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How Doing Online Hypnotherapy Helped Me Sleep Peacefully After 10 Years of Insomnia

How Doing Online Hypnotherapy Helped Me Sleep Peacefully After 10 Years of Insomnia

1 sheep.. 2 sheep.. 3 sheep… 50 sheep

Still no sleep. 

There is nothing I did not do to cure my insomnia. Yet, here I was, still sleepless and restless. 

My story is an ordinary story because I am an ordinary man who goes to work at 10AM and comes back tired as hell by 8PM. 

The only different thing about my life is that when I turned 25, my sleep just vanished all of a sudden. It was almost strange but there really was no explanation to it. 

I thought my suffering was inevitable and I would eventually die of lack of sleep. 

But fortunately, a friend came to me with the most brilliant suggestion. 

“Man, why don’t you do Hypnotherapy?”

H Y P N O T H E R A P Y……. what?

Let me explain to you about hypnotherapy in a common man’s language because that is how I understood. 

Our mind is super powerful. It can literally do anything but only if we learn how to train it. Most of us can get control over our conscious mind. 

For instance, you ate a pizza from some restaurant and the next day you spent most of your hours pooping in the bathroom. You will not eat the pizza from the same place again because you CONSCIOUSLY know that it is not good for your stomach. 

However, very few people can get control over their subconscious mind. It is the part where a heap load of your suppressed memories, emotions, feelings, desires and thoughts are stored. 

There is a popular belief in the field of Psychology that most of our actions, behaviours and choices are shaped by what lies in our subconscious mind. 

For instance, you keep accommodating yourself to please others. You neglect your own wants, hardly ever voicing your expectations, being a people pleaser even at the cost of your own boundaries and mental health.


Because somewhere in your childhood you were made to feel that you had to ‘earn’ other people’s love. You felt that you needed to be a certain way for others to like you. But you suppressed these experiences and feelings because it was a little too difficult to deal with them. So now they lie buried in your subconscious mind. 

And that is why you feel less confident about yourself

This is only a theory. It may or may not be true. My sole purpose to share this was to give you a context. 

Now, hypnotherapy works on your subconscious mind. It resurfaces these suppressed feelings, memories and thoughts so you can consciously heal from them. 

Hypnotherapy will help you to resolve your feelings of inferiority and increase self-confidence. Once you are confident and self-assured you will naturally stop being overly dependent on other people’s opinions about you. 

This is the basic gist of Hypnotherapy. 

Also in Hypnotherapy includes deep relaxation. Being in a deeply relaxed state allows your mind to be highly focused so that you can successfully access your subconscious mind. 

Anyway, let’s come back to my story. 

I had insomnia for 10 years. Have you ever gone without sleeping for 4 days? How does that feel?

For me every night felt like a long torture. The lack of peaceful sleep drained my energy levels, stole my ability to focus on anything and deteriorated my physical health as well. 

I took medications. I took counselling. I wrote a journal. I listened to Sadhguru. 

Nothing could put me to sleep. 

10 years is a long time so eventually I started getting comfortable with the lack of sleep. I completed most of my work during the night so I could afford being drowsy during the day. 

But it all changed for me when I took hypnotherapy. 

My therapist was super humble and friendly. I really thought he would be like a strict teacher with round specs hanging on his nose. 

In fact, he was dressed in a regular shirt and pants and always greeted me with a huge smile on zoom call.

My first session itself was highly therapeutic. He began with a guided meditation and gradually helped me reach a deeply relaxed state of mind. It was almost as if I was in a trance. I honestly thought it would not be possible online but it worked pretty well via zoom call as well. 

I knew what was happening around me but my full mental energy was now focused on my past memories. 

“What can you see?”

“I can see a room.. I am standing outside”

“What is inside the room”

“My mother… she is very sick”

“Why are you standing near the door?”

“I am keeping a watch on her”


“Because…. “

*long pause*

“Because she is sick and I am scared that she will die”

“So what do you do?”

“So I stayed awake all night to see her.. To make sure she wakes up in the morning”

With hypnotherapy I went back to one of my most emotionally charged past memories. My mother was diagnosed with blood cancer and her chances to make it out alive were slim. I was only 5 years old so nobody really cared to tell me the truth. 

But I could still understand that something was wrong with my mother. I had an intense fear that when I would wake up in the morning she would not be alive anymore. That is why I would spend the whole night staying awake to make sure that I am there when she dies. 

She passed away peacefully in her sleep during one of the lazy sunday afternoons. 

Eventually that memory faded from my subconscious mind as I grew up. However, when I turned 25, one of my friend’s fathers was diagnosed with blood cancer and the news triggered my past memories. 

For the longest time I could not understand why I was having these terrible sleep problems but hypnotherapy helped me to finally figure out the root cause of my insomnia. 

Not only this, hypnotherapy gave me a sense of peace and calmness that I have never felt before. I slept for two hours in my therapist’s clinic and the kind fellow did not even try to wake me up.

I felt deeply relaxed and healed. Not only mentally but I also felt physically healed. 

The soreness I felt in my muscles because of lack of sleep also disappeared. 

It was unbelievable that only 2 sessions of hypnotherapy could resolve my 10 year long sleep problem. The truth is that it healed my past wounds and freed my mind from a deeply rooted fear. 

I feel deeply grateful to my therapist. The level of professionalism, kindness and humanity she showed during the whole process of hypnotherapy made me feel comfortable and confident that hypnotherapy will work. 

It has been 6 months since I completed my sessions of hypnotherapy. And on most nights I sleep like a baby. 

The decision to take hypnotherapy changed my life. It helped me let go of my fears and heal from my past. I get a well-rested and peaceful sleep. My work performance has improved remarkably. I am able to be present for my friends and family. And I feel I am a lot happier with my life. 

I am super glad that I took hypnotherapy. It was one of the best decisions of my life. 

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