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Grandmothers Stories – 5 Lessons Learned from Dadi Maa

Grandmothers Stories – 5 Lessons Learned from Dadi Maa

Growing up, our grandmothers are a source of calm, comfort and reason.

grandmothersThe one’s who get to spend ample quality time with both maternal and paternal grandmothers are really lucky. They make sure to pass down the wisdom they acquired over the course of their lives. They have such admirable qualities and have hearts of gold. They are smart and sensible women who love their families to the fullest. When they speak, we should always be patient and pay attention to their talks and respect them. After all, it was their immense sacrifices that have allowed us to live the incredibly fortunate life.

They’re your biggest fan and they truly believe you can do no wrong . You can tell them stories your parents might get mad about because you know they’ll respond in a very positive way and they won’t shout instead they will make you sit besides them and will explain you. In return, they share funny stories about your parent’s childhood. They are like a goldmine of embarrassing stories.

5 most important lessons we all learned from are Dadi Ma are:

  1. Learn to forgive
    Grandmothers are the kindest, most forgiving person that you can have in your life. Watching them forgive, and even continue to love people, that have wronged Dadi Ma has made them the perfect role model for learning to forgive people. Learning to forgive and not hold grudges against people is a lesson that everyone needs to learn. For some its a painful one, so every day we should be grateful that we have such a wonderful person to teach us this.
  2. Always love your family.
    Throughout the craziness and consistent ups and downs families go through, grandmothers have always loved and are never been judgmental. They have shown us time and time again how important family is and how when someone in your family is struggling it is important to pull them closer rather than push them away.
  3. Trust and love yourself.
    Grandmothers are a constant reminder in our life that self-love is of vital importance. Since they are the most loving and caring person they always influence us to not only be kind to others but to ourselves too. They are truly the most amazing person we can have known and we should be eternally grateful for their influence in our lives.
  4. A strong work ethic
    Grandmothers have worked really very hard in their life and they also knew how important it is to respect our work. They teach us not to complain about hard-work and we really are grateful that we get the opportunity to work with the newest technologies. We are lucky that they paved the way for us to live a life where we are seen and respected.
  5. How to have faith.
    Grandmothers always tell us to never stress out about life, work, love or money. They always keep explaining to us that there is a plan for everyone and if you trust it, then there is no need to feel anxious or stressed about how life unfolds. Life will unfold the way it’s supposed to and worrying will make absolutely no difference in the outcome.

We all should love our grandmothers the way they love us. We should be equally patient with them in their old age, as they were in our childhood. They are the best teachers we can get in every stage of life. Listening to them will help us get to know more about how to live a happy and peaceful life.

Your grandparents’ legacy is not their money, or property, it is the people that they have invested time in. If you are lucky to have grandparents who are still alive, spend more time with them. The lessons that you can learn from them are invaluable. Often in life, we get involved in the worries of paying bills and workplace stress. But when we find time to spend with our family members, we are reminded of what’s really important. What lessons did your Dadi Maa teach you?

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