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Life Coaches

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The Smart Way To Find A Life Coach Online

The Holistic Living platform has a large number of professional life coaches online who address various elements of life to indoctrinate better ways of living to give life a purpose. All you need to do is,

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Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom – Get your life wings and fly with joy

Emotions act as a bridge to access your subconscious mind and it cannot be done unless one attains emotional freedom. Emotional freedom is about taking responsibility for your emotions and learning to manage it so that you do not get controlled by it.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness – Maintaining that positive outlook

Emotional Wellness is about awareness and understanding of your emotions and how well you manage your emotions and adapt to the challenges in your day to day life.

How Do We Handle Hard Times in Life? Sadhguru Answers

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

To reach your higher self-goals, for upliftment, and to discover yourself, get a helping hand from expert life coaches.

Our life coach helps in addressing and resolving issues like anxiety, weight management, spiritual awakening, career management, building healthy relationships and achieving financial freedom to improve your overall
lifestyle and celebrate living.

Life Coaches work with diverse people and their distinct needs. A good life coach works with customers, in a thought-provoking and creative manner to inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential. If you are looking for one of those highly recommended life coaches to be inspired by, ‘The Holistic Living’ is the place for you.

Life Coach Definition of these entwined and interconnected seven elements are outlined as –


Positive energy and happiness are one’s own mindset. A mindset is vital to develop a skill set. Today a conscious mind requires constant upgrading and learning to become the best version of oneself.

A Mind Coach shows you how to steadily develop your conscious and subconscious mind to be responsible for solution-focused outcomes. Mind coaches design powerful singular approaches to facilitate thinking to reach full potential.

From addressing topics like Stress Management, Relaxation & Concentration Techniques, Developing A Positive Mindset, How to handle Anger, Anxiety, Pain and Depression, to many more, mind coaches share techniques for increasing positivity which invariably has an effect on the other dimensions of our life. Mind coaching is recommended for youngsters, adults, and senior citizens.

Your brain or mind is the core that is wired to every cell in the body. It triggers either a positive or negative response. Mindfulness teaches a person how to connect with self while developing a positive attitude towards others. It hones the ability to make informed decisions and manage behavior to increase self-confidence and self-awareness. When the mind is stable, the thought process is positive.

Our mind coaches are stress busters! Find the best-certified coach here or look for life coaching near me. Our coaches have both personal coaching and group coaching in different areas of interest.

Body & Health

Modern medicine is adding more years to your life but are you adding more life to your years? As life expectancy goes up, you may find it necessary to inculcate holistic practices to savor a better life. Holistic Living brings in experts who support healthy body goals by sharing their proficiency in areas like Strength and Flexibility, Weight Management, Immunity enhancement, Improve the gut, Naturopathic Health, Skincare, and so much more. For optimal health, book an appointment now with our dietician or nutritionist and certified holistic wellness coach or health coach.


Do you think about a purpose in life? Have you ever had a gut feeling? Soul Coaching helps you understand these aspects and who you really are. Spiritual growth and soul search help to tap into your energy for higher levels of awareness, to attract synchronicities and manifestations, to raise one’s vibration and level of the aura. While most identify and focus on the physical body, there is an equal need to look after our energetic field (aura) to interact better with our soul.

Soul coaches help develop inner wisdom to manage thinking and emotions. They lead the way with old established techniques like Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening. Brahmakumaris or Sadguru, BK Shivani, or Osho their teachings can lead the way to a peaceful you. A happy being is a happy soul. Visit a soul coach today and discover the inner you!


A work/career life coach can help you pick the perfect career from amongst various streams. The coaches assess your natural flair for career discipline through tests to enable you to choose the right career path. In May 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognized ‘Burnout’ as a disease.

In today’s work environment, stress management is key to wellness. Career coaches impart staff training and personality development, mentor entrepreneurs, reskill mid-level managers, counsel students, and teach stress management. We have a wide choice of career coaches to help you redefine and achieve professional objectives and career-related goals.

Family & Relationships

For any and every healthy relationship, one has to possess the natural talent to connect, to bond, and to communicate. Let lose the fear of being judged and instead share what’s really in your heart.

Healthy relationships translate into well-being. An area of specialization in life coaching termed as relationship coaching is all about helping people find greater fulfillment in their personal relationships and shared existence. Relationship coaches work with individuals who want to get into a relationship, and with individuals who may want to get out of abusive relationships. Parent and child relations, teenager and friend relations, love and couple relations marital relations, senior citizen relations, and 3-generation relations are tackled by a relationship coach.

Don’t just search for a relationship coach near me but select a relationship coach who you can relate with, who you enjoy talking to, and who is the perfect fit to address your concerns.


While money does not guarantee happiness, it surely brings financial freedom and peace of mind. Financial security or financial wellness relates to managing one’s spending and borrowings. It supports our happiness, medical needs, unexpected challenges, old age financial independence, and also to aid someone in crisis. A financial coach or a wealth coach educates and shares advice on markets and its challenges and how to manage and grow your investments in the most volatile markets.

While we have listed Wealth coaches and Financial planners who can help you achieve long term financial stability, we highly recommend a good read from our books section titled ‘Millionaire Underdog’, by JT Foxx, the author and World’s #1 Wealth Coach. Get a Wealth Coach to stop worrying and start living a life of financial abundance.

Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel

Our Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel coaches and brand consultants deliver a complete insight on topics ranging from social etiquette, how to dress for a certain occasion, social networking, cultural norms in different societies, etc. If you are looking to relocate or just revamp the style to boost confidence, we can help you connect to a lifestyle and fashion guru or to the best image consultants. Looking good and feeling great are integral to one’s holistic lifestyle journey.

On this community platform, you can interact with a fashion designer, catwalk coach, personal image and brand coach, style and fashion coach, and even lifestyle and well-being coach. Our best Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel coaches add a gait of confidence in you.