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10 Amazing Benefits of Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy

10 Amazing Benefits of Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy

past life regression therapy

10 Amazing Benefits of Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy: This is How PLR Therapy Can change your life !

Past Life Regression Therapy is a type of healing therapy that focuses on past events and how they affect our current behaviour and relationships. This healing therapy works best for those who have suffered from abuse in childhood or struggle with phobias. It works for anyone who has been a victim of abuse at any point in time, or feels stuck and wants to find a way.

Hypnotherapy is used in this healing treatment, which has been explored by both psychologists and hypnotherapists. Many  regression therapists believe that the subconscious mind represses trauma which reflects itself at a later age. Problems with adjustment and relationship troubles are a result of the projection of this trauma.

The failure to understand the cause of these troubles or handle issues caused by them results in emotional distress. As a result, hypnosis is commonly used by practitioners to elicit memories and help the client understand and acknowledge them.

The process of regression therapy is new and intriguing. As a result, there are some misconceptions associated with it. Do not worry! This article will help you get a clearer understanding of how this healing therapy works, and how it will change your life.

A person can heal their current life in one of two ways: they can observe their past incarnations and eliminate energy blocks, or they can learn from them and use what they’ve learned to heal their present life, which is much more powerful. 

Hypnosis is the primary technique in this procedure. There are several ways to gain access to one’s prior life. They can simply watch it as if it were a movie, or tag along and experience their past life secondhand. The latter is more intense and guarantees maximum emotional release.

past life regression therapyIt is a common misconception that hypnosis is sleep and regression could be just a dream. This is far from the truth. Research has proven that hypnosis is a state of parallel awareness, not sleep. A person can be aware of their current situation while concentrating on another aspect of their life simultaneously.

Some people find hypnotists practice magic or cast spells on patients.  This Regression therapy has been researched and practiced by psychologists worldwide. It might not sound very scientific at first, but people have found their lives changing after completing the process. When a therapist induces hypnosis, they assist a client in mentally establishing a trance state, which increases one’s ability to concentrate. 

Interesting, isn’t it? Healing can not just solve your problems but also help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. Healing changes a person’s perspective and reasoning to make life more meaningful. 

Here are some benefits of PLR Therapy you can expect before booking your first session.

1. Relief from current mental and emotional problems:  Regression therapy can help relieve tension, worry, fear, and phobias and prevent them from recurring.

2. Develop conscious control over your body:  Regression therapy can even improve physical health! When you are in a deep state of relaxation, you are more likely to be able to control your breathing, muscle tension, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. This will help you avoid stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks.

3. Clearer thinking: as your symptoms fade away, your worries go away with them, allowing you to think more clearly.

4. Learn more about the troubles you’re facing: the past is frequently the source of our problems. Self-awareness and self-awareness, experienced through regression therapy, are the first steps toward self-healing.

5. Release restricting thoughts and behaviors: Regression therapy can make you feel incredibly liberated and allow you to explore your thoughts, leading to positive outcomes.

6. Emotional and physical blockages to inner peace are removed: This Regression therapy brings a sense of quiet. Inner peace is restored, enhancing your health and wellbeing.

7. Relieve deep-seated physical and mental pain: When the past-life origins of the trauma are discovered, alleviation from musculoskeletal pain can happen quickly.

8. Regression therapy can relieve stress and worry, enhancing the immune system, and eliminating these symptoms promotes greater health.

9. Love flows more easily, for yourself and others: the sense of assurance and contentment that comes with regression therapy allows love to flow more freely, which helps avoid illnesses. When people are in love or feel love for themselves and others, their immune systems are at their peak, resulting in overall excellent health.

10. Understand relationships and establish healthier patterns: connecting with people from your prior lives (karmic relationships), in this life offers you a better knowledge of your current relationships, and allows you to create healthy patterns rather than repeating the old and toxic ones.

PLR Therapy helps live a fulfilling life in numerous ways. If you want to overcome your past karmic issues and unlock your true potential ? Connect with our expert Therapist here!


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