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Expert Tarot Card Reader Predicted My Marriage In 2019 & What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

Expert Tarot Card Reader Predicted My Marriage In 2019 & What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

Expert Tarot Card Reader is a skilled and experienced individual who has the ability to tune into the universal energies. The energy serves as divine guidance that helps them to interpret the past, present, and future events of the concerned person.

A trusted and expert tarot card reader can become an effective guide in gaining clarity and resolving many life challenges including business opportunities, past relationships, karmic connections, blockages, love, and marriage.

The concept of Tarot Card Reading is rather fascinating because at first glimpse you would never believe that a deck of fancy cards could actually be so accurate about your life, but then the truth it reveals about you and your life can leave you in awe.

Similar awe-struck experience happened with Himanshi. She could never imagine how an expert tarot card reader would prove to be a life-changing factor in her life.

Her story is deeply interesting and makes you want to explore the world of divine energies and tarot card readings.

Shubham (name changed) and I were in a relationship for 8 years. Naturally, I believed that he would be the one I would marry and create a family with. I was an ordinary woman with dreams and hopes of settling down one day and having a cute home with a husband I love and 2-3 chubby little kids.

8 years is a long time. During those years we had our ups and downs but somehow, we managed to get through them and keep our relationship intact. I took pride in my relationship and I was convinced that nothing would set us apart.

We were the Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century except for the fact that they died but we would stay alive and grow old together.

In December 2015 I went to visit my aunt in Sydney, Australia. I had heard a lot about my quirky and mysterious aunt who had chosen to run away from home at the tender age of 16 and start a life of her own. She was the black sheep of the family but also the one who piqued everyone’s curiosity and interest.

When I went to Australia a slight fear crept into my heart.

What if Shubham and I cannot make the long-distance work?

But it was only a short diploma course and I would be back within a year. We had survived so much; we would definitely survive this as well.

My family thought it would be best to do an engagement before I leave and then plan the wedding once I am back. I had no problem with this plan. In fact, I was over the moon. I would be getting married to my best friend and my soulmate. Nothing could get better than that.

I shared my thoughts with Shubham. He seemed a little taken back but assured me that he would discuss this with his family and then start preparing for the engagement.

For some reason, his family kept delaying the engagement.

“My grandmother’s health is not good”

“Our guruji is asking to wait a little more”

“We are just taking time to prepare for everything”

These reasons made very little sense to me but I respected his and his family’s views and opinions. Eventually, it was only a week left before I moved to Australia and we decided to put off the engagement until I came back.

“We will directly get married, baby. Don’t worry about all these things. You focus on your diploma course right now. Don’t overthink about marriage” Shubham told me.

I agreed with him too. I believed that everything happens at the right time and if our engagement was delayed it was only because there was some good in it.

I reached Australia and settled at my aunt’s place. It took a while to adjust there but soon things started looking good for me. I was enjoying my course, making new friends, and having a blast with my aunt and her expert tarot card reader persona!

I learned that she was an expert tarot card reader and received her training and education from reputed universities. She had extensive knowledge about the spiritual and metaphysical world but at the same time was very much grounded in reality.

However, there was only one thing that was feeling like a thorn in my bed of roses. Shubham was acting strange. At first, I thought that it was the whole long-distance lack of communication thing. But every time we would have a conversation, he would start acting annoyed and cold.

I had a strong sense of emotional attachment to him. His moods affected mine and any slight change in his behavior gave knots in my stomach. I was stuck on my phone waiting for his call or text that never came.

My aunt noticed this sudden drop in my happiness and encouraged me to talk to her about my feelings and thoughts. I told her the entire story. How I met Shubham, the memories we made in these 8 years, the whole scene about the engagement, and how he is acting now.

My aunt who also happens to be an expert tarot card reader listened to everything with patience and understanding. After I felt relaxed and comforted, she asked me if I would be open to a Tarot Card Reading session.

A tinge of excitement and curiosity sparked within me. I had seen my aunt in the role of an expert tarot card reader and as much as I observed she was always accurate about her client’s life issues.

