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Past Life Regression Therapy Revealed Her Desirable Twin Flame Journey By Seeing 4 Previous Lives

Past Life Regression Therapy Revealed Her Desirable Twin Flame Journey By Seeing 4 Previous Lives

Brianna currently lives in the tranquil state of Michigan, USA. She is a marketing manager in a finance company and leads a financially stable and satisfying life. She completed her past life regression therapy on 5th March 2022.

Brianna has always been a hustler. She believes that when you want something in life you have to go after it. However, for the past 7 months, she had been experiencing strange anxiety in her stomach. 

She would have dreams about a person whose face was never visible. She was unable to recall the exact details of the dreams but the feeling lingered strongly in her mind even after she woke up. 

“I know I was dreaming but they felt deeply real. I had dreams about hugging this person, walking on the beach with him, laughing, and fighting. It was just so surreal” describe Brianna. 

She had a stable home, a booming career, and a lively social circle yet in her heart there was a sense of emptiness that she just could not shake off. 

And when she started having these dreams, she realized that she missed love and companionship. 

“I was having these dreams continually for 2 weeks. It was December and warnings of a storm were flashing on all the news channels. I had to wrap up some important work because of which I was not able to leave on time.  By the time I was leaving for home, the snow had already piled up and it was practically impossible to drive my car. Fortunately, the subways were still functioning so I decided to board the train. There I saw him for the first time. We just shared a brief glance but I intuitively knew that it was the man I used to see in my dreams.

Then I stopped having those dreams after that”

Brianna grew even more restless and she could not stop longing for the love and companionship she felt in her dreams. 

She decided to take action and searched for different means to figure out what was happening to her. 

She came across several articles on past life regression therapy and read real-life experiences of how past life regression therapy has changed people’s lives.

She found out that past life regression therapy is a process where you go back to your previous lives to find the answers you need to heal your present life

The past life regression therapy piqued her interest and she booked the online session on that very same day. 

She explained to the therapist her reason for seeking past life regression therapy. She described the dreams she had been having and how a random stranger on the subway looked oddly familiar. 

The therapist told her that it sounded more like the first stage of the twin flame journey. This stage is generally marked by a deep longing for a specific connection and a brief encounter with your twin flame. 

Brianna had many questions looming over her head. She wanted to understand what is twin flame journey and how can past life regression therapy help her in this situation. 

“Twin flame journey is a unique journey of two souls who are destined to come together for the purpose of great spiritual growth and development. A twin flame relationship is often tumultuous and an intense roller coaster. 

The first time when you unite with your twin flame the connection is intense. You feel like you have met someone just like you and the relationship will leave you feeling ecstatic and ‘dizzy’. 

However, this honeymoon stage often fades away and the flames begin to experience differences and conflicts. They just can’t seem to agree on anything and the similarities that they once shared begin to feel annoying and frustrating. 

Since twin flames serve as a mirror to each other, the relationship can get highly comfortable and give rise to fears and anxiety. This will further cause the twin flames to push away from each other and get stuck in the whole push-and-pull dynamics which means that when one feels distant the other will try to lure them back or vice versa. 

The constant conflicts cause the twin flame relationship to snap and they enter the 4th stage which is separation. This is a decisive stage because only if the twins are willing to work on themselves and fully heal the broken parts then they can come together again. 

Twins who are successful in doing the inner work often reunite and begin to develop a more healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Sadly many twin flames fail to reunite because they don’t understand how to clear the past karmic ties or are often in denial of the stuck karma.

This is where past life regression therapy helps you to see the dynamics you have been sharing with your twin flame in the previous lives and how the connection between you and your twin have nurtured and developed over lifetimes. 

It is highly possible that you will see your twin flame but in different relations while doing past life regression therapy. You will understand the karmic ties between you and your twin and how to clear them so you can find each other again in the present life”

Brianna was elated and excited about past life regression therapy.

The past life regression therapist guided her to her previous lives. After 3 sessions of past life regression therapy, Brianna experienced 4 of her previous lives and in all those past lives she saw her twin flame. 

In the first life, they were childhood friends who got separated when one of them moved abroad. The connection that they shared even as kids was deep and meaningful. Sadly, they never met again in that life and Brianna spent her whole life longing for that same connection. 

In the second life, they shared a conflicting sibling relationship. The connection in this life was strong as well but inclined more towards the negative side. There was a lot of tension, frustration and unresolved conflicts between them. This was because both of them had an inflated egos and refused to empathize with and understand each other. 

In the 3rd life, Brianna had a miscarriage and the child she was carrying in her stomach had the same soul as her twin flame. In that life, she faced a lot of emotional and mental health issues. 

Finally, in the 4th life which was the one just before her current life, she was married to her twin flame. Unfortunately, the marriage ended up in a messy divorce. They had multiple encounters in that life but never found closure.

In the next few sessions of past life regression, the therapist guided Brianna to understand the lessons she needs to learn from her previous lives and do the inner healing work. She was able to heal the past karmic ties. 

A few months after the past life regression therapy, Brianna met her twin flame. Her longing for companionship was finally fulfilled. She is on her remarkable twin flame journey and if she consciously follows the guidance of her past life regression therapist she will definitely develop the most passionate and loving relationship with her twin flame. 

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