that I can achieve a highly focused state of mind. He gently guided me and gradually I saw the events of one of my past lives. Past life regression was the most surreal experience of my life. It was like dreaming except that I wasn’t”

Kushal saw that he was born in the year 1870 in India. He lived in a small hut with his family and worked as a farmer to earn his daily livelihood. Kushal’s life was simple but with God’s grace, he was safe, well-fed, and had a stable home. 

“How are your relationships? Any particular relationship that you can see?” his therapist suggested.

“Yes. My brother. He looks like my father”

“Is he your father”

“Yes. but we are brothers in this life”

“What kind of bond do you share with him”

“The same. Close and strong”

“What happens to your brother”

“He is… rebelling against the British colonial. He is arrested”


“Then he gets beaten up by them and never returns home”

The same pattern was seen in the past. Kushal shared a karmic bond with his brother who then passed away suddenly. 

The therapist then guided Kushal to see his brother’s soul.

“Can you see him?”


“Tell him you love him”

“I said”

“Tell him you will meet him again”


Kushal hugged his brother and then the therapist gently guided him to complete his past life and wake up in the present.

When Kushal woke up he felt relieved. 

“It was like a huge burden had vanished from my head. It was humbling to know that my relationship with my father was on a soul level. That means that physically we may be apart but our souls can still find each other. I think that really helped me grieve his death and overcome depression”

Kushal took 3 more sessions after that. He claims that past life regression changed his life. It brought a new sense of peace and understanding in him. 

Kushal found peace and enlightenment after past life regression

“I don’t take life too seriously anymore. Past life regression just ticked something in me. I have become more emotionally mature and I have found solace in knowing that my father and I will always be connected with each other”

Kushal’s past life experience was surreal and life-changing for him. It helped him to grieve his father’s death and led him to peace and enlightenment. 

The whole objective of seeing your past life is that you will receive the messages, lessons, and guidance you need to move forward and create a more fulfilling life and heal your future generations.

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