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5 Red Flags of Tarot Card Readers That You Should Never Ignore Before Getting Your Psychic Readings

5 Red Flags of Tarot Card Readers That You Should Never Ignore Before Getting Your Psychic Readings

Tarot card reading is an ancient spiritual practice where expert tarot card readers interpret cards through their divine wisdom and intuitive abilities. It has widely served as a source of wisdom, clarity, self-reflection, and spiritual enlightenment since the 14th century. 

Even today, tarot card reading remains a prevalent tool for personal growth, divination, and spiritual exploration. Tarot card readers use various decks and interpretative methods, and the practice has evolved to include online tarot readings and digital tarot apps.

The increase in the availability of tarot card readers also leaves space for doubt over credibility and authenticity. We cannot help but wonder if the tarot card readers on the internet actually have what it takes to guide an individual about life-defining matters such as career path, marriage, love, relationships, and health.

Picture this. You are growing restless about your love life. Everybody around you has apparently found their soulmate while you are struggling to even get a text back. Your biological clock is ticking, the societal pressure is insurmountable and your mother silently worries about your sexual orientation. 

Fed up and helpless you search for answers. That is when you land on the page of an ‘expert tarot card reader’ who is providing free readings. You immediately click on the link and patiently wait for an email that will tell you about your future. 

It arrives! You open it and there are large paragraphs talking about planets, stars, fate etc. Everything is vague and once again you are left on your own to figure out your love life. 

Bummer, right? That is because you did not seek the guidance of a real tarot card reader. I mean, think about it. If you have an illness, would you rely on internet doctors to cure it or would you actually consult a real doctor? 

Just like that, if you are seeking clarity about your life path, purpose, relationships, or career then it is advisable to talk to ethical tarot card readers rather than random internet gurus who claim to know it all.

In this article, we have carefully researched and listed down 5 red flags of tarot card readers that you should know before getting your psychic readings. The purpose of this article is to protect you from falling into the trap of online scams and invest your money and time in the right place. 

1.The One With The Crystal Ball:

There is a famous line in India that goes like this- “Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai

(Translation- What is seen, is sold)

Tarot card readers whose main focus is on putting on a larger-than-life appearance with their crystal balls, elaborate robes, and infinite necklaces are a major red flag. Nobody has access to the cosmic hotline on speed dial. If they claim to look into your future through stuff bought on a flea market then, well, need we say more? 

True tarot card readers don’t need fancy stuff to prove their credibility. They won’t boast about seeing your future in a flaming meteor shower. Instead, they’ll offer grounded guidance and empowerment for the choices you make.

2. The “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach

Beware of tarot card readers who offer a generic reading template that fits every seeker like a scratchy, ill-fitting sweater. Everyone’s journey is unique, and skilled tarot card readers tailor their interpretations to your specific questions and circumstances. If they seem disinterested in your story and try to feed you pre-packaged answers, it’s time to shuffle away.

3. The “Doom and Gloom” Merchant: 

“I see dark clouds looming over your life… for a hefty fee, I can remove the curse!” Avoid tarot card readers who prey on your fears and vulnerabilities. Genuine readers use the tarot to empower and inspire, not to manipulate you into spending your life savings on imaginary hex removals or other hocus-pocus solutions.

This is a major red flag. Unethical tarot card readers create a false sense of danger and proclaim that only they have the solution to remove the dark energies encircling your life.

4. The “I’m Not a Psychic, but…” Charlatan

 Be wary of those who claim to be master psychics, astrologers, numerologists, tea leaf readers, and tarot experts all rolled into one. While some practitioners may have multiple skills, a jack-of-all-trades claiming to be a mystical Swiss Army knife might just be spreading themselves too thin or trying to cover up a lack of expertise.

5. The “Unnecessarily Complicated” Interpreter: 

Let me consult my ancient scrolls and decipher the secret meaning of each pixel on the card!” If a tarot card reader goes overboard with complex rituals, extravagant props, or convoluted interpretations, they might be trying to impress you with smoke and mirrors instead of offering genuine insight. Simplicity and clarity are often the keys to authentic readings.

6. The “Time Traveler” Reader: 

Throwing an extra one for you. Watch out for those who confidently predict future events with pinpoint accuracy. While tarot can provide guidance and potential outcomes, it’s essential to remember that the future is not set in stone. Life is full of twists and turns, and free will plays a significant role in shaping our destinies. If the reader guarantees specific events without room for deviation, they might be crossing into the realm of wishful thinking.

In conclusion, look for tarot card readers who approach the craft with honesty, compassion, and a willingness to empower you in your journey. After all, the tarot is a tool for self-discovery and guidance, not a crystal ball with all the answers!

Finally, a word of caution from our expert tarot card reader at the Holistic Living, Ms. Jain who has been practicing the craft for 21 years. She candidly says, “Tarot card readings do not predict your future. It simply shows you different possibilities based on the events of your past and your present circumstances. Tarot card readers are equipped to provide clarity and deeper understanding so you make the right choices for yourself. They don’t make choices for you. They simply serve as a medium between you and the higher energies”

Well, we hope this article was insightful and valuable for you. If you are looking for trusted tarot card readers then give us a chance. Our family of readers is chosen wisely and only after thorough background verification. 

If you wish to talk to an ethical and experienced tarot card reader then click on the link to connect with us via Call/WhatsApp. 

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