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Feeling Distant From Your Partner? Here Is How Online Marriage Counselling Can Help + 19 Tips To Reconnect With Your Partner

Feeling Distant From Your Partner? Here Is How Online Marriage Counselling Can Help + 19 Tips To Reconnect With Your Partner

Online Marriage Counselling- Holistic Living

“I used to feel distant from my partner. We would hang out with each other but there was a strange barrier between us, a tense energy that we just could not shake off. I was scared that our marriage was falling apart. It was not anything huge. No violence, or abuse.. Just plain boredom and passiveness”

Disha is a successful lawyer living in the suburban lanes of Mumbai. She married Kartik in her early 20s. It was an arranged marriage set up, but they soon fell in love. Today, after 15 years of their marriage, love is there but it does not seem enough. 

Marriage is a complicated affair often compared to a roller coaster ride. It has its fair share of up and downs, and even moments where you may regret getting on the ride at all. Those who have shared a long-lasting and strong marriage agree that marriage takes a lot of work. It takes commitment from both sides to do everything to ensure that their sacred bond remains intact. 

Disha and Kartik were not ready to give up on each other yet. At first, they attempted to brush off the problem and ignore it as long as they could. But like a pink elephant in the room, it was getting too big to overlook it. 

That is when a close friend suggested online marriage counselling. It was perfect for them since they both had to travel often for work purposes. Online marriage counselling gave them the opportunity to work on their relationship without the hassle of matching their schedules all the time. 

“We were clueless during our first session of online marriage counselling. If I dare speak the truth I was not even sure if it would work. Three people on Google meet discussing about marriage stuff? Sounded crazy to me. But I was naive back then. As our sessions of online marriage counselling progressed, I could see a major shift in our relationship” says Kartik. 

The major shift that Kartik talked about was nothing but a change in each other’s way of communication styles, and opening a space of empathy and compassion. Before online marriage counselling, Disha and Kartik rarely had honest conversations about their feelings. 

Most of their talks revolved around work or family, or random things that happened with them. Being vulnerable with each other opened a new world for both of them. A world of deeper love and understanding. 

That is what online marriage counselling does. It works on identifying the pain areas of the couples, and equips them with effective strategies to resolve their problems and reconnect with each other. Online marriage counselling is an intensive process that takes into account the emotions, expectations and concerns of both the partners. It works at an individual level as well. 

“I believe the best part about online marriage counselling was how it empowered both Kartik and I to work on our personal selves. We both had unhealthy patterns and toxic traits so it was important for us to do inner work as well. And once we started doing that, we could relate better with each other. We longer projected our prejudices and egos, instead connected with each other at a soul level” says Disha. 

Wow! From feeling distant from each other to finding back their lost friendship and love, Disha and Kartik’s story serves as a strong testimonial for online marriage counselling. 

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Many couples commit the mistake of seeking help until things become too unbearable or they are heading for a divorce. In worst cases, couples continue to be in a lifeless marriage without doing anything about it. The real question is- Why? Why are they not willing to go the extra mile to revive their romance and create a happy marriage? 

Fortunately, there are resources available that can help couples navigate their differences and learn to be better partners for each other. Hence, if you and your partner are struggling with probing issues then you can consider going for online marriage counselling and giving your relationship a fair chance to thrive. 

Meanwhile, if you are feeling distant from your partner then you can try these 19 tips suggested by our expert marriage counsellor at Holistic Living. 

1. Open Communication: Start by having an honest and open conversation about how you both feel and what might be contributing to the distance. Talking is the key It may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first but don’t let that stop you from opening up to your partner. 

2. Quality Time: Dedicate regular quality time together without distractions, where you can focus solely on each other. No work, no phones, no family, and no children. Just you and your lover! 

3. Date Nights: Plan creative and fun date nights to keep the excitement alive and break the routine. Both partners should make an effort to do something special for each other. 

4. Surprise Gestures: Surprise each other with small acts of kindness and thoughtful gestures to show that you care. A sticky note on his lunch box or a random kiss on the forehead can do great wonders. 

5. Physical Touch: Rekindle physical intimacy through cuddling, hugging, holding hands, and other forms of affection. Couples often shy away from showing physical affection in front of their children when it should be the complete opposite of that. Let the world know you are crazily in love with each other. 

6. Shared Interests: Rediscover shared hobbies or interests that brought you together in the first place.

7. Write Love Notes: Leave heartfelt notes for each other to express your feelings and appreciation.

8. Express Gratitude: Regularly express gratitude for each other’s contributions to the relationship. Showing appreciation is one of the best ways to win back your partner’s attention and affection. 

9. Adventure Together: Embark on new adventures or experiences that can strengthen your bond. Get out of that comfort zone. It will get you nowhere. 

10. Active Listening: Practice active listening when your partner speaks, showing empathy and understanding. Avoid getting defensive or competing with your partner about who has it worse. And avoid blame games at all costs. 

11. Apologize and Forgive: Address any lingering conflicts or resentments by apologizing and forgiving each other. (With an emphasis on genuine forgiveness) Once you have talked and resolved the issue, there is no point in digging it back. 

12. Supportive Environment: Create an environment where both partners feel safe sharing their thoughts and emotions.

13. Plan Future Goals: Discuss and plan your future together, setting both short-term and long-term goals.

14. Disconnect from Tech: Set aside designated tech-free times to connect with each other without distractions.

15. Appreciate Differences: Embrace each other’s unique qualities and differences, understanding that they contribute to the relationship’s richness.

16. Counseling or Therapy: If needed, consider seeking professional help to navigate deeper issues causing the distance.

17. Travel Together: If possible, go on a getaway to refresh your perspectives and bond in a new setting.

18. Laugh Together: Share humor and laughter to remind yourselves of the joy you bring to each other’s lives.

19. Reignite Passion: Explore ways to reignite the passion in your relationship, both emotionally and physically

These suggestions will work only when both partners are willing to put effort and commitment into the relationship. If there are repetitive issues in the marriage then it is advisable to go for online marriage counselling


In the complex tapestry of marriage, the threads of love, companionship, and understanding can sometimes become frayed. Disha and Kartik’s story illustrates the transformative power of acknowledging issues, embracing vulnerability, and seeking help to mend those threads. Their journey from a state of distance and tension to rediscovering a deeper connection is a testament to the potential of online marriage counseling.

The 19 tips offered provide a roadmap for couples yearning to bridge the emotional gap and reignite the passion that once defined their relationship. Each suggestion carries the potential to spark conversations, kindle affection, and foster a renewed sense of togetherness.

Remember, the key to a lasting and fulfilling partnership is rooted in the choices made today to nurture and cherish the love that brought you together.

Do you want to go for online marriage counselling but have doubts? We understand! Taking that first step can be overwhelming but we are here for you. At Holistic Living, you can take a 10-minute Free consultation with expert marriage counsellors. Click on THIS link to connect on WhatsApp today and make a choice to create a blissful married life with your partner.

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