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How Past Life Regression Helped 26yrs Old Rana Find Her ‘Real Home’

How Past Life Regression Helped 26yrs Old Rana Find Her ‘Real Home’

Past life regression is based on the belief that we have lived multiple past lives and each one of them is somehow connected to the other. 

We may build certain soul or karmic connections that are carried with us in every lifetime. These connections are often meant to teach us important lessons that foster our spiritual growth and soul evolution. 

At times we experience negative patterns or blockages that seem to make no sense. We may feel that we are stuck in a loop and no matter how much we try there is no way forward. 

Such experiences are often an indication that there is some past karma that needs to be cleared. You are stuck in your soul evolution and hence are not able to fully experience your current life. 

Past life regression therapy guides you to experience your past lives and helps you to clear your past karma, break negative patterns and overcome blockages. 

There have been many real-life stories of past life regression which strengthens our belief in the possibility of reincarnation. 

Rana is a 26 years old woman who recently completed her graduation in marketing. Her life seems ordinary but when you take a closer look you will see that Rana’s experiences have been nothing but ordinary. 

She was born and brought up in the busy lanes of Delhi. Her father is a businessman and owns a shop in Karol Bagh and her mother is a retired school professor. 

She had no speech until she turned 3 years old. Her parents were worried that Rana is mute and consulted many doctors to understand why she was not able to speak a single word.

When she turned 3, she started mumbling, and soon after she was able to speak in full sentences. The doctors were pleasantly surprised by this sudden change of events while her parents believed that it was God’s miracle. 

“When Rana was 5 years old she would snatch my phone and keep watching videos of some place in Jaipur. Children are usually interested in cartoons but she was strangely mesmerized by pictures of ancient forts. She would point at them and say ‘Home’.

She used to play with blocks and each time she would make a fort out of  them and shout ‘home, home”

Rana’s parents did not take it seriously and shrugged it off as something funny and childish. However, her obsession with forts grew more and more. She would cry for hours shouting, “I feel homesick, take me home!”

Her mother would comfort her and assure her that she is at her own home. 

“I even used to have dreams about some fort. I remember chasing something in my dreams but I could never clearly see what it was. These dreams were quite frequent” shares Rana.

The memories of forts never left Rana but she stopped expressing her feelings. She thought that people would think she is going crazy. 

She went on a college trip to Jaipur when she was 21 years old. She visited an old fort which was now reduced to remains. Rana had an eerie feeling that she has been here before and was able to draw the exact picture of the fort. 

When she came back from the trip, she started feeling even more homesick. She could not stop reading about that fort and looking at pictures of Jaipur. She grew frustrated and deeply unhappy with her present life. 

This continued for another year. She even had trouble developing a good relationship with her mother and always felt like she was suffocating her even when she was simply looking out for her. 

The guilt, sadness, nostalgia, and emptiness kept piling up. 

“It was the most difficult phase of my life. I really felt that I was going crazy until I read about reincarnation and past life regression. I read that there have been many people who are able to recall memories of their past lives. Past life regression therapy helps to see past lives and I really hoped it would give me the answers I needed”

Rana went to an expert PLR therapist and explained to him everything that has been happening to her since she was a child. The past life regression therapist listened attentively and assured her that she will get the answers she needs to resolve her issues. 

Rana was required to take 3 sessions. In these sessions, she saw that she was born into a royal family and was a princess to two doting parents. They owned a huge palace near a fort. Her favorite part of the day was playing hide and seek with her siblings in the fort near her palace. 

When she turned 13 years old, the fort was attacked by the enemies and in the war, she lost her father. Soon after that the enemies invaded the palace and imprisoned all her family members. Her mother managed to escape with Rana but when she saw that the enemies were approaching them, she shot Rana and herself. 

The feeling of loss, pain, and betrayal was carried with Rana to her present life.

Past life regression helped Rana to understand her childhood connection with forts, the strained relationship with her mother, the repetitive dreams, and the eerily familiar drawing of the fort in Jaipur. 

Past life regression therapy was a blessing for me. It was like the mystery was finally solved and I felt lighter and carefree. The past life regression therapist also helped me to resolve the past karma with my mother and move forward at a soul level. It has been 4 months since I completed my past life regression therapy and trust me it has really changed my life. 

That homesick feeling has finally disappeared and I feel like I am able to live in the present moment instead of feeling a constant void and emptiness in my heart”

Rana’s personal experience of past life regression therapy has definitely strengthened our belief in reincarnation and the power of PLR therapy to break negative patterns, clear karma, and overcome blockages in life.

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