We sat in her office. She asked me to stay relaxed and keep my mind clear like an expert tarot card reader. She then spread her deck of Tarot Cards and encouraged me to think about any questions I have about my life and if possible be specific with them.

expert tarot card reader can resolve many life issues by giving clarity about your past present and future

I was clouded with a lot of confusion about Shubham’s behavior and fears about the way his family had delayed the engagement for the most absurd reasons. I did not share this verbally with my expert tarot card reader aunt.

She closed her eyes and repeated a few chants. This all seemed pretty mysterious and fascinating to me. With her eyes closed, she picked up three cards and placed them on the side.

She opened her eyes, took a look at the cards, and then explained to me the meaning of each card.

“Listen to everything with an open mind. Shubham is your karmic relationship. The intensity and connection that you feel have been carried from the past life where you shared a close relationship with him. However, I can see a major obstruction between you and Shubham. A negative barrier from his side.. “

My heart started beating rapidly. She asked me to take a few deep breaths.

“I also see the arrival of new love. He is the one you are going to marry”

She continued, “Something major is going to happen with you which will need all your strength and courage. You will have two options here. You can either let it consume you or if you can overcome it then you will begin to experience a life that you have always dreamed of”

My aunt was an expert tarot card reader but I could not believe a word she was telling me at the moment. Shubham and I had been together for 8 years. We had overcome every possible setback in our relationship and I had made up my mind that I was going to marry him.

I did not pay much attention to my expert tarot card reader’s absurd predictions. It was only a month and then I was flying back to India. I was sure that once I reached India Shubham, I would figure things out.

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

Shubham’s behavior turned even more cold and distant. He hardly picked up my calls, took days to reply to my text messages, and refused to meet at all. I started having panic attacks, lost my sleep, and started slipping into depression.

I was jerked back to reality when I found out from a common friend that he was getting engaged to some rich businessman’s daughter. The news hit me like a speeding truck and woke me up from my sleep.

The depression turned into hatred. The betrayal was huge. All my beliefs, the past 8 years, the memories, the hopes and dreams I had woven came crashing down. I could not understand what and why it was all happening to me.

I called up my expert tarot card reader aunt in Australia and told her everything that was happening. She informed me that this was the big change that was shown on the cards and from here I have two options. I can continue to suffer or pull myself out of the deep dark hole.

With the support of my friends and family, I was able to live through the initial days but the pain, guilt, shame, and confusion would always come back. I even resorted to alcohol for a few months but that made everything worse.

My friend encouraged me to go to therapy. In therapy, I was able to resolve a lot of my suppressed emotions and finally find some closure with what had happened.

As the expert tarot card reader had predicted I had made my choice. My choice was to overcome the depression and take better care of myself. As I started moving on, I could see our relationship from an outsider’s perspective.

We had many beautiful moments but somewhere I had compromised my true self. I adjusted my life, beliefs, likes, and dislikes as per Shubham’s happiness. It definitely took a lot in me to accept what had happened but as I did, I felt so much more confident and in love with myself.

All the predictions of my expert tarot card reader aunt were coming true and somewhere I hoped for her another prediction to come true.

“In 2019 you will find the person you will marry. I can sense a beautiful partnership. Your relationship is filled with peace and passion”

When I heard that prediction from her it made me upset because I could not imagine loving anyone else other than Shubham. But God has better plans and my expert tarot card reader’s prediction came true in 2019.

In the beginning of 2019, I met Hiren. And by the end of 2019, we were married. Our relationship and then our path towards marriage felt effortless and natural. I did not plan on falling in love with anyone but something about Hiren just made me want to pull down all my guards and let love win over all my past fears.

expert tarot card reader predicted my marriage

It has been 3 years since our marriage and it is the most beautiful and nourishing relationship, I have ever shared with anyone. I could be completely myself without any hesitation, doubts or insecurities.

My life took a complete turn in 2015 and I broke into pieces. I was convinced that I could never pull myself together again. I was fortunate enough to have a supportive family who pushed me to be consistent with my therapy.

My aunt and I look back at those days and have a good laugh. She is an expert tarot card reader and her predictions about my marriage turned out to be accurate. It was an unexpected turn of events but somehow everything fell into place and I actually received what I had dreamed of.

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