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How Inner Child Healing Can Attract True Love

How Inner Child Healing Can Attract True Love

Inner Child Healing is an intensive process of releasing past wounds, clearing emotional blockages, and opening one’s heart to love compassion, and happiness.

This article covers the inspiring story of Gayatri. She is a resident of Mumbai and makes an earnest living as a data analyst for an IT firm.

When Gayatri came to Holistic Living Wellness Studio, her eyes were devoid of any emotions. She greeted everyone with a polite courtesy but her smiles were hallow and the tone of her voice was similar to a pre-recorded telephonic message. 

“I am an insomniac. I have not slept peacefully for 6 years now” said Gayatri to our spiritual master and PLR expert, Mr. Mittal. But Gayatri’s body language, general demeanor, and aura suggested that her concerns go way beyond her inability to sleep at night.

Mr. Mittal’s instincts were on point because as the sessions progressed, Gayatri opened up about her unfortunate childhood and ancestral trauma. Her heart chakra was heavily blocked and she had developed a sense of depersonalization about the world around her. 

She was physically present but at a soul level, she always remained absent. She had an unexplained feeling of emptiness within her as if she was searching for something that never existed. 

Her ties with her parents were broken, she shared a cordial relationship with her siblings, and when it came to love she had experienced nothing but betrayal and disappointment. 

Gayatri’s inner child was trapped in fears and negative emotions. She perceived the world with a cynical lens and built a rigid belief system.

Mr. Mittal decided that inner child healing would be the best course of action for Gayatri. Inner child healing had become necessary to unlock the secrets of her past and allow Gayatri to express the hurt, anger, and sadness, and give her a fair chance to heal and open her heart toward unconditional joy.

Gayatri had suppressed her inner child for 24 years. Her teens, her adulthood, and her current phase of life were heavily marked by her unresolved past traumas. She did not form any meaningful connections, never dared to seek new experiences, and seldom felt any joy or enthusiasm toward life. 

Neglecting and suppressing your inner child has heartbreaking consequences. Many people become cold and bitter toward the world, raising high walls around them, facing broken relationships, and never inviting true happiness.

Imagine your inner child as the younger version of yourself—the you from your early years. This inner child carries the memories of experiences, both positive and negative, that have shaped your understanding of the world and yourself. If this inner child has wounds—emotional or psychological injuries that haven’t been addressed—it can impact your well-being in various ways.

Low Self-Esteem: Unresolved issues from childhood, such as feelings of inadequacy or not being “good enough,” can contribute to low self-esteem. The way you were treated or the messages you received during your formative years play a significant role in shaping how you perceive yourself.

Relationship Challenges: The relationships you form as an adult can be influenced by the patterns learned in childhood. If your inner child experiences difficulties in forming secure attachments, it might manifest in challenges in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors: Unhealed wounds may lead to self-sabotage. This can include behaviors like procrastination, avoiding opportunities for success, or engaging in destructive habits. These actions might be subconscious attempts to protect yourself from perceived threats based on past experiences.

Difficulty Managing Emotions: Your emotional responses to situations in adulthood can be strongly tied to your inner child’s experiences. If emotions were suppressed or invalidated during your early years, you might struggle with expressing or managing emotions effectively as an adult.

Limiting Beliefs: The beliefs formed during childhood, whether positive or negative, can shape your worldview. Limiting beliefs—such as “I’m not worthy of love” or “I can’t trust others”—may stem from experiences that your inner child hasn’t come to terms with.

If you are experiencing these signs, you must sit with your feelings and understand yourself better.

“Inner child healing changed my life in ways I cannot explain. It helped me get in touch with myself…it made me realize that everything I am looking for is within me. Inner child healing helped me open my heart and feel all the beauty in this world!! I missed it so much… I never knew I could feel at peace until I did inner child healing…and that feeling is just so great.

I detached myself from the pain and emerged out of it stronger than ever but I could not have done without Mr. Mittal. A gem of a person who goes above and beyond to make sure you heal and change your life for the better. Our inner child should be treasured and I am doing that… I am going to love and take care of that little girl again” shares Gayatri with the brightest smile and twinkling eyes.

Gayatri’s story is inspiring. It sheds light on the profound impact that unhealed inner child wounds can have on a person’s life. Gayatri’s numbness, insomnia, and sense of emptiness were like symptoms of a deeper, hidden struggle.

Mr. Mittal’s intuitive approach to recognizing the need for inner child healing speaks to the importance of holistic approaches that consider spiritual and emotional dimensions alongside psychological ones. Gayatri’s journey from a state of emotional dormancy to the acknowledgment of her past traumas is a testament to the power of self-awareness.

It’s heartbreaking to see how years of neglecting and suppressing her inner child led to a life marked by unfulfilling relationships and a lack of joy. Gayatri’s case highlights the importance of breaking the cycle of pain by addressing the wounds of the inner child.

The step-by-step process of inner child healing outlined in her story provides a roadmap for those who may be resonating with similar struggles.

From acknowledgment to self-care, each step is a crucial part of the inner child healing journey. The idea that healing involves allowing the inner child to express their emotions is especially significant; it’s a form of self-compassion that opens the door to profound transformation.

Gayatri’s story serves as a reminder that true healing involves a deep exploration of the self and a willingness to confront the pain of the past.

It’s also a testament to the resilience of the human spirit; even after years of suppression, the inner child has the capacity to heal and reintegrate into the present, paving the way for a more authentic and joyful life.

Talk To Mr. Mittal To Understand More About Inner Child Healing

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