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Past Life Regression Healed A Stabbing Stomach Pain Of A 55 Years Old Man Who Saw Something Insane In His Past Life

Past Life Regression Healed A Stabbing Stomach Pain Of A 55 Years Old Man Who Saw Something Insane In His Past Life

“I used to scream in pain. It was that bad!” says Viren. He recently celebrated his 55th birthday and works as a strategist consultant in a company based in Dubai


Viren had tried all sorts of treatments to heal his stomach pain until he finally found relief with past life regression. He had been on medications for years, done multiple sonographies, and completed Ayurvedic courses but the stomach pain never left.


“It was as if somebody was poking my stomach with a sharp object,” describes Viren.


Living with chronic body pains is generally an underlying sign of something serious. Most people experience back or shoulder pain throughout their lives and it surely affects their energy and productivity levels. The same was happening with Viren.


“I did not have the pain until I turned 50 years old. At first, I thought it was because of age but up until now, I had maintained a healthy lifestyle. My diet was good and I even exercised regularly. My medical reports could not detect anything wrong and that was all the more confusing and frustrating”


When Viren had exhausted all his treatment options, his mind turned to a more spiritual solution. He was not particularly a spiritual person but he believed in the existence of God, and that there are certain truths that remain hidden from human understanding.


He approached his teacher back in his college days who possessed good knowledge about the spiritual world. They had remained in touch all these years and Viren believed that she would be the best person to discuss this with.


Viren’s teacher informed him that since he has ruled out all medical possibilities, there could be any of the two reasons why he is experiencing such frustrating pain in his stomach.


“According to my understanding either there are some negative energies affecting your life or there is past karma that you need to resolve. However, since there is nothing else that is going wrong in your life, I am getting a strong feeling that you need to heal your karma


Viren was intrigued. He believed in the concept of karma because it made sense to him. Every action has a consequence whether they are good or bad. He wanted to heal any karma that was carried from the past life and resolve his stomach pain.


He asked his teacher how he can heal his past karma.


“Go for past life regression therapy. Past life regression is a safe and effective way to go to the memories of your past, understand why you are experiencing these life struggles, and then finally how to overcome them. Trust me it can change your life completely”


Viren had an undying trust in his teacher. She was a highly spiritual person and a good human being. If she believed that past life regression would work in removing stomach pain then Viren saw no harm in giving it a fair chance.


His teacher connected him with one of the best past life regression therapists. He was a qualified, trained, and trusted professional who had been practicing past life regression for more than 30 years.


Viren booked a session of past life regression with him and waited eagerly to see how it would all unfold.


“What happened next with me was insane! My past life regression therapist was amazing. He quickly put me at ease and made me feel safe and comfortable. He began with a guided relaxation that gradually put me in a trance-like state. One needs to be deeply relaxed to be able to access their past lives”


Viren saw his past life quite vividly like he was watching a movie. He was born at a time when there was a huge conflict between India and England. He belonged to a royal Indian family and ruled over quite a few Indian states. However, when the British invaded India he was required to fight in order to protect his wealth.


“It was too much to digest honestly. The fact that I belonged to a royal family and was actually a part of the war that happened in reality almost seemed unreal. But what I saw next left me shocked!”


Viren saw that he was in a war between the British and the Indian soldiers. However, he was hiding in a safe corner where he wouldn’t be visible to the soldiers. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him and without giving any second thought he removed his sword, turned behind, and plunged it into the stomach of a wounded Indian soldier.


In his past life, Viren had stabbed a wounded soldier in his stomach and left him dying there. The past karma had remained stuck there and was carried to his present life. It was the reason why there was no reasonable explanation behind his stomach pain and why no medical treatments were able to remove the pain.


Viren had 4 sessions of past life regression where he learned more about his past karmas. His past life regression therapist guided him with remedies for healing and setting himself free from the past karma.


“It was unbelievable. I think I thanked my past life regression at least a million times. After only 3 weeks my stomach pain just disappeared. I was finally free from that stabbing pain and I was also free from the karma of harming an innocent life without any reason. Past life regression completely changed my life, exactly how my teacher had told me”


Viren’s stomach pain was gone. But that was not the only benefit he got from past life regression. He believes that ever since he completed all the sessions of past life regression his life feels happier and lighter.


“I also changed as a person. I am becoming a lot calmer and kinder. It is like a huge burden has been lifted off me. My professional life and even my relationships have improved tremendously. Past life regression was almost like a miracle that I needed badly in my life”


Past life regression led to a deep transformation of Viren’s life and opened doors to positivity, freedom, success, and happiness. Past life regression helped him to heal from his past karma and create a better present for himself.


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