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Guaranteed and Safe Couple Therapy To Boost Sexual Intimacy | 100% Confidential

Guaranteed and Safe Couple Therapy To Boost Sexual Intimacy | 100% Confidential

Couple Therapy To Boost Sexual Intimacy- Holistic Living

Physical and sexual intimacy is one of the two important pillars of a thriving and satisfying relationship. The physical closeness and ease shared between the husband and wife are often an indication of healthy love and friendship. 

In the initial days of any relationship, curiosity, and passion is alive, and the desire to engage in sexual acts is often high. As the relationship progresses and responsibilities increase especially after having children, the sexual intimacy between the partners starts losing its usual spark. 

“You don’t always have to be burning with desire and lust. Lack of sex life does not necessarily mean that you are in a failing marriage. However, a lack of physical intimacy may have underlying issues such as poor communication, built-up frustration, lack of quality time spent together and hardly ever prioritizing your partner.

These factors in the long run can destroy the best of relationships. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the signs and give priority to your bond as husband and wife.” says an expert couple therapist at Holistic Living. 

40% of couples in India continue to live in emotionally and sexually lifeless marriages. The saddest part is that we believe that this is the norm and there is nothing we can do about it. 

WRONG! Marriages and relationships need to be satisfying in all areas because they form a major part of our lives and can heavily influence our well-being and quality of life. That is why it is important to go the extra mile and take consistent efforts to reconnect with your partner and keep the spark alive. 

One way you can do that is by taking couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy. Couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy helps the partner to identify the key issues affecting their relationship and improve solid communication so that they can openly discuss their needs, expectations, and desires. 

Couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy is a form of talk therapy that is designed to help individuals and couples overcome relationship difficulties and improve their sexual functioning and satisfaction. The goal of couple therapy is to help clients develop a healthier and more positive attitude toward each other, improve communication and intimacy with their partner, and resolve any sexual issues or concerns that may be causing distress.

Couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy typically involves a series of sessions with a trained and licensed therapist, who will work with clients to identify and address any sexual issues or concerns they may be experiencing. During these sessions, the therapist may use a variety of techniques, such as education, counseling, and behavioral interventions, to help clients achieve their goals.

The couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy may start with an assessment of the client’s sexual and emotional concerns. This helps the therapist to understand the nature of the problem and identify potential causes or contributing factors. 

Once the therapist has a clear understanding of the client’s concerns, they will work with them to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs and goals. This may involve a combination of psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and other strategies.

The therapist will also work with the partners to identify any emotional factors that are contributing to the lack of sexual intimacy. At times, constant fights and arguments may reduce the libido and the desire to get physical with your partner. 

Emotional intimacy plays a major role in sexual satisfaction, particularly for women. Therefore, couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy focuses on resolving emotional concerns and issues and connecting the partners at a deeper level.

Overall, couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy is a highly effective approach to improving sexual functioning and satisfaction and can help individuals and couples overcome a wide range of relationship issues and concerns. It is important to note that couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy is a confidential and non-judgmental process, and clients should feel comfortable discussing any issues or concerns they may have with their therapist.

Case Study: Naina and Harsh’s Real Life-Experience of Couple Therapy To Boost Sexual Intimacy at Holistic Living.

Note: The names have been changed for privacy purposes. All the information provided is completely consensual and authentic. 

Naina and Harsh have been married for 6 years. After the birth of their second child, Naina and Harsh found themselves drifting apart from each other. They no longer shared any meaningful conversations, quality moments, or intimacy. Instead, they would argue and fight most of the time.

Harsh was weary of the lack of emotional and physical connection with Naina. Out of frustration, he registered himself on a dating application. Although Harsh never went ahead with anything, he still felt guilty and confessed everything to Naina. 

Of course, she was furious and disappointed. However, after having the first honest conversation in a very long time they both realized how they had been neglecting their relationship and hardly ever spent time with each other. 

Naina and Harsh decided to do something about their current situation. They both loved each other and did not want their precious bond to fizzle out. Naina came up with the idea of taking couple therapy and discussed it with Harsh. 

“I am not going to lie. I was doubtful at first. What if my family finds out we are taking couple therapy? I knew my mother would freak out. But after listening to Naina and doing my own research I realized that it is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, it just shows how much the marriage means to us because we wanted to make it work” says Harsh.

After days of contemplation, Naina and Harsh booked the online couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy at Holistic Living. Harsh has to travel for work purposes and Naina has to be there for the children hence online was the most convenient option for both partners. 

The initial sessions focused on creating a space of safety and privacy so that Naina and Harsh could have open and honest conversations about their feelings, thoughts, and concerns. 

The expert couple therapist conducted objective assessments and talk therapy to understand the underlying issues that were hampering the couple’s emotional and physical connection. 

The therapist incorporated different techniques to help the couple improve their communication, resolve pent-up frustration, increase understanding, and ultimately boost the sexual and physical intimacy between them.

For instance, in the role-play exercise, Harsh could understand Naina’s reaction when she found out about the dating application. Instead of making excuses for it, he owned up to his action and empathise with Naina’s feelings. 

On the other hand, Naina could take in Harsh’s perspective and realize that she should show more appreciation for his efforts and hard work. 

Gradually, their emotional connection became much stronger, and with the help of various techniques and suggestions given by the couple’s therapist, their sexual chemistry also took a positive turn.

“The couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy was a completely worthwhile decision. Sometimes you are so caught up in the whirlwind of emotions and personal struggles that you cannot get a rational and realistic perception of the situation. Harsh and I were so busy being parents that we forgot our foremost responsibility toward each other. 

The journey has been amazing so far. Harsh and I are closer than ever, and we don’t want to disclose more but the bedroom area is pretty satisfying too” smiles Naina.

Couple therapy to boost sexual intimacy is a 100% safe and confidential therapy that aims at resolving emotional, physical, and sexual issues affecting the relationship. It helps in improving communication and understanding between the partners and creates a stronger and more satisfying bond with each other. 

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