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Using Healing Crystals To Align Chakras

Using Healing Crystals To Align Chakras

                               How To Use Chakra Stones? 5 Tips To Make The Most Of Healing Crystals

Healing crystals can be used to align your chakras, which are life force energy centres that connect the physical to the etheric. You can utilise crystals to balance and harmonise your chakras whether you have a single crystal or crystals in every colour.

Using Crystals to Align Chakras

Seven major chakras go through the centre of your body. These chakras connect your body, mind, and emotions to your spirit. When the chakras are out of balance or out of sync, problems with the body, mind, and spirit can arise.

Chakras can become blocked, underactive, or overactive due to a variety of factors such as emotional upheaval, disease, karmic concerns, or even issues from childhood or previous lives. All chakras can be aligned and balanced by using crystals that vibrate at the correct frequency for each chakra.

Method of 7 Essential Crystals

Lying with a crystal on each chakra is a simple technique to align all of the chakras. You can utilise the 7 essential crystals for beginners by lying on your back and placing one crystal on each chakra as follows:
The root is smokey quartz.
Carnelian – sacral
Citrine – solar plexus
Rose quartz for the heart
Chalcedony Throat
Amethyst for the third eye
Clear quartz crown

Lie down for 10 minutes with the crystals in place, concentrating on your breathing. The crown chakra crystal should be just over the top of your head, and the root chakra crystal should be right beneath your root chakra (between your knees). All other crystals should be placed directly on your body. After using the crystals, clean them.

Method for Matching Crystal Color to Chakra Color

To balance the chakras, you can also use gems that match the hue of each one. Place the root chakra crystal just below your root chakra between your legs, and the crown chakra crystal just above the top of your head, as with the prior approach, with all others directly on each chakra.

For each chakra, use a crystal of the following colours:
Red or black roots
Orange sacral
Yellow or gold solar plexus
Green or pink heart
Blue for throat
Violet or purple third eye
White or transparent crown
As with the prior procedure, lie on your back for ten minutes.

Visualize each chakra as a glowing wheel of colour moving in a clockwise manner (colours are shown in the diagram above), and visualise the energy of the crystal mixing and mingling with the chakra colours.

Method of Clear Quartz

It’s ok if you don’t have a plethora of crystals in a variety of colours. Clear quartz is the most common crystal and may be found practically anywhere.

Collect two clear quartz pieces.

The quartz should be cleansed and programmed. Declare the goal of chakra alignment while programming the quartz, using phrases like “These bits of quartz will align and balance my chakras.”

Lie down on your back. On the bed, table, or floor between your legs, place one piece of programmed quartz directly over the crown of your head and the other right below your root chakra.

Concentrate on your breathing and imagine energy flowing from one piece of quartz to the next, across all of your chakras. Do this for a minimum of ten minutes.

Method of the Crystal Point

You’ll need a crystal point for this procedure, which is a crystal with a point on one end and a flat end on the other. Clear quartz works beautifully here, but any crystal point would suffice.

Purify your crystal.

Lie on your back with your non-dominant hand holding the crystal with the point showing.
Spiral the crystal in a clockwise direction over your head chakra, producing nine concentric circles outward.
Hover the point from your crown to your third eye, forming a line from the crown to the third eye.
Spiral the crystal in nine concentric circles around your third eye chakra.

Repeat for each chakra, always doing nine concentric circles in an outward spiral and returning to the crown chakra to draw energy downward along your chakra line to the next chakra in line until you reach the root chakra.
After you’ve completed nine concentric circles with the root chakra, envision energy flowing back and forth from crown to root to crown.
After this, cleanse your crystal.

Alignment of Chakras
Chakra harmony and balance is one of the most effective strategies to sustain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Crystals are a fantastic instrument for achieving this equilibrium through easy approaches and the use of a few crystals.

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