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Was It Worth Spending 100$ On Online Hypnotherapy?

Was It Worth Spending 100$ On Online Hypnotherapy?

The article is based on the real-life experience of Online Hypnotherapy of one of our clients. No names or personal information is mentioned for privacy purposes. Please note that everyone’s experience of Hypnotherapy will be different, and in no way this article should serve as a precedent for your personal experience.

It was the usual Monday morning. I was on my 4th cup of coffee and paracetamol ready to pop. Being a product manager of a top firm in the States is never easy. The insane level of pressure can drive any sane man crazy. Fortunately, I had survived the rat race. Of course, it was not empty of challenges. I was practically an insomniac with generalized anxiety disorder and a toxic need for perfection. 

But I had no time to pay attention to my declining mental health. After all, when you are climbing the path of success, some sacrifices are certain. And in my case, my mental health was the scapegoat. 

Until one day I collapsed in the middle of the street unable to move even a fraction of my limb. It was the most terrifying moment of my life. I wished for death because paralysis would have been a greater punishment. Thankfully, the kind strangers rushed me to the nearest hospital. 

After hours of medical assessment failed to detect any problem, I was sent free with a bunch of medicines and a recommendation to see the physiotherapist at least twice a week. I did everything the doctors told me to. And everything was fine until I collapsed again in my office. 

This had become a frequent routine. Falling on the ground, going to the hospital, and getting laid off without any medical issues. I was getting weary, so I consulted the top doctors in the States. They took a handful of money but could not detect any medical reason behind these sudden falls. 

Then entered my lifesaver, Dr. Chauhan. He examined my situation thoroughly and suggested that it could be a mental health concern. I was appalled. Is he calling me crazy?! The next few days Dr. Chauhan took great pain to help me understand the connection between mind and body. He even referred to medical studies which honestly went straight above my head. 

The only thing that caught my attention was when he told me that the solution to my problem would be Hypnotherapy. He referred a top hypnotherapist back in India and asked me to get in touch with him as soon as possible. 

Can you guess what I did next? 

I completely ignored his suggestion and carried on with my life as if nothing ever happened. Now, let me tell you, those who say that ignorance is bliss are clearly lying to us. Because I tried ignoring my problems but instead of bliss, all I got in return was pain. 

The falls started increasing in frequency and intensity. Finally, I dialed the number of the hypnotherapist and booked my session of online Hypnotherapy. 

This is when my incredible journey of personal transformation began. You see, taking online Hypnotherapy revealed parts about myself that I had buried deep in the closet, locked and thrown away the keys. 

The falls began during Christmas ‘22. For most, this is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. Sadly, for me, it marks the day when my father left us for another woman. I was only 8 years old back then but the picture of your mother sobbing and slashing the Christmas tree never really leaves you. 

Years passed by. I grew up and found solace in hating my father. However, in the Christmas of 2022, I saw him again. He was with his little daughter and the woman for whom he had abandoned us. That day I drowned myself in Holiday wine and somehow pulled myself to work the next day. But as I was walking toward my office building, I collapsed. 

I would have never connected these two things if it was not for the great expertise of my hypnotherapist. It was during one of my sessions of Hypnotherapy, that all the repressed pain, anger, and hurt came bubbling to the surface. 

It crushed my soul. Reliving painful memories is never easy, but it is something that is needed to find true healing. If I had never confronted my pain. I never would have given my heart a fair chance to heal. I earnestly believe that the constant support and words of encouragement from my hypnotherapist made the entire process bearable and worthwhile. 

Hypnotherapy helped me release a burden I never knew I had. I had lived with it for 24 years of my life. It shaped me into the person I was today. No wonder my heart had turned into steel and despised all men. I viewed the world with a cynical lens and naturally had only platonic relationships. 

Hypnotherapy helped me connect all these dots, and gradually find the strength to unlearn what was no longer serving my best interest. I may sound dramatic but these sessions of Hypnotherapy gave birth to a new woman. I started as a wounded 8-year-old child and came out of it as a liberated 32-year-old woman. 

And of course, my falls stopped. I was in much better shape, physically. Dr. Chahuan was pleased to know that I had taken his suggestion seriously and went for Hypnotherapy. I was pleased with myself that I took the brave step to heal myself because I thought I was okay but after Hypnotherapy I realized that I could be happy too! 

So for me personally, every dollar I spent on Hypnotherapy was worth it.

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