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7 Ways To Become The Center Of Attraction In Your Group

Why Be An Option When You Can Be The Center of Attraction!

If a person is a center of attraction in a social group it is fun to be around the other group members. One of the advantages of being at the center is that people listen to you, take your opinions, to make them laugh at your jokes etc. However, becoming the center of attraction of any social group is not that easy, you have to work hard by winning people’s heart, by proving yourself.

But if you have to do things slowly and steadily otherwise you will come as a desperate person who wants to attract others. Your attempt may fail. You can become the center of attraction by balancing and maintaining a healthy relationship with each member of your group.


center of attractionMy friend Jyotsana wanted to become the center of attraction in her social group. But whatever she tried she can’t do so. She was so desperate that people started hating her. She doesn’t know the right way to win people’s heart. She met a Transformation coach who helped her in sorting out what she was doing wrong.

The coach told her how she could maintain a healthy and stable relationship with all her group members. She needs to support them at the time of need. Listen to their woes and problems. Be like a guardian angel that everyone listens to you. Now after working hard on these points she has become the center of attraction in her group. 

Here are 7 valuable ways to become the center of attraction in your social group: 

  • Stand at the center: If you are in a party or some kind of business meeting or social setting then try to stand at the centre of the room. This way you can have a view of the whole room. Ask people to join you. It will showcase you as a friendly person. New individuals will be attracted to you as you are in the center. Try changing location every 15-20 minutes. In this way, you will interact with more people and you will get a chance to know them more. 
  • Initiate Conversation: While out in a social gathering it is good to start a  conversation so that you can reach out to more people. Maybe you could plan a game so that more individuals could participate. You can also crack jokes and have some fun. Try to have a light, friendly conversation. The use of humor can make you the center of attraction but too much of it can make it fall apart.

center of attractionBecome a good storyteller: People love a good storyteller if you can fascinate them with your stories what’s more good than that. You should know how to attract an audience’s attention so that they find your story interesting. You can listen to various podcasts or videos of people who share their stories.

Learn from them how they build up a climax. Watch out for their gestures and body language. Tell stories that can incite fun maybe a family story or personal stories but keep it simple and truthful. Try to incorporate voices and maintain facial expressions to attract an audience.

  • Give compliments: ‘Everybody likes a compliment as said by Lincoln. But they should be genuine as well. Whenever you admire a person’s dress, achievements or accomplishments you should compliment them. Because that person has invested a lot of time and hard work to achieve it. By giving compliments you raise their self-esteem and value. They will find you to be ‘charming and attractive’.
  • Smile while interacting: When you meet a person instead of being judgmental or criticizing them start with a smile and light conservation. In this way, individual will feel warm and it will make them feel valued and they will start liking you from the beginning.
  • Read the room: It means to try to analyze the situation in which you are. For example, if you are at a dinner party and everybody is quiet then try to start by cracking jokes or something funny. You must pay attention to what others are talking about. Then you can find a common interest and dwell in the conversation. Listening to people’ interest will give you the advantage to know what you should talk about and whatnot. Thus you can interest the group by talking about things that are relevant or interesting to them.
  • Act Natural: One of the most important ways to become the center of attraction is that you should act naturally and enjoy yourself. If you are too much concerned about your image people will not like you. Try various methods in which you can enjoy like dancing, asking someone to sing, helping the host, initiating a game. This way people will be attracted to you as you are taking responsibility. Develop a friendship with new individuals. Invite them to hang out again etc.

If you want to become a center of attraction you should impress people. A good way of impressing them is by doing things indirectly. Give people respect, praise them in return you will get some respect. Remember the fact that your image is your reflection of how you treat others. If you treat people with respect and care it will raise you high and you will climb the social ladder.

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