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Emotional Freedom: 5 Tools of Liberation

Emotional Freedom: 5 Tools of Liberation

Emotional Freedom – Get your wings and fly with joy

Emotions act as a bridge to access your subconscious mind and it cannot be done unless one attains emotional freedom. Emotional freedom is about taking responsibility for your emotions and learning to manage it so that you do not get controlled by it. With emotional freedom, you become aware of your feelings and needs. You begin to support and respond to other people’s needs out of compassion and not out of guilt or fear and your actions become fulfilling to yourself and others.

Break free the emotional slavery

The feeling of victimhood and self-doubt, impulsive reactions, and being a people-pleaser are some symptoms of emotional slavery. This causes a person to have emotional outbursts, react without thinking, and do things that are destructive, hurtful, and negative. Thus, ending up at an extreme level of regret and getting caught in a repetitive cycle of making the same mistakes. Emotional freedom motivates a person to do positive and constructive things. It is about making active changes to eventually lessen the outbursts and improve your responses to your emotions.

Identifying the origin of negative emotions

Negative emotions can be a result of some events in the past or rigidity. A person gets engulfed by negative emotions like depression, anger, or irritation when things do not go or happen their way. This happens when a person lacks acceptance, has a hyper-sensitive ego, and/or lacks faith in the working system of nature or creator. One needs awareness to stop and prevent this. Awareness is the first step towards true emotional freedom.

And this can be done through vigilance. Also, when there is baggage of untended and unresolved negative emotions like long-standing depression or guilt or anger in the past which pent up inside, it drives some of the worst behaviours.

You need to first identify these negative emotions and then allow yourself to release them. Do it by imagining yourself doing different things and then monitor your feelings. Check if you feel any negative emotions like fear, anxiety, guilt, or shame. Confront them and reject these self-defeating emotions with affirmations like ‘I would not allow you to paralyze me and misdirect me.’ This will not only help become aware of your negative emotions but also effectively reject them. Once the emotions surface up, you also need to release them through meditation and affirmations.

Releasing those negative emotions

  1. Treat yourself with love: Throughout the day treat and talk to yourself with love. Go easy on yourself and appreciate yourself for the efforts you make. This eventually will help heal you from inside and release the negative residue within you. Also, practice positive affirmations like ‘I am great’, ‘I will make good decisions today’ or ‘I am enough.’


  1. Exercise: It causes the body to release endorphins and serotonin that helps improves the mood. Thus regular exercising like cycling, Yoga, aerobics, gym-based exercises for 4 to 5 days a week for not more than 90 minutes is one of the best ways to release negative emotions.


  1. Meditation: Practice meditation of 2 to 3 minutes where you observe the thoughts that come in and visualize them without attaching any judgment. While exhaling feel the negative emotions getting released and calmness entering your body with every inhale.emotional freedom

5 ways to reprogram your emotions


  1. Being Aware: Watching your emotions like a witness helps you see things from a neutral perspective. This way you learn to analyze the situation better without getting emotionally attached and your mind naturally draws out the wisdom to handle the situation better.
  2. Being accountability: When you understand the fact that you are solely responsible for your state of emotion, you do not get easily affected by the outer situation and can learn to bounce back to the state of happiness. It will help you become emotionally mature and empower yourself through self-sufficiency. So start taking accountability for your actions and reactions and face reality.
  3. Focus on the solution: Analyze and handle situations by seeking solutions to resolve a problem, instead of blaming someone for it. This will save your energy and avoids any negative emotions to build up. In cases when there are any disagreements, instead of resorting to personal attacks, the focus should on addressing the issue.
  4. Building patience: If things are not working as per your plan or fast enough, don’t lose hope or get irritated. One needs to understand that outcomes are not under one’s control and things happen at the right time. Trust the flow of life and build the patience to get along with the flow instead of getting emotionally and physically exhausted by fighting with the flow of life.
  5. Look for the positives: Take emotional responsibility by allowing you to feel and release painful feelings and focus on the positives. Spending time with hopeful people, see the bright side of things, and have faith in them and others would help uplift your mood. Fill yourself and other people’s life with love. Unconsciously it will strengthen your soul and help build a positive attitude in life.

This one example can explain how one can practically apply these ways and truly experience emotional freedom. Suppose that you are in a situation where you face an unpleasant situation like a short term failure. Watch and define the emotion you feel at that moment, be it regret, frustration, demoralisation, or hurt.emotional freedom

Then focus on releasing the negative emotion by doing positive and loving self-talk. Take accountability and affirm things that you did right and forgive yourself for your shortcomings and then focus on finding a solution for the same. And if in a situation you face criticism, instead of taking it personally ignore it. And when you are calm enough, if needed consider it or else do not dwell on the criticism and believe it, because not all things people say is true. visit our platform to get help from our expert coaches. There is an Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) Tapping modality through which also Experts help in releasing those unresolved negative emotions and heal individuals.

Emotional freedom is about the capacity to give and receive love. It is about not falling into the trap of negative emotions but learning to grow and rise above it and be kinder to yourself and others as well. It’s all about being more flexible, alive, positive, and happy.

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