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Let our renowned coaches – Mind, Body, Health, Soul, Work, Family, Relationships, Wealth, and Lifestyle, guide you in achieving of your life goals. Get Experts to advise

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Experience wellness in life-transforming events and retreats. From yoga to meditation or digital detox to weight loss, choose online seminars, events, and revitalize yourself.

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Select natural wellness items from a wide range of well-curated health & beauty, healing & energy, organic & natural products to lead and celebrate healthy and happy living.

Find a Perfect CoachEveryone has a dream, but only a few find the right ways to achieve it. Let our coaches - Mind, Body, Soul, Work, Relationships, Wealth, and Lifestyle help you discover the right path. Get an Expert to help you

Celebrated Coaches

At Holistic Living, we have a pool of India’s best professional coaches who expertly guide you through seven wellness dimensions of your life: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Financial, Social and Spiritual - to heal, uplift and transform your life holistically.

Focus on your specific needs

Our life coaches identify the root cause of your life issues and focus on your specific needs. Once the cause is identified, they help you to resolve it with expert guidance.

Explore our Wellness LeagueRevitalize and experience wellness at our retreats. From yoga to meditation, from digital detox to weight loss, choose our workshops and seminars and celebrate life at our wellness resorts & retreats

Visit our Wellness StoreWe offer an assortment of products like books to enlighten the mind, jewelry to revitalize, natural health supplements to improve health, organic food products for added nutritional value, essential oils to calm and rejuvenate the senses and fashion products to look your very best.

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At, Holistic Living community platform - Wellness Store, we address daily requirements of our customers to promote healthy lifestyle by recommending well-curated health and wellness products. Whether its food for your skin or food for your thoughts or food to sustain a healthy body, you will find a wide range of products to improve your overall health.


Books & Literature

Book Reading nerds build your own valuable wellness library.
Knowledge is power

Energy Jewelry

Increase the free flow of positive energy around you.
Wear what provide you the energy

Organic Food Products

Delicious Living, Organic Food. Diet choices for vital health and conscious well-being.
Enjoy our Delicious Organic Food

Beauty & Personal Care

Pick your natural beauty and personal care products to pamper yourself
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Essential Oils

Treat everything. Essential oils help you heal.
Pick Your essential oil now.

Natural Health Care

Sustainable World, In the quest for optimal health and wellness, best to be closest to nature.
Get closer to nature

Lifestyle & Fashion

Nature meets Tradition. Let your individual style to be the best
Be a fashion Diva

Who We Are ???

We are a group of Yogis who came together to design and create this one of its kind Premier One-Stop-Community Wellness Platform – The Holistic Living. We conceptualized this platform with a simple purpose in mind; to connect people, programs and products to improve the well-being of individuals.

What began as one man’s passion to help people to grow and lead a happy life, turned into a mission to empower more and more people to take charge of their own life across all the wellness dimensions- physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, occupational, financial, Social wellness and live the life of their dreams.

We are on a Mission to help people in transforming their life by encouraging them to re-connect with their inner self, acknowledge holistic wellness approach, unleash their true potential, experience every moment of joy, inspire other to be happy and start celebrating life together.

What We Do….

On this unique platform, we bring together the world’s best resources to transform people lives-

Life Coaches, Healers and Therapists to pilot individuals into their wellness journey and encourage them to unleash their unique potential across all seven elements of life – Mind, Body, Soul, Relationship, Family, Work, Money and Lifestyle.

Wellness Retreats section provide the online booking options of inspiring wellness events, workshops, seminars and wellness retreats to experience the life transformation techniques and help you get in touch with your inner self.

Wellness Store offers an exclusive range of natural and organic wellness products to cultivate healthy eating and living habits and transform individuals into happier human being.

7 C’s Advantage @ Holistic Living,With our large network of wellness coaches, retreats and natural wellness products our customers can expect to experience unique 7 C's Advantage Holistic Living, while they engage with Experts on this premier one-stop community wellness Platform.

Curated Wellness

All life coaches, healers, therapists, even wellness retreats and every wellness product has a purpose and an intention to enable our customers to achieve their wellness goals.


We have a pool of renowned life coaches covering all the aspects of wellness, handpicked wellness events and retreats, and an exclusive range of natural wellness products.


Premier wellness platform easy to access, explore, and compare various options. On-line booking of coaches, retreats, and natural wellness products buying in a few clicks.

Customer Service

We don’t just offer the best but serve you with reliable, quick customer support. We always strive to offer a superior customer experience to our clients .


To give you the best, we collaborate with the renowned and expert coaches, healers, therapists, retreats planners, and suppliers of best-in-class wellness products.


In today’s data-driven fast-paced technology age, respecting your data privacy and the security of your transactions with us is of utmost importance and our topmost priority.

Competitive Pricing

All life coaches, healers, therapists, even wellness retreats and every wellness product has a purpose and an intention to enable our customers to achieve their wellness goals.

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