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I Overcame My ‘Kidney Cancer’ With 3 Sessions of Past Life Regression & It Definitely Shocked The Doctors

I Overcame My ‘Kidney Cancer’ With 3 Sessions of Past Life Regression & It Definitely Shocked The Doctors

Let me tell you the truth- I did not believe in Past Life Regression until I personally experienced it. 

I used to work as a Strategist Consultant in a multinational company. I was living the corporate dream for the longest time until one day I started having a heavy pain in one of my kidneys. 

Past Life Regression changed Sanjeev's life

Of course, I pushed the pain at the back of my mind and dissolved myself in work. I popped a few painkillers and the pain subsided only to come back stronger again.

When my work performance started declining and my discomfort became apparent to my boss, he advised me to see the doctors and take rest. 

The doctor carefully examined my situation, asked me to do a few tests, and then came to the conclusion that it could be kidney cancer. 

I received the shock of my life. 

Kidney stone? Okay… manageable. 

Urine infection? I could deal with that.


I decided to take alternate opinions. My current physical state left everyone pretty confused about what exactly was my diagnosis. 

All the tests came clean. I wanted to breathe a sigh of relief but the stabbing pain in my kidneys was too much to tolerate.  

I spent the next three months running in and out of doctor’s clinics and hospitals. Nobody could give a solid diagnosis because nothing concrete could be detected in the tests. 

I gulped down many painkillers. Yet, I spent many nights tossing and turning with pain.

I was not a spiritual person but when you are constantly suffering, your heart tries to find some peace through faith and God. 

I started praying regularly and practiced meditation at least thrice a week. I don’t know if my pain lessened or my strength increased but my health started to look better. 

I also became aware of past life regression therapy. I read how it has healed many people from chronic body pains, diseases, and illnesses. It is generally done when there is no reasonable explanation or medical treatments are not working.

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My case was exactly the same. The doctors were claiming that it could be kidney cancer. However, no medical tests backed that conclusion and all the medicines failed to reduce my pain. 

So, I went for past life regression. At this point, I needed some relief and I could not afford to let the pain consume my life. 

My past life regression therapist was pretty awesome. She was humble, friendly and had a calm energy around her. 

We initially had a good conversation where she patiently cleared all my doubts and eased my anxiety about past life regression. 

She asked me to lie down a reclining chair and gently close my eyes. 

Then she started with a relaxation meditation and guided me to one of my past lives. 

It was a strange experience. I knew what was going around me yet I was completely focused on recalling the memories of my past life. 

She gave me a few prompts such as….

Who are you?

What do you see around you?

What is happening there?

I could vividly see the details of my past life including who I was, where I stayed and the people around me.

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I could feel the emotions like they were actually happening to me and even got different smells. 

I saw that my kidney pain started after I turned 40years old. The situation was very much similar to my present life. The only difference was that in the present the technology and medicine was more advanced while in the past I resorted to natural and ayurvedic treatment.

The past life regression therapist guided me to different past events and in all of them I had the same pain in my kidney. She ascended me to my death and I saw that I passed away with the pain. 

She then prompted me to go to another one of my past lives and see the why, how and when the pain in my kidney started. 

In another life I was an alcohol addict. My addiction to alcohol ruined many lives around me including my children’s, my wife and my own. They tried their best to help me overcome my addiction but unfortunately, I passed away due to kidney failure. 

The unresolved karma I shared with my loved ones was then carried with me to different lives and that was the reason why I had an unexplainable pain in my kidneys. 

In the next 2 sessions the past life regression guided me to resolve the past karma through forgiveness and prayers. I learned to let go of the pain and become free from the karma of my past life. 

Past life regression worked like magic for me. In just 3 sessions my kidney pain disappeared completely and my health started improving. 

When I updated the doctors that I no longer had any pain in my kidney, they were all astounded about how that could happen especially when I had stopped taking any medicines for a long time. 

They even refunded the entire amount for the wrong diagnosis!

Personally, experiencing past life regression made me a believer. I understood that there are many truths that are not yet discovered by human beings or we simply choose to overlook them. 

The fact that my kidney pain disappeared completely was enough evidence for me. I know how much I struggled and suffered with that pain. 

Of course, I also made changes in my lifestyle. I have stopped consuming alcohol; I follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly now. Past life regression brought actual changes in my physical health.

More than that, it helped me achieve a sense of enlightenment that I have never felt before. I somehow feel more carefree and positive about life. My relationships feel more satisfying and I even found the true meaning of my life. 

I cannot be more grateful for my past life regression therapy. She changed my life for the better. Past life regression therapy has turned me into a healthy and happy man.

